Winter Arrived in Hawai’i

Snow falling up top.
Not much going on in the ocean today…
except fishing.

Just sort of gray all day. It hasn’t rained down here at the ocean, yet. But, I can smell the rain. And see the snow on the Mauna Kea web cams. So, I will not be surprised if I get “rained in” tomorrow. 

The videos from the Last Great Photo Shoot have been running 24/7 on TV monitors back at the asylum. They did the job. Funds were raised to give nice cash presents to our long suffering staff members. 

Today, I almost talked myself into going back to the Asylum for a few days to receive accolades and make a “Thank you” video. Then I heard Carlton say “That would just be an ego trip”. Right. And friend Billy said that would be  a stupid thing to do. Right. So, I will rest on my laurels right out here in the middle of the Pacific. And continue simplifying/decluttering my life.

My back continues to improve. Dinner was avocado, cheese, spinach wrap. Have enough food on hand so I don’t have to go out tomorrow if it is all wet.

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  1. Being in chronic pain as you have been may be related to your funky mood. It’s really hard to go about your normal business with the constant pain. Hope you continue to improve on both fronts!

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