Feb 6 1835 hours

Today’s adventure was a trip to the Melbourne Zoo. It was another sunny day. Warm too. The zoo. It is small. But very well done and they deliver serious environmental message to kids. There was one about using 100% post consumer recycled toilet paper. A huge roll of toilet paper. Lots of toilets. A maze that made flushing noises. Oh and the waysides used the word crap. What 9 year old wouldn’t like that. There was another one about properly disposing of cell phones. And one about not using balloons. All things that kids can influence there family about.

Oh they had animals too.


Australian pelican.

Oops the TV just said it will be 35 degrees tomorrow. Not too swift with centigrade-but I think that is pretty hot.

Plan on visiting the Victoria market tomorrow and maybe a trip to the beach weather permitting.

Update: no market trip tomorrow. It is closed on Wednesday. Some times maybe it would be better to plan more carefully. Or not.

Australia is a long way from home. But in many ways it is just like home. Only different.

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