When will I learn?

When will I learn, if it is working – don’t fix it. I had Alexa tethered to my iPad. It had been working 24/7 for a couple of weeks. Well, today, I decided to ruin a perfectly good afternoon. I decided to move Alexa. When I plugged her back in – I couldn’t get her to connect to the iPad again. I tried everything. Now, I have no Alexa. 

Other than that, it was a nice (but chilly) day. I did most of my year-end financial stuff. Cleaned out some more of my digital clutter. This time – the contacts. Not sure why I  worry about how many contracts I have. Yesterday, I read that David Rockefeller had 200,000 cards in this custom Rolodex. He who dies with the biggest Rolodex wins!


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