Looking North and East

Surely, surely by now – at least some of The Orange Lord’s supporters must be having little twinges of remorse. Surely.

“My news” reports that The Orange Lord passed a treasonable amount of intel to the Russians. “Fox news” says that it never happened.  

On a much cheerier note, at least one of my friends thinks this will end in civil war. Especially since Andrew Jackson isn’t around to stop it! I don’t think it will be anything that interesting. I am guessing it will be a slow decay into anarchy. And then the cockroaches will take over the planet. 

Or, we will be taken out quickly by a massive cyber attack. Or a Carrington Event. Mother Nature just says “Fuck You People, you had your chance and you blew it – bring in the cockroaches.”

Buy the shoes, take the trip, eat the cake – chances of us making it through the next 1,346 days are pretty slim!


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