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  1. Sometimes, the parts are greater than the whole…


    April 14, 2017 by Peg




    And that is it for my trip to the zoo. 

    I watched the news this evening in the Asylum Saloon. Fortunately the beer was good. The news was not.

  2. Of pandas and herons…


    April 13, 2017 by Peg

    red panda

    My favorite zoo animal on the planet – the red panda. It was inside it’s glass enclosure. Not out in the yard.

    And the Giant Pandas.

    panda eating

    panda sleeping

    Eating and sleeping. That is about the entire giant panda repertoire. They were inside too. Not that it makes any difference they just sleep and eat outside as well.

    Black-crowned Night-Herons

    One of the most interesting sights were the herons. The trees in the bird section were stuffed with herons. Apparently they checked into the zoo for a little R&R and a couple of free meals… One of the birding websites reported 200+ herons at the zoo on Monday. 

    Harlene – please use the tiger. 


  3. A pair from the zoo…


    April 12, 2017 by Peg

    Orangatang – Lucy

    Just a couple of shots from today’s trip to the zoo. The zoo was “a zoo” today. Lots of people. Springbreak. But everyone seemed to be having a fine time. Even me.


    As you might expect, I took lots of pictures. I hope I have about 10 good ones. But, my very favorite animal – The Red Panda – was hiding today. 

    Back to work tomorrow. And maybe I come up with a few more photos from today’s zoo trip.

  4. On the 2nd day of Passover? Really?


    April 11, 2017 by Peg


    On the second day of Passover, the Press Secretary Spicer said of Hitler and Syria  – Hitler ‘didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons,’ although he sent Jews to ‘the Holocaust center’… 

    Good thing for the current circus that United Airlines was an even bigger asshole and sucked some of the oxygen out of the room.

    On a much cheerier note. Going to the zoo tomorrow morning.  And, there is a Floor Party tomorrow evening. Had dinner with four ladies from my floor this evening. And, there was “free” wine and bread pudding at dinner. Its all good. As long as I keep my head in the sand. 

  5. Spring at the Asylum


    April 10, 2017 by Peg

    Someday, the lights will come for me. Unless I am very lucky.

    The ambulance picks up you at the front door. The hearse at the loading dock. The hearse doesn’t have flashing lights. We always wonder “who did they take out?” It isn’t morbid or sad. It just is.

    Life is very resilient. You have to admire a plant that springs up, nevermind the asphalt.

    And, it is Squirrel Week at the Washington Post. What’s not to love about squirrels? Carlton’s Mother called them tree rats. She called me worse. But she was a very unhappy lady. 

    Today is the 3rd anniversary of my Worse Day Ever. No, not the day I came home from work to find Carlton peacefully dead. But, the day that Carlton called me at work and said “I have Merkle Cell Carcinoma”. And, I Googled it. Of course there is a blog entry. There is a blog entry for everything. Has been since the spring of 2001

    Nobody is promised tomorrow.

    PS – I kinda like the ambulance photo.

  6. Nice lazy sunday…


    April 9, 2017 by Peg

    Tulips @ The Asylum

    Just a nice lazy Sunday. I felt a little guilty about not spending a lot of time outside enjoying the niceness. Now, if I had my balcony – I wouldn’t have this guilt because I could have lounged around outside.

    Sunday is my laundry day. Always has been – see no reason to change. One of the old guys on the floor also does laundry on Sunday morning. His wife taught him well, he separates his lights and darks, uses bleach and fabric softener, and takes up both of the washing machines. Then the takes up both of the dryers – one low and one on high.

    I just dump everything in together and hope for the best. I did try to figure out how I was supposed to wash a dress. Haven’t a clue what all those directions mean. Maybe I should have asked my neighbor! I just dumped it in with everything else. 

    The First Bee of Spring @ The Asylum

    I was happy to find a couple of nice fat bees visiting the Rosemary in my garden box this morning. 

  7. This Night.


    April 8, 2017 by Peg

    Friday – just before running out to work.

    I want everyone to know that I really do go to work at the crack of dawn!

    Sort of a leisure day today. Wrapped up the Asylum Talent Show project – and moved all the images off my computer and deleted them from my catalogue. I most likely could have deleted them completely. But, I am a digital hoarder. Do you know that I have over 10 years of GMAILs? And it’s not like any of them are great romantic notes from Carlton. Because, I was the one who did his emails! Even to his old girl friends.

    Took no picture of people today. Only bugs and flowers. Neither of which complain about the results.

    The very first butterfly image of the season.

    Not a great photo. But, it is the first one that I was able to capture this spring.

    Little mystery plant

    And, my friend – the dandelion. Always a favorite photo subject.


  8. Last Night.


    April 8, 2017 by Peg

    Tossed a little slideshow together from my 900 images. Music Playing in the Band – The Dead. Length 2 minutes.

  9. Day two of the Old Farts Got Talent Photo Shoot…


    April 6, 2017 by Peg

    tough crowd tonight!

    Aside: I too have tried to catch a few zzz’s in our auditorium. But the seats are too uncomfortable and I usually wake up when my neck snaps. 

    I suited up, geared up and showed up for another exciting 2 hours.

    old school selfie

    It was wet today. I got to work fine. And I got to within 2 blocks of the Asylum when the floodgates of hell broke. It went from sunny to deluge in less time than it took to deploy my umbrella. Fortunately I had my big industrial strength umbrella. Oh, did I mention the wind. With one block to go, the rain became horizontal. I watched an awning blow off of a building. But I got home fine, with nothing worse than wet pant legs.  

    So, tomorrow after work – I have 450 or so more photos to go through. But, you have seen the best one. And, I am not going to give it to my “client”. 

  10. Day One of the Old Farts Talent Show Photo Shoot…


    April 5, 2017 by Peg

    The Asylum Spring Fling 2017 – a scarey number of walkers. This is about half of them.

    The Asylum Spring Fling 2017 – old lady read a TS Eliot cat poem. Hey, that is more than I could do. Not knocking it.

    Think I pretty much nailed to photo shoot today. Someone asked “can you print them”. Hell no, I shot at ISO kajillion and chopped the crap out of the images. No way they are going to print. Least not and still have my name on them. 

    I did sneak in a tiny bit of “me” time. Time for a flower picture…

    And, I finished up post processing in time to dart down to the dining room for bread pudding this evening. 

  11. Busy sorta boring day…


    April 4, 2017 by Peg

    Waiting for the 25B. Note “World of Beer”

    Walk. Shuttle bus. Work. Yoga. Walk. Wait.

    On the 25B.

    Bus. Little walk. Lunch. 

    Test shot for the Asylum “Talent” show photo shoot.

    Take some test shots at the dress rehearsal for the “talent” show. I told someone “sure, I’ll take pictures”.  I am pretty sure that this is not the sort of picture that “they” want – but it is what I like. 

    Then off to listen to wait our CEO has to say about the health and well being of the Asylum. And beer with a friend. And dinner. And then look at the 240 test images. I liked one.

    Elect clowns – Expect a circus.

  12. Back to work…


    April 3, 2017 by Peg

    “Lighting” the urchin shell from Kailua Bay.

    Thanks to Billy for collecting the shell from the bottom of the ocean, and for telling me to put an LED bulb in it. Thanks to the lauhala hat that Sam Ah Hoy made for me for getting it safely back to the Old Bat Cave. 

    After work (and nappy time) I worked on the 2016 photographs. 

    Note to self #1: Shamu the phone wins the train photo contest hands down. It’s GPS always has at least an idea where the train was when the picture was taken. 

    Note to self #2: Change the fricking time on the “real” camera. Not only does it not know where it is. It hasn’t a clue that the time zone changed. Fortunately, Lightroom has a “Timezone Shift” function. But, still… How hard is it to change the hour on the camera. Not hard at all. 

    I guess they aren’t Schrödinger’s nude girls.

    This fine sign was in Portland. March 2, 2016