The Goddess left a chocolate bunny at my door.

The Asylum is a lot like high school. We have a student council. We have a choir. We complain about the food. And we have committees. 

All of the cool kids belong to committees. And the coolest kids get elected to the student council. And, just like in high school – it really doesn’t matter what these committees and councils do or don’t do. 

But, you all know that I want to be one of the cool kids… Yeah Right! Well, the “Grounds Committee” sounded pretty harmless. Just the right committee for me. Old brown thumbed apartment dweller that I am. 

The last  grounds committee meeting was a hoot! Seems that there is a white truck that parks in the lot of the apartment building across the street.

The BIG white truck

And, one of the residents doesn’t like seeing the white truck when she is out strolling around the grounds. She wants a tree planted to hide the truck.

Think about this, boys and girls. That is a truck. It has wheels. Any day it could be driven away. Never to return. We are an OLD folks home. 34% of the folks in independent living are between 86 and 90 years old. What is wrong with this picture. Plant a tree – OK – maybe a fast growing white pine – do you really think that it will be big enough to hide said truck before the truck (or the resident) moves on? 

My idea – which I kept to myself – SPRAY PAINT. I was very mature. I didn’t laugh. Or say WTF. Stay tuned.

A little green paint and the problem vanishes.

It is raging hot summer 89° here today. So, I went down and checked out the garden box. It is looking good. Lots of stuff made it through the winter.


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