Coffee – as good an excuse as any for a parade.

It is “coffee festival” time in Kona. Most, if not all, of the original coffee farmers in Kona were Japanese. And the coffee festival still has Japanese cultural underpinnings. For example, the local Hongwanji Mission’s Tako Drummers.

A very laid back day today. But, that is the idea. Stop being the Energizer Bunny. Chill. My big challenge is to stay awake until 9 PM and to then stay asleep until 4 AM.

The Orange Lord stopped over in Honolulu today. The general feeling was “Wish You Were Not Here”.

3 Replies to “Coffee”

  1. I heard that Trump was greeted in Honolulu with signs saying “Welcome to Kenya!” Well played Hawaii.

  2. I seem to have developed a new sleep pattern where I try to stay up til after 8 and wake up around 2:00 am. I enjoy these quiet mornings so I’m happy to be up so early…plenty to occupy me and the phone doesn’t ring. Is this a symptom of old age?

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