Some stuff got done today…

Weedlot – last shot
Weedlot – last shots

So what did I accomplish today?

  1. Got up. Drink the pre-made coffee.
  2. Went for a walk.
  3. Resigned from the weedlot work detail. For me, it wasn’t fun. It was work. Not fun. Not satisfying. There is a reason that I always hired my yard work done. 
  4. Had breakfast.
  5. Went for another walk.
  6. Worked on my annual donations.
  7. Did proforma run at 2018 taxes.
  8. Put peanut butter on a roll and called it lunch.
  9. Read for a while.
  10. Go hunting butterflies.
  11. Napped
  12. Having a glass of wine. And here we are…with 4.75 miles on the fitbit.
Monarch Butterfly
carpenter bee

I keep hoping to capture a good compound bee eye. Don’t think I can do it anymore handheld. 

Note to Carlton: It is not pretty in America politically these days. “I am now quite certain, that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but by blood.”  Again – Damn it. You would be more interested in the dynamics than I am.

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