This washing machine amused me yesterday. It didn’t seem to be doing anything. Just spinning around. Making noise and vibrating madly. Like The Orange Lord???

I find that I have been snappish with the staff at work. I seem to expect that everyone knows how to “open a blank Word Document.” Hey, it has been 33 years since MS Word was released. And how is it that people are so ignorant about spreadsheets. Visicalc was released in 1978. “Dump the data into Excel and sort it” seems to be rocket science or maybe brain surgery.  “I didn’t learn this in school” doesn’t hack it with me anymore. 

Guess this is a sign that:

1. I need a vacation
2. I need to go to Hawai’i
3. I need to retire
4. All of the above

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  1. You were never much for abiding fools. Still when we performed decently you could be quite pleasant. Makes me laugh to think you are kicking butt in your volunteer job…


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