Still no video joy, but

from film time – guests without luggage must pay in advance – remember that sign?

Still no video joy, but… thanks to my friend Laurent. I returned my focus to the real problem. The problem is not the vintage machine with legacy codecs – the problem was the file that I was trying to feed to the vintage machine with legacy codecs. I converted my files to old school Microsoft AVI’s and the old machine ran them fine. On the computer monitor – the movies did not make it through the maze of RCA jacks to the Samsung TV. That problem may or may not have a solution. I will see if I can get the setup to play a DVD on the TV. That might work better. I know that the setup will run a Powerpoint – I may have to use Powerpoint. Which is a lot harder and crappier than using iMovie.

But, thank you Laurent – for pointing me in the right direction. The Last Great Photo Shoot is back on track.

Now, I just hope that our old tin pot tyrant and North Korea’s boy tin pot tyrant don’t get us all into nuclear Armageddon before the eclipse. A mushroom cloud would upstage a corona. And mushroom cloud is NOT on my bucket list.

Why don’t we just give them dueling pistols. And let them shoot it out. That way at least one of our countries will be free of their tin pot tyrant. 

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  1. Hello,
    Maybe it’s a matter of ‘clone’ or ‘extend’ desktop, when you right click on the desktop, properties.

    PowerPoint is working fine with ‘extend’ mode, but I don’t remember how windows media player is handling this. Maybe the ‘ clone’ is better for it…

    I hope you will succeed,

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