4 years as Carlton’s Last Wife…

Mr C and The Ninja Bride – 1994

Yes, that is our “official” wedding picture. I am in my oh so suitable “wedding togs”. For 20 years I was introduced as “Carlton’s current wife”. Well for the last 4 years, I have been “Carlton’s last wife”.  Good times, lots of them.  It is still good. 

Walked, swam, yoga – today. I am tired now. 

Big redlipped parrotfish – female. 

The catch of the day is a big female parrot fish. You gotta love parrot fish – because almost all beach sand is parrot fish poop. They eat coral and poop sand. 

Finally made some reservations for flying around Australia. 

Feb 2 – Kona – Honolulu – Brisbane (arrive Feb 3)
Feb 4 Brisbane – Melbourne. 
Feb  8 Melbourne – Perth
Feb 11 train to Sydney
Feb 14 train gets to Sydney
No plans after getting off the train in Sydney
Mar 1 – Brisbane – Honolulu – Kona (arrive Mar 1)

It is starting to come together. 4 weeks from today is lift off.

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  1. Sounds like a good plan, if you are keen I can meet you in Perth or you can come here to Geraldton by bus 4.5hrs north of Perth , welcome to stay here with Joe and I 🙂
    or I can meet you briefly in Sydney on the 20th , as we are flying there on the 19th /20th to catch a cruise ship that day . let me know, all good if not , I understand 🙂

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