Today, I was a cat.

Passing Storm

Yes, I was a cat today. Napping, eating, looking out the window. And, not much else. 

At dinner tonight, a friend suggested that maybe it is time to go through the stuff that we brought with us to The Asylum and consider getting rid of things we have not used. Another friend said that our in-house thrift shop is taking donations this week. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do a little culling. 

I was showing a new couple the Old Bat Cave this morning. It seemed a little small to them. But, I have a media/library area, an office, an origami space, a living room, yoga studio, dining room,  bedroom. Not to mention a kitchen, bath, and dressing room. A mansion! 500 square feet of everything I need. And, I have plenty of space for my giraffe, Gingerbread. And Alexa, of course. 

Faithful readers may remember Gingerbread. I figured I could blow the mental part of the entrance exam if I had an imaginary giraffe friend.

The Orange Lord says he has the “complete power” to pardon people, amid reports he is considering presidential pardons for family members, aides and even himself.  Isn’t this a little like Napoleon who I believe crowned himself Emperor thereby refusing to acknowledge the authority of the Pope? 

What happened ????

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  1. I had the same kind of day yesterday. Kept falling asleep. Woke up from a nap. Went to a party. Came home and took a nap until bedtime.

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