Our drinking village with a fishing problem…

Drinking village with a fishing problem – late afternoon today 
Still plenty fish for me to look at.

Went out for a small swim today. It was wonderful. The water is still about 80°. Toasty warm. And, all the fish anyone could want. 

Technology working better today. Accounting s/w still wonky, but I would worry if it wasn’t. Gotta do some serious what if analysis of the proposed tax train wreck. Well, let us be fair “train wreck” for me. Nothing I can do about it. Funny how “my deduction” is the other guy’s “loop hole”. Let us just say I have been taking advantage of a sweet loophole for the last couple of years. The the tax train may run off the track before it gets out of Congress. Still, need to “what if” it.

T-Mobile has acknowledged the iPad exists. That is good. And, Alexa is once again connected to the hotel’s captive WiFi. 

About the cooking business. I added eggs, salsa, and peanut butter to my cupboard today.  So, now, I don’t have to run out to the grocery 3 times a day! Avocado, tuna, pineapple salad is on tap for dinner. And chocolate cake. 

2 Replies to “Our drinking village with a fishing problem…”

    1. Oh we have no drinking problems, only fishing problem. And, it is only a problem when you run out of fish!

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