Today – more work on the Last Great Photo Shoot…

Knocked off about 20 people today in the Last Great Photo Shoot. And I did all the processing. I can not take another 16 hour day of post processing.

Someone asked me to take pictures at some event in November. Nevermindthat, I’ll be in Hawai’i by November. The is The LAST Great Photo Shoot. Looking forward to getting back to bugs, flowers and the occasional sunrise. None of these subjects complain that my pictures make their ears look fat!

Don’t get me wrong – I am glad that I am doing this. But I will be gladder when it is done.  

Glad too that Mr C isn’t around to see our dumb-ass Orange Lord. It would kill him…

The blog entry for today has been cancelled

because I spent the whole entire day from 9AM to 10PM working on the Last Great Photo Shoot. Well, I did eat dinner.

I will note that today is the 3rd anniversary of my move into The Asylum.

I made contact sheets for my clients to review. 15 pages of contact sheets. Looking forward to going back to work at the hospital tomorrow. AND looking forward to Hawai’i.


Well Damn…

The Last Rose of Planet Earth?

Well damn, the world was supposed to end today – and we are still here! Where is a good apocalypse when you need one? I was looking forward to it. More than I am looking forward to a nuclear attack. Oh, but look on the bright side. The day isn’t over yet… 

Dinner tonight

I completely missed this one – but after dinner (and wine) a friend noticed that the catch of the day was a cow! 

Took some more pictures today, called up my hotel in Kona, went for a swim, and updated my new iPad to iOS 11. Slick new keyboard. Some of my oldest APPs don’t work anymore.  No great loss there. All and all, it seems to be a great update for a newer iPad. But, for now, I am going to leave my iPad mini alone. 

High Sierra comes out on Monday – assuming the world is still here. I will not update Forbin until The Last Great Photo Shoot is in the can.

The Pen F welcomes fall.

Fall arrived at 4:02 PM today – I was out to welcome it.
Macro lens seems to work…

The Pen F doesn’t focus as quickly as the OMD-EM1. But, fast enough. It doesn’t focus the legacy 43rds lenses at all. It barely acknowledges that they are even attached. 

And another day at the asylum comes to a graceful end…

Handheld, available light not too shabby. 


The Last Great Photo Shoot Continues…

dawn’s early light in the OBC

Don’t often see the sun come in my windows. I am usually “out”. But, this morning, I was “in”.

I should have been “out”. I should have been photographing the night shift people. Nevertheless I am happy with the progress I have made. One woman asked me today “Are you spending ALL day taking picture?” No, I am actually spending all day trying to convince people to let me take their picture. 

At about 3PM, I bagged photography for the day and packed up my old camera for shipment to New Jersey for repairs. Walking outside, I find:

The bike is on an adventure…

A bike that is have way too much fun for an old folks asylum. When I come back, the bike’s owner is suiting up and heading out for Florida. I ask, have you been out having fun?

Yes, been surfing with the icebergs in Newfoundland…

We talk story for a few minutes about surfing. I never surfed Newfoundland. Apparently very few people have. He was visiting his auntie who lives in our building. Says he always makes it a point to stop off and visit her and get a good meal. 

Wonder what will happen next in our world?  Earthquakes, hurricanes, The Orange Lord and that kid in North Korea. May you live in interesting times. Why not go surf Newfoundland? Seems like a plan to me.

Pen F and the Last Great Photo Shoot

Me and my “camera on a stick” 

I am wearing worse than “Mom Jeans”. I am wearing “Granny Jeans”. Oh well, Granny I am. 

The new Pen F worked great. A couple of residents thought it was an actual Olympus Pen F ca 1962. They wondered where I got film for it. No film was harmed during today’s photoshoot. 

Dinner tonight in the Formal Dining Room. Our guest was a lady who moved in today. Her mother had lived here. She pointed out that where the soft ice cream machine is – in her mother’s day – that had been when you queued up for the cafeteria line. 

I wonder how many cones 500 old people can go through in a month?

Actually, everyone stops off at the ice cream machine. Residents, staff, visitors, the letter carrier, the UPS guy, construction and repair folks, even the ambulance crew members will sneak a cone while they are collecting a patient. 

I am tired and tomorrow is another day on The Last Great Photo Shoot. So, it is off to bed for me.




Back in the picture business…

what happens is what I planned – Pen F

As promised, the camera arrived. Set it up in my preferred  aperture priory mode. ISO 1600. Recording mode jpg… Which is what I was using for all of my interior available light shots with the dead camera. Up and shooting again tomorrow morning.

On the 51 bus. Shamu the Phone.

As a car-free person I have lots of options to and from work. I took the 3 bus option this morning. The 16 – 41 – 51. This minimizes walking. No matter how I go – it takes 45minutes. Well, unless I decide to walk the entire way. Then it takes 55 minutes.  Hospital is 3.2 miles away. Mostly up hill. 

Hey – maybe it is getting faster. Or maybe no one is online tonight. Maybe Netflix is down?

Seem to be getting it back together…

On the 25B

Think I am starting to get things back together. No electronics broke today – YET. And, I got the doctor’s office mix up fixed up with no problem. And the vampire was able to suck three tubes of blood out of me. 

Tomorrow: work, yoga, play with Pen F camera… Then use said camera for photos on Wednesday and Thursday.

Back to work on Friday. At least that is the plan.

Leo, Arlington, 2017

I decided to include the therapy dogs in the Last Great Photo Shoot. We don’t have therapy cats. Just dogs and birds.

Coming soon – fall…

Today’s photos – all from Shamu the Phone.

Have to get the old camera repaired. For several reasons.

gray hairstreak (Strymon melinus) – taken with a friend’s Oly OMD EM-5

A friend loaned me her camera today. Her camera is a near relative of mine. Until I actually used it – I would have considered it. It is a little smaller than mine. When our camera’s were new – hers was cheaper. But, I bought mine used. (Except for underwater cameras – I always buy used). 

A new version of my camera costs 2K. A new version of her camera would be $900. These a updated models. BUT, and this is a huge BUT. BUT, neither her camera, nor the new version of either camera will autofocus my legacy 43rd’s lenses. And they are my most expensive and best and favorite lenses. The only camera that will autofocus the legacy lenses is the old OMD EM-1. So, as far as I am concerned – it has to be repaired. Off it will go one day next week.  (Legacy lenses is the main reason to fix this camera. Other reason is – I love it. My fingers know where everything is. For me, it just works.)

In the meantime – an Olympus Pen F will be arriving for my playing pleasure on Tuesday. It will not utilize my vintage glass either. But, it is drop dead gorgeous. And, I am hoping it will allow me to complete The Last Great Photo Shoot. If I love it, I’ll keep it. If not – back it goes. But, I have always been a sucker for cameras that a more for show than for go…

Tomorrow’s hassle – getting blood drawn. It is supposed to be done at my doctor’s office at the hospital. But, the computer thinks it is being done at the doctor’s other office. The other office is a mile from the asylum, but 4 miles from the hospital. And, I am going to be at the hospital slaving away over a hot computer at the appointed hour. Hopefully, I can get this untangled. If not I guess I’ll Uber over and when I get there – my blood will be boiling!

At this instant, I know  of several people who have stopped eating and drinking so they can die. It is damn uncivilized that we have to do that. 

Not my finest day ever…


That might be the very last shot that my beloved Olympus takes. It took this picture of our salad bar…and…the shutter froze. Solid frozen shut shutter. Nothing will budge it. 

I was trying everything I could think of to get it going again. No luck. THEN I remembered – my SD card. I have some good shots on that card. Quickly pop that card out. Continue trying every thing – even giving it a good wack or two with my hand. 

Of course, I have to get a camera to use to finish The Last Great Photo Shoot. It’s not that big a problem. It is a problem that can be solved with money. And, at this stage in my life – that is the best kind of problem. 

And earlier in the day, I managed to get my web hosting account suspended. Too much storage used. Easy enough to fix with a little cash. 

But still… I don’t need this hassle.

Leo, Arlington, 2017

I was shooting Leo the Pet Therapy Dog with the camera crapped out. Shamu the Phone had to finish the job.

Shabbat is over. Time to get those nice Jewish Boys cracking on a replacement camera before they shut down for Rosh Hashanah.   

Went to a memorial service for my across the hall neighbor this afternoon. Carlton, you would have liked the reception. They had 5 gallons of vanilla ice cream – and chocolate sauce. Plus wine, cheese, fruit and fine hors d’oeuvre. But no coffee.

I suspect that memorial services here at the asylum are a wee bit competitive. BUT, how do you know how you did???

Way Back When…

Haven’t a clue when this was…

This is one from the vault. Way back when I was one of the boys and we all read John Molloy’s “Dress for Success”. So it was after 1977. 

Didn’t do much today. Went to work and got some rest. I’ll hit the bricks and do some more photos tomorrow. Also going to a memorial service for my across the hall neighbor. She was the first person I met when I moved in. She was already fairly old and frail then. She made it to 92 – give or take a year. She was an airline “stewardess” back in the 40’s and married one of her passengers. She told me that was her plan. Always good when plans work out.



The Last Great Photo Shoot… Continues

And I, gotta go back to work tomorrow to get some rest.

But, got more photos to take… A distressing number. Well, that is why I get paid the big bucks!

Joy of Music for many reasons is cancelled … And around here that is a good thing…