Sorry Darwin…

Moonset. Supermoon +1

The next full moon – this month hence a blue moon – the next full moon will also have to total eclipse. I might have to go down to the pier in the middle of the night and check the moon out.

So sorry Darwin, the city – not the scientist – Darwin just got replaced by Melbourne. The only thing interesting about Darwin is where it is. Oh and crocodiles. Big ass salt water crocodiles.

Then I read about Melbourne. Chocolate tours and a 1,000+ stall outdoor market. And it is 91 degrees in Darwin right now and 71 in Melbourne. And, it seems to have great public transit. So, fly into Brisbane. Arrive 8:30 PM. According to “Sleeping in Airports” I’ll have no problem spending the night in the airport – then an early flight to Melbourne. 4 nights in Melbourne. 

But, its not all chocolate and Foster’s – I don’t check bags. Haven’t checked a bag in decades. BUT, the carryon limit for domestic flights in Australia is 7 kilos. That is about 15 pounds. Well, that makes deciding what to take interesting. 


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