Have I mentioned???

Have I mentioned that I hate jelly fish?

I did not even think about going in the water today.

But, I did go see Surfer Dentist. He patched up my tooth – and said that there was a really good chance that it wasn’t my sinuses bleeding down the back of my throat – but the gums around my damaged tooth. And, I think he was right. 

Went to dinner at a friends house tonight. Lovely, but chilly time. It was so cool. She has black cows in her back yard. Turkeys roosting in her tree. And a flock of parrots flew over. Since she is “aging in place” she is having an elevator installed. Her house was built so an elevator could be installed when needed, but it is still costing 60K. 

Fishing from the pier… On Boat Day.

I never quite understand why people get off their big boat just to pay extra money to bounce around in these little boats. But they do.

Captain Zodiac Rubber Boat Trips


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