Teslas in the lot. Octopus on the plate.

Tesla SUV.

For no apparent reason – our local Tesla dealer brought a couple of cars over for the old people to see this afternoon. I thought they were pretty cool. A little big for my tastes. But way cool.

6 forks. 3 knives, 6 wine glasses and 1 water glass. Out of my league for sure.

Not long after yoga, it was time for dinner. Dinner lasted 3 hours. And our staff leaves at 8:30. So, dinner started at 5PM. 

First thing you know –

The Octopus has landed.

I find myself driving a fork of octopus right up to my teeth. (It was great.)

And that girls and boys is about as good as it gets at the old folks home.

Oh did I mention the 6 glasses of wine? Think I am slipping into an alcohol induced haze.

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