My bee in flight skills are rusty.

Need to work on my flying bee photography! Not only will my skills improve as we move deeper into summer, but the bees get slower. 

Guess I’d count this as a good day on the political front – made it through the dinner hour without Shamu the Phone going crazy notifying me of this or that new horror emanating from 6 miles east of here. 

There have been no new reports of strange men in our bathrooms at 0230 hours.  Much to the dismay of some of the residents. Management seems to have admitted that it is unacceptable to have men (or women)  come into our apartments in the middle of the night without our knowledge. 

After work,  I watched some of my friends try to teach other residents how to use an online  dinning room reservation system. It should be interesting. Imagine your great grandmother who has a walker, hearing aids, glasses and Depends using her computer/tablet/phone to make dinner reservations. Yeah, right.

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