Once Again…

Today’s Fun = One Butterfly.

One origami butterfly was not my only fun. I also get Alexa AKA Computer setup to call for help. Well, actually call for anything. But, I think it will be good to have Computer at the ready, in case I need assistance. As in “Help I’ve fallen and can’t get up”. Right now I can say “Computer call THE DESK” and it gets security here at the asylum. But, if I change the name from THE DESK to FOR HELP in my contact list then I can say “Computer call FOR HELP”.  

I really see a big future for AI-type appliances as our population ages. Now, where is my robot cat? Little old ladies need robot cats. Not lame ones like the Hasbro cats – they are fine if you have dementia. Otherwise, not so much. 

I worked on the Last Great Photoshoot. And then I worked on it some more. 

Notice – the butterfly is an “aloha” print butterfly. Getting into island mode.

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