I travel, so…

So, on days like today…
I have memories of days like this – Perth Feb 2018

I spent this cold and rainy day ensconced in my chair, wrapped up in Carlton’s buffalo blanket. Drinking coffee, eating biscotti and reading dead tree news papers. 

Then I took a nap. A long nap.

Back to work tomorrow. And tomorrow night – The Wine Dinner. I am not that much a fan of wine. But, I do like to eat. So, I am hoping that the chef ups her game for the meal. Dinner usually costs $9.95 – this dinner costs $65 – we’ll see if will be worth the cost. Heck, even if it isn’t food isn’t great – the theater should be worth the cost of admission.

One Reply to “I travel, so…”

  1. Love the photo, London Court in the CBD I believe 🙂

    Thanks for thinking of me the other day/night too and worrying 😀

    Feel so sad for the locals near Kilauea and I saw that there is a Leilani Estate that was being affected 🙁

    Take care Peg and hope the dinner goes well , it would want to for $65 US !!! haha
    There I have started off the theatre 😛

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