A nice lazy day… Sort of

How did these sweet bottles get on the drinking pier?

Did these bottles contain booze? I don’t think so. Olive oil? Who knows. Not me. 

A nice lazy day… Sort of. Well, it was sort of lazy. It was a nice day. The lazy part is I let the daily swim slide. But, I walked the 5 miles and did a hard yoga program. Well, hard for the 2018 version of me. It would have been easy for the 1998 version of Peg.

I got a luggage scale at WaMart. A fish scale was cheaper. And, it didn’t use batteries. But, it weighed at least twice as much. So, I decided to start worrying about ounces with the scale. And, I picked up a DIY tooth repair kit while I was there. With my old teeth – something will go wrong. FYI: My backpack weighs 3 pounds empty. My suitcase weighs 4. We’ll see which one goes and which one stays in Hawai’i.

So, the trip is getting “real-er”. 

Also, a friend had a news letter  emergency. You need it, when??? Time to invoke on of Peg’s rules: If you want it bad, you get it bad. 

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