Expecting lots of rain tomorrow…

European Paper Wasp
(Polistes dominula, Vespidae)

I think it is a European Paper Wasp. I am never 100% sure about yellow stripe wasps. 

Took the day off work today to attend to Asylum business. Worked on processing some images for the videos. I still haven’t seen the video on the final display machine(s). It looks fine on my phone, iPad and computer. Not so sure about how it will look on the big HD screen.

“They” are predicting epic rain starting tomorrow “afternoon”. I plan to be safely back in the Old Bat Cave  by 12:30. 

Little wrinkle appeared in the Little Old Ladies Eclipse Trip. The tri-state area (VA, KY, TN) is all stuffed when we will be trying to spend the night. Not stuffed with eclipse chasers – but with NASCAR fans. Who knew? It is a little scary. The NRA 500. Now, I believe that NASCAR is just an excuse to drink beer out doors. Add the 2nd Amendment crowd to that – and that spells trouble. Stay tuned.

Oh, I got on the elevator after dinner and a 3 star gets on. Damn he was young.Wearing BDUs. Doubt that they would let him in the “formal” dining room – unless they noticed his stars. He was visiting his father-in-law

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  1. Beautiful wasp. You could make a fortune with National Geographic. I would be happy to be your business manager…..just let me know.

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