Hey, we are still here…

The Old Bat computer zone

Happy with the technology refresh.  Size/weightwise Forbin is about the same as Airness2.  The iPad Pro is happy on it’s stand – behind Forbin. While Alexa holds court on the top level of the desk – just behind the iPad. 

She who dies with the most toys wins.

Now, I didn’t get to the land of Apple until 2009. Before that I was a Windows/Linux chick. I didn’t become 100% Apple (well, except for Shamu, the Android, Phone) until 2015, when I moved to The Asylum.

Still after all these years, you would think that I would have fired up Automator at least once. If  you thought that – you would be wrong. Windows PowerPoint allows you to put make a little quick and dirty photo slide show. Mac PowerPoint doesn’t. Enter – Automator – which is a script generator built into OSX. If I end up having to use PowerPoint to show off my images from the Last Great Photoshoot – Automator will help. A Lot. It stuffs images into slides and slides into PowerPoint “automatically”. Think I’ll have to investigate it some more – in my copious spare time!

But hey, we are still here! The tin pot dictators did not burn us up – yet. My traveling companion on the LOLERT – Little Old Lady Eclipse Road Trip – said that she wondered what she should take with us “in case we don’t have a home to come back to”. Only half in jest. We decided on Lethal Drugs. 

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