Last day in Melbourne

Don’t stand still too long!

Picked up my lunch at the South Melbourne Market. Lunch was a great veggie custard quiche thing and Tasmanian cherries.

There was a variety of winter squash-including this non-PC Jap pumpkin.

The flower sellers had many interesting offerings-even water lilies as cut flowers.

The South Melbourne Market is not Melbourne’s famous market but it is a fine market and was worth the visit.

A slight problem-google could not find the train station for my trip back to the hotel. I got back the old fashioned way-I asked someone. It took several tries. Apparently google wasn’t the only one who didn’t know where the “new” station was.

After a rest, I went out for a little stroll. It was 102 so it was a very little stroll.

Feb 6 1835 hours

Today’s adventure was a trip to the Melbourne Zoo. It was another sunny day. Warm too. The zoo. It is small. But very well done and they deliver serious environmental message to kids. There was one about using 100% post consumer recycled toilet paper. A huge roll of toilet paper. Lots of toilets. A maze that made flushing noises. Oh and the waysides used the word crap. What 9 year old wouldn’t like that. There was another one about properly disposing of cell phones. And one about not using balloons. All things that kids can influence there family about.

Oh they had animals too.


Australian pelican.

Oops the TV just said it will be 35 degrees tomorrow. Not too swift with centigrade-but I think that is pretty hot.

Plan on visiting the Victoria market tomorrow and maybe a trip to the beach weather permitting.

Update: no market trip tomorrow. It is closed on Wednesday. Some times maybe it would be better to plan more carefully. Or not.

Australia is a long way from home. But in many ways it is just like home. Only different.

Feb 5, 2130 hours.

Long time readers know that I like public art. And Melbourne has some interesting offerings.

Today’s planned activity was a trek to the Royal Botanical Garden. It was great and smelled lovely. I heard but didn’t see a new bird. The bell miner. It sounds like a bell and is a type of myna.

Nearing the end of water lily season.

Going back to the hotel-I went a tad off course.

But, I made it back safely. Logged 9.7 miles on the Fitbit, think I do something using a bus, train or ferry tomorrow.

0600 hours feb 5 Melbourne

Yesterday, my plan was to wear myself out. And I did. Was asleep before 7 and didn’t wake up until 5. I made my way downstairs to my kitchen.

Friends from the Asylum-note the oven. I will not be using it, promise.

Yesterday was a fine day. Sunny maybe 80 degrees. Melbourne seems to be laid out on a grid. So with neither map nor cellphone nor plan, out l went.

My first street could have been any city. Pho shops. Backpacker hotels, and graffiti.

After a couple of miles I take a left and several uphill blocks later I find Hermès and Prada and Bvlgari

Bvlgari was serving up ice cream. And that boys and girls is absolutely the only thing I will ever get from Bvlgari.

This street could have been in Paris or Tokyo, but not in Falls Church.

Wonder what today has in store?


This morning in Brisbane.

Exhausted, but safely in Melbourne. There are pictures, but they are on the first floor and I am on the third. My hotel room is huge. It is 3 floors.

Sorry, I am having a massive jet lag attack. Staying awake isn’t happening.

Honolulu Airport

The before picture. After a month on the road, we will see how I look!

Have another hour here. Then l have no idea how long the flight to Australia is. It doesn’t much matter, not like l can do anything to make it get there faster.

The plan is to read and nap. Then snack. Repeat as needed.

Heading out tomorrow morning.

Next Stop – Honolulu – then on to Australia

Leaving tomorrow morning. Going to Honolulu. Then heading out to Australia. Brisbane to be exact. Spending the night in Brisbane and leaving for Melbourne early Sunday morning. I’ll spend 4 or 5 days in Brisbane at the end of the trip.

Decided to leave Forbin the computer locked in a safe here at the hotel. I am leaving it with enough money to return it to me at the Asylum – just in case. I am leaving my warm home going clothes with Billy. Also with enough money to send the cosy stuff home. And, I mailed my backup disk to The Asylum.

Will update the Blog when I have wifi. 

I know 3 people who are going on an around the world cruise next year. Could I do that? Don’t know. Will be fun to think about.

a hui hou aku


Sneaking up on shipping out

Looking mauka.

Glorious pinky moonset/sunrise today. Well worth getting up and heading out before day break. 

Looking makai. The pinkness extended to the ocean herself.

And, a whale or two were spotted. A glorious day. Maybe the clearest, sparkliest  day that I can remember here in Kailua-Kona.

The question of the instant: Stash Forbin the Computer here in Kona, mail back to The Asylum wrapped in my wetsuit, or lug it all ’round Australia. Pretty sure the last option isn’t happening.

How many old women does it take to ship a truck?

Hilo Dock. The cruise ship will be here in Kona tomorrow morning.

The reason for the girls trip to Hilo was to deliver an old truck to Matson for shipment to California. I wasn’t allowed on the dock because I had no ID. I had to lounge in the shade across the street while the other 3 went to see if the truck was dirt and pest free. And that it didn’t have too much gas in the tank. It passed the dirt test. But flunked the pest and gas test. The truck had was infested with ants, harbored a gecko and was too gassy. But this IS Hawaii and after 45 minutes or so about who went to high school where and who is related to whom – the truck was good to go to Honolulu and on to California.

We did lunch and more than a little shopping. 

Rainbow Falls. Wrong time of day for rainbow. But still good. 

Stopped off at Rainbow Falls before heading home. Had dinner. And 11 hours later, I am back home. And, I completely missed the Orange Lord’s State of the Uniom Address. 

I am happy with the waterfall shot. I will take the Olympus Pen-F with it’s 35mm lens to Australia. That will be 3 pounds well spent.

Breaking Camp

PB about 35 years ago. Photo by Steve Lyons. (Not the ball player.)

I was having a really hard time getting my stuff together for the Aussie trip and the trek back to the Asylum. I was trying to pack to go to Australia. And to pack up every thing else – to leave here – looking towards dealing with it in March When I get back to Kona. 

This wasn’t working for me. I decided to pack for the Aussie trip. Gotta do that. And to pack up the room and put it away until next year. I will not have to deal with this part of the stuff again. And, to put a small collection of stuff – Forbin the Computer, heavy sweater, wetsuit aside and pick them up in March. 

At least when I get this done. I will be done. And when I come back to Kona for my 4 day post adventure rest – I can just rest. And not deal with unpacking and repacking. Or getting stuff ready to store until next winter. 

So today was serious breaking camp. Going to Hilo on a girls road trip tomorrow. Maybe I’ll have a new picture. Not one from the archives. 



Sunday Morning on the Drinking Pier.

Just an ordinary day in our little drinking village with a fishing problem. Big cruise ship showed up today along with the regular little ship that shows up a couple of times a month. 

Sort of into my regularly scheduled pre-trip slump. I am so mentally ready for the trip to start. But, no where near physically.  When I went out on adventures when Carlton was still alive – I had to stock the freezer with enough sandwiches to keep him fed. Which means, if I were going to be gone for 28 days – I would put 56 individually wrapped ham, turkey and cheese sandwiches in the freezer. Every morning he would put 2 sandwiches out on the counter. And, he would have breakfast and dinner. He could put mustard on the sandwiches. He could make coffee. And he would go to the grocery store and buy bananas and ice cream. And that is what he would eat. 36 days was as long as I left him Home Alone.

Shades of Gray

Tiki’s Surf Break – Sundown Time

It was a chilly, gray, drippy day today. By sunset, I was suffering from cabin fever. And, I didn’t even have 1,000 steps on the fit bit. So, I went for my morning walk. about 11 hours late. By the time I got back, I had 11,000+ steps and some yogurt. 

I spent some time today trying to figure out how to fit my “necessary” stuff into Aussie carryon rules. 7 kilos. On the plus side they seem to have 23 kilo check bag for free. Well, 7 kilos doesn’t work for me this time. I will carryon on Hawaiian. That will help me get through customs and immigration. Then in Australia I will carry on the electronics and primary camera and old lady meds. The rest I will pack in the funky rollaboard and check it. After I am reunited with the rollaboard at baggage claim – I can put the electronic etc back in the rollaboard and roll off to my hotel. 

Speaking of hotels. I rechecked the Melbourne airport to hotel plan. And took another look at the hotel. 

Still feeling like an overstuffed tourist that I can not get my stuff down to 7 kilos. Think I’ll have to revisit this.