It the bad old days all over again.

The 41 Bus this afternoon.

This downward cycle sort of started last night at dinner when my friends and I were discussing what I wasn’t going to take on the Little Old Lady Eclipse Road Trip – LOLERT. No Obama For President T-Shirts, no little buttons with liberal sayings. You know – controversial shit like “Love Thy Neighbor”. And, not one single snide remark, snigger or eye roll. No bad puns when ordering grape NeHi – Make America Grape Again!

And then this morning I printed out some tickets to the Wilson County Fair.

Notice anything? No black people. No brown people. Heck, not even any people with good tans! I guess only white people go to the Wilson County Fair. 

It is 1961 again. Except, this time I am a tired old woman. And, I don’t want to do this again. 

But, on to happier things. The contents of my house mail box this week. (Here at The Asylum we have USPS mailboxes where we get out real mail. And in house boxes where management leaves bills and flyers.) Today I have my monthly bill and an in house newsletter.

The newsletter starts off with a cheery article “Tips for Your NEXT Hospital Stay”.  Makes it sound like you have a Rewards Card at Hospital. NEXT Hospital Stay. Which means you have already stayed at the fine hospital and you will be making a return visit – some day soon. Gotta rack up those points. 

My monthly bill is rather cheerier.

Lots of beer and liquor charges. But, with all my drinking – I am still paying less here than I was at the old apartment. I just never thought I would run a bar tab at an old folks Asylum. 

And on the technology front – Alexa had a baby – Dot. And, thanks to a tech tip from a son-in-law – Forbin now has a 2nd monitor.

It did require yet another cable. And it works really fine with the MacBook Pro and a large-ish iPad. I think it might be a little silly if you have an iMac and a Mini iPad.  Duet. $15. Plus a lighting to USB3 cable. It wouldn’t work going through an adaptor.  

Speaking of the iPad Mini – I think I’ll take it on the LOLERT. It has a T-Mobil sim. The iPad Pro has Google Fi like my phone. Like to have lots of options out there in the boonies. Lot of options. 


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