… an uncommon but often lethal skin cancer… google

Carlton and the Big Cancer Doctor this afternoon
Carlton and the Big Cancer Doctor this afternoon

The little cancer doctor decided that the bump on Mr C’s head was over his pay grade. Carlton was sent to see the big cancer doctor ASAP. ASAP was this very afternoon. Carlton called me a said “I have Merkel Cell Cancer”. A quick Google tells me that this is bad stuff really. You get a really warm fuzzy feeling when your doctor whips out his computer and starts Googling. He was using the hospital WiFi, I was using my T-M0bile LTE connection – I beat the doctor.

So, week after next, the big cancer doc will remove the big red bump, in the OR. (See yesterday’s post). We were just sort of hoping that we would have a few more good months. Those months have been postponed.

Enjoy Every Sandwich: Chicken Salad. With a side of steamed broccoli.

(The little cancer doc couldn’t let all the revenue waltz out the door. He cut a little chunk of cancer off Mr. C’s face.)

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