Small slow moving bugs today

Ant doing down dog…

After slow moving bugs this afternoon because I logged 6+ miles on the fitbit today. 

Which made me think: “Is it time to get a car?” But, wait – isn’t this backwards? Aren’t old people supposed to give up cars – not take up cars? I just don’t have a car mindset. Mentally, I am already planning my trip to work tomorrow in a way that will minimize walking. You just have so many more options when you are not hauling a 2,000 pound carapace around. But, I know that people who have cars extol the freedom that the car provides. 

Itty bitty unknown insect…

Had a fine dinner tonight – Shrimp and Tuna Kabobs. A mistake was made and stuffed cabbage showed up. I don’t usually care that much – but – stuffed cabbage when I was expecting shrimp and tuna – well – very nicely – I sent the offending cabbage back to the kitchen. By and by, shrimp and tuna kabobs appear.  

What Carlton would call “Wreckage of the Future”: How will I deal with having to check everything electronic when flying? I who do not check anything. Check my computer, my camera, my kindle, my Bose headphones? Just me and Shamu the Phone – all alone – in the plane. And, would my beloved toys even arrive at the final destination? Could I leave them all behind. Even my camera? Please Saint Synchronous, patron saint of all things that plug in, I pray to you – do not let this plague befall us.


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  1. Did I miss something? Did Donald sign an executive order that we are no longer allowed to take our electronics on planes?

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