The Sun is back!

No shortage of construction cranes out my window – looking east.

Three construction cranes right outside my window. Don’t think that any of these will endanger my view of the Washington Monument. But, that is what I see when I look out the window from my desk. 

Note to young people: when selecting an old folks asylum – be sure they have a bar!

Tonight there was a huge lineup at dinner. I don’t do lines well. SO, I retreated to the bar where I ordered a burger to go and a beer while I waited. Then I took my beer and burger outside for a nice al fresco dinner. There is always a way to game the system. Any system. Just ask our president.

Spent the morning being tech support for several of my friends. Fortunately, they had easy problems. Spent the afternoon doing an inventory of my sweaters and reading. Mostly reading. I don’t have very many sweaters.  Actually, I have 10. That seems like too many sweaters. Maybe I need to think about my sweaters.

Bad news from Kona – the night security guard (who is a nice old man) at my hotel was assaulted and is in critical condition in hospital in Honolulu. He never has a gun. Three known miscreants attacked him, in the hotel parking lot. 

Good news from Kona – the air is better than it has been in 10 or 12 years.

Kona – early this afternoon.

3 Replies to “The Sun is back!”

  1. I tried to make a list of the things I like about winter and could think of only one and that was a stretch….homemade soup. I’m sending my heart with you to Kona.

  2. How beautiful is Kona , glad to say I have been but hope to go again , our spring is just showing its head after an unusually cold and wet winter here on the west coast of Australia while the east coast is in a terrible drought . Love all your post Peg and some info here about a Geraldton landmark, You can say now that you have been here and boast !! haha one of the top ten Aussie landmarks yah !!!!

  3. I love Kona as did my Nana. I am happy to say I have been but hope to get there again Spring is here in the west coast of Australia after an unusually cold and wet winter while the east coast is in drought 😢. Peg you might like to check out the website below Now you can say the trip to here was really worth it. Keep well. Love reading your posts and seeing your photos You inspire me xxxx

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