The Attack Plant.

My commute is getting dangerous.

On my way to work, I pass the poison ivy. It is encroaching seriously on the sidewalk. Of course, I am just glad that there is a sidewalk. 

No bees at all today.

But, there was a monarch butterfly. 

And more joy. I got my appointment for my stress test. Only have to be caffeine-free for 4 hours, I can do that!

And yet more good stuff. I got new bluetooth earbuds.  Took a chance on BeatsX since BH Photo had them on sale and I had a bunch of “points” so they ended up being cheap. Normally I hate Dr Dre -but the bass on these are fine. They are really comfortable. And they pair with all the Mac stuff – natch and with Shamu the Phone as well. I am sure I like them better than the Apple ones. 

Hey, this is going the wrong way.

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