Waiting for the fireworks.

Cherry blossom fireworks tonight. But it was a bit too cloudy and I think there was a building in front of them. So, no pictures. But, I adore fireworks. Especially my own personal ones right out my window. Gotta say this apartment isn’t great for fireworks. Maybe I’ll have to move. Just kidding. This is my “forever” home.

Speaking of forever homes… I made it over to far distant Maryland for our dear friend’s funeral. No trouble at all until the last ½ mile. The on-foot part from the bus. Google walked me right into a construction zone. I had to get directions from a real live human person. The horror!

Carlton, you would have liked the service. His boys  did good. Old friends said nice things. The preacher actually knew Cliff. Not from church – he is Becky and Charlie’s pastor and he knew Cliff more socially than spiritually.   Did you know that Cliff was on the board of Wesley Theological Seminary? And, that Charlie is 51 years old? Doesn’t that make you feel old? Well, maybe it doesn’t – since you are past aging. What happens if I catch up to you? It didn’t seem right, being at a Kendall family event with neither you nor Cliff present. 

Cliff and Camille have sent 250 kids to college. Our foundation will send their foundation a nice “in lieu of flowers” check. And I will have to make an effort to not lose the connection to the boys. 


The Old Bat is Grumpy. Not Pretty.

Butterflies on glass building. Brisbane.

Suddenly taken GRUMPY today. I was walking across one of our lobbies today. The one that has an unfortunate echo effect. I had an almost uncontrollable desire to yell “I hate this funking place”. Which would have at best gotten me a visit from the social worker and at worse a transfer to the Terrarium where you are locked up and have no access to dangerous implements. 

Before I committed social seppuku, I scuttled back up to my room. Locked my door. Made a pot of good coffee and watched a short film about AI. (Available for you viewing pleasure – free – for the next few days at Do You Trust This Computer

This link was sent by a friend along with the reminder that I am the warden of The Asylum and not an inmate.

By dinner, I recovered my sanity sufficiently to come to dinner and heartily enjoy a steak, baked potato and Guinness. Oh and something green. Spinach, I think.

And, I was told it was time to “make a gratitude list”. OK.
I am grateful for:

  1. Elizabeth the housekeeper who cleaned my room today
  2. The internet – so, I could watch Do You Trust This Computer
  3. Kona coffee.
  4. Chocolate
  5. Friends here at the Asylum
  6. Friends at the Hospital – and they still let me hang out there 3 days a week
  7. Yoga
  8. The hope that spring may be coming soon
  9. My nice warm bed – where books, coffee cups and water bottles now fill up “Carlton’s side”. 
  10. I hate being old – but I am grateful that I  lived long enough to be old. Not everyone gets to. 

Nobody is promised tomorrow. 


The Old Bat is Tired

Brisbane – I know I just finished my vacation. But, I need another one.

I worked a lot of hours today. And, I am tired. Had  quesadilla and cheap red wine for dinner. Over dinner we had an animated conversation about colon cancer, surgery and treatment options. Only in an old folks asylum or at a medical convention would that be considered acceptable  dinner table conversation.

And now, I am going to not think about connecting devices to WPA2 Enterprise Networks anymore today. 


Will Be Glad…

Off to a good start

The day got off to a good start. Logged a couple of miles on the “dreadmill”. Took some pictures in RAW format to play with using the new improved Lightroom. 

Some test photos for new Lightroom.

Went off to a “meeting” about our Asylum WiFi. I have no problems with it. But, I think I am in the minority. Did my estimated taxes. That was the primary task today. 

And, this afternoon I went and took 146 photos at The Asylum Talent Show. 

Anything you can sing, I can sing louder.

I selected 4 and turned them in. I did not turn the one above in. 

Spring Fling 2018

But this one – I did turn in. 

Anyhow, I will be glad to go to work tomorrow to get some rest!

Wonder if anything happened in the world today? Best fire up the BCC World News. 

Wreckage of the future.

Saturday’s weather forecast.

And this is what my wreckage of the future issue is: on Saturday afternoon I absolutely must make it around the beltway to a memorial service. Carlton hated memorial services. But, he always said “I will go to a service for Cliff or Camille but that is it”. We agreed that we would come back from Hawai’i for Cliff or Camille. So, I need to do this. For Carlton, for myself.

So, what the hell am I going to do about this snow-shit. Uber will be priced out of sight. Not to mention I am not too sure about Uber drivers and snow.  I am not willing to ZipCar it in the snow. ZipCar was my “plan a”. Plan b was Uber. Plan c was bus/metro/bus. Plan c is looking bestest. Plan d – would be to get a hotel room near the location and just wait until Sunday to come home. Actually – just checked that is a doable plan and might just be the best idea. Take the bus/metro/bus over. Install myself in the Marriott half mile away. Walk to the service. Return to the Marriott. Call room service. And enjoy a nice evening of HBO. The next morning bus/metro/bus back to the Asylum. 

There are no images of anything – because Lightroom – who is in charge of all of my images is currently doing this:

I think it is “stuck” – but I’ll let it run a while longer. So far – I am not a fan of this “update”.

On a positive note: had a fine dinner tonight. Yoga class was good. And, I made some headway on my current project at work.

It is just “wreckage of the future” – chances are it will not even snow.

Enough Already

Enough! Waiting for the shuttlebus this morning.

I am so ready for spring. 

Also ready for Trump to leave town and go back to NYC and “reality TV”.

Deacquisitioned today: nothing.

April Fools & Hoppy Easter

The Secret Bunny strikes for the 2nd year in a row! And, there was not one but 2 black jelly beans. Operative word “was”.

I have had my new 52 page passport for 24 hours and I haven’t planned a trip yet. I must be getting old. Well, yes I am.

Continuing my wardrobe reboot. Trying for something more suitable for one who is ¾ century old. So:

Deacquisitioned today: two more dresses.

Still enjoying the new-improved WiFi… don’t think very many folk are using it and it seems to be blocking Smart TV’s. 

Well, it is time to prepare some green beans for our Easter potluck dinner.

Spring is sneaking in on little pussycat feet.

Spring in B/W

Just a nice ordinary Saturday. With a surprise. The surprise being: My new passport arrived. And, I just mailed it off on March 16th. My white hair looks yellow. But, I don’t suppose that matters. It lasts until 2028. Doubt that I will last that long. Hell, I hope the country lasts that long.

Did laundry and a serious inventory of my dresses. And I decided that two were not even close to age appropriate. 

Deacquisitioned today: two dresses, one tee shirt, and some ratty undies. 

As for the new header – I love pussy willows. Went out with my very favorite lens today. I didn’t take it to Hawai’i because it is so heavy and I didn’t use it for The Last Great Photo Shoot last summer and fall. It has been too long.

Second Day of my Fourth “Retirement”


The hellebores seem to have been splendid this year. Maybe this elongated winter is to their liking. 

I didn’t really try full on retirement again. But, I am trying for 3 days a week. So, I have Wednesday and Fridays off. 

It was nice and toasty this morning, so I went back to the old ‘hood and got what I needed for my contribution to our Easter potluck. One of my friends, fearful for her health offered to assist. But, I got it covered. 

The reason we are having a DIY Easter meal is: we didn’t get reservations for Easter at the Asylum in time.  Bet we will be quicker on the draw next year. But, we will have a jolly group. My culinary skills not with standing. Booze and chocolate are promised.

With apologies to those who saw this on FB

I got all excited this morning when I spied Favorite Songs of the Nineties on the piano. Then I realized it was the 1890’s


Cliff Kendall and Carlton Combs – June 2003

Sad news today.  The man who saved Carlton’s life by sending him to Alcoholics  Anonymous in January 1973 died last night. 

He was also Carlton’s boss. And my boss. For me, he “integrated” a famously “male only” black tie dinner back in the day. Cliff and his wife were the only people at our wedding in 1994.

Ninja Bride w/wedding party.

Cliff and his family are a huge part of my life. And, Cliff was my Carlton designated “guardian”.  As in “If you have any questions about anything: Ask Cliff and do what he says.”

About 4 times a year, I have to call Cliff and ask for advice. And at least once a month I just ask myself “What would Cliff do?” Fortunately, I can still do that.

Goodbye my friend. 

Can I stand more excitement?

Preplan your cremation and get a free lunch!

Went to my mailbox after dinner this evening and found this wonderful offer. FREE lunch and informational seminar on the benefits of preplanning your cremation.

Coming upstairs, I think – does it get any better than this? Well, then I check my email.

Exciting NEWS!

Yes, apparently it gets better. My doctors are moving to a new computer system. And that is supposed to make be happy? Or rather excited.

Spent the entire day here at the Asylum trying with little success to help my friends move to our new WiFi. I finally got all my stuff moved over. Will be glad to go back to work tomorrow to get some rest.

Deacquisitioned today: one funky little purse, two eyeglasses – to the Lions box. 


Some things I am just not going to explain. But, that is me. Inside an earth moving machine. 

Still cold and damp and dreary what the f… am I here here. But, I am not going to work tomorrow. 

Got home late today. Went to a meet and greet with the head of our Dining Services. Then dinner. Then off to a friend’s apartment for ice cream. Finally went to a talk given by a Washington Post reporter. His world view is rather bleak. But, who am I to talk. I am not so cheery about the future either. He says that in the near future we should watch the elections in Mexico and Brazil plus the war in Yemen. And for the US – he sees a huge political move to the left if  the millennials decide to register and vote. Universal health care, jobs, student loans being the concerns of the young.

Still wicked good WiFi.

Deacquisitioned today: one pair of shoes.  today: one pair of shoes. Acquisitioned today: one pair of shoes. So, I am not sure I get credit for the deacquisition.