Tired today…

Herbs from the garden box make fine cut “flowers”.

Sort of tired today. Feeling the years I guess. Also, guess that I didn’t think that would happen to me. Figured I would be able to keep up my pace until the very last day. Then I would just stop. But no, like an old watch – I am just slowing down. Only 7,000 steps on the fitbit.

And, from the weedlot – 

Another lily this morning. These are not “day” lilies but “regular” lilies. Not that it matters.

Consider the lilies of the fields… 

But, my tired old self worked on Alexa Skills today – and got one to work. It doesn’t do much – But, start to finish – both major parts. It works. Happy day. 

It is – of course – a variation on Kerrigan and Ritchie’s:

main() { printf(“hello, world\n”); }

But since the early ’70’s (well into my coding days) that is where we start. 

Hello, echinacea.

2 Replies to “Tired today…”

  1. Hello Peg, congratulation for your first skill !

    For sure, Hello world is where it all starts.
    A few monthes ago, I bought to my son an old Kernighan & Ritchie book, the black one with yellow tittle. 😉

    Amazon is launching Alexa in France next wednesday. My son ordered one (half the price for launch !)

    I’ve talked him about your thought about skills. Maybe he will try too…


  2. I always think I must have the flu or something when I’m feeling tired. Can’t believe my body is actually slowing down. I find when I get up from sitting down, I now make a grunting noise. How did this happen? This is such a surprise to me. Somehow I thought I was immune from this aging process.

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