Around the old airport.

The airport part of the old airport

I frequently put up images of the beach side of the old airport. That is to the left side. On the right side – where the terminal was – there are interesting plants, mongoose, and feral cats. Today the right side.

mongoose and feral cat
Kapok – Ceiba pentandra

This is the kapok tree. Not too many people remember it – but – for the first part of the last century kapok was the floatation part of the life vest. I remember having kapok stuffed pillows when I was a kid. Downside to kapok is it is pretty flammable. 

Old Airport – the beach

Walking, swimming, photography, reading today.

Scrambled some eggs for breakfast, tuna and tomato sandwich for lunch… Avocado will anchor dinner.

Oh, the old airport was a WWII landing strip. After the war it was The Airport. In 1970 the New Airport opened, and now the only planes that land are radio controlled. 

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