Boat Day

Busy Day in the ocean.

A cruise ship comes to Kona most Wednesdays. And the ocean gets filled up with boats. I was sitting on the pier watching dolphins (without a suitable lens for dolphins). But, you might like watching all the boats coming and going. 90 seconds.


Grateful for my friends and the staff at The Asylum. I never imagined such wonderful friends would be with me on the last great adventure of my life. Old Age. Never saw it coming.

In today’s email. Greetings from The Asylum.


spam and rice and everything nice,

Another shot from the grocery store. This is the grab-n-go section. If you don’t like spam and rice. Tough.


Tonight I am grateful for the ocean and especially grateful that I can still get out in it. The ocean was murky today. Too murky to see the bottom. So, I sort of grumpily swam around for 30 minutes or so. Coming in, a couple of very pink visitors were delighting in how clear the ocean was. Gratitude wake up call. The ocean, known as moana or kai here in Hawai’i is a daily blessing.

So, continuing through my Australia photos – I found a 20-second video of the HUGE bats in Cairns. I slowed it down to make them look more Dracula like. The audio is real and not slowed down. The little 40 second creation will be coming out again for Halloween.


Huge Bats in Cairns – Feb 2018

If I had remembered how much I liked Cairns – I would be heading out for Xmas in Cairns. Warm weather, great ocean, huge bats. What’s not to love?

But, I have warm weather and a great ocean right here in exciting downtown Kailua-Kona. Lacking only huge bats. (We do have small bats. But, they don’t come down to sea level.)

Ten seconds that you will rarely see. Peg IRONING.

Gratitude.  Lots of bad stuff going on. And, I think it is only going to get worse. So, it is time to break out gratitude. When I would get bitchy, yes, I know that is hard to imagine-but you should have been around when I went cold turkey off estrogen. But, I digress. When I would get bitchy, Carlton would direct me to go to my room and make a Gratitude List. I don’t think it works that way.

So, let’s try to do gratitude for a couple of days or so.


Tonight I am grateful for the humble peanut butter and banana sandwich. A fine breakfast, lunch or dinner. In my case. Tonight’s dinner. I am also grateful that I am happy with a PB sandwich.

Hey, this gratitude business has to start with the basics. And dinner is pretty basic.

Well this might work. Or not. Whatever.

20 feet of rice.

Remember that 20 feet of soy sauce at my grocery. Well, right across the aisle, we have 20 feet of rice.

Last night while I was updating my blog somehow or the other the .htaccess got deleted. That wasn’t pretty. So, I might as well get the suspense over and just hit the publish button right now.

My 60 minutes of ocean time reduced to about 60 seconds.


Hey, it worked. It’s All Good. Think I’ll just stop here while everything is still working. Well, everything that I have control of is still working. There is one hell of a lot of shit that isn’t working but I can’t do anything about it. So, I will invoke one of Carlton’s AA things “… grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference”.

Adelaide Fringe Fest – 2018

Adelaide 2018

I spent one night in Adelaide on my Australian Adventure in February 2018. I just happened to be in Adelaide during Fringe Fest. Where they had a fantastic lightshow. Maybe 20 buildings were turned into … well, you have to see for yourself.

A few seconds later

Watch it in full screen.

It’s time to plan the next adventure. But don’t plan it too carefully. Leave plenty of room for “luck”.

About this learning about videos crap. I have gotten better at it. I am not comfortable with video editing.  And, I haven’t a clue about what to shoot. But, when someone sent me a vertical video that they wanted on YouTube – at least I knew how to make it work.

Winter in the Village

An early winter’s day in Kailua-Kona.

Winter in Kailua-Kona. Misty rain, temps in the 70’s. Time to wear sock and sweaters. Drink hot cocoa. Have soup for lunch. And, work on old photos. Still in Australia. I was in Sydney during Lunar New Year. They turned the Harbour Bridge red one night. One minute along the water.

I don’t know why I put off processing photos. For two years in the case of the trip to Australia. I guess I fear that  I should be doing something useful. But, why am I beating myself up over “doing nothing”. Nobody is going to censure me for rearranging my digital archives.

This is a recurrent theme. Ever since digital photography. I have been trying to keep my photos organized and cataloged. Too many seasons as a museum tech maybe?

PS: I loved Australia.

Single Use Plastics Ban

Today, it was a little too choppy out in the ocean. So, I swam around the rocks in Kamakahonu Bay. Lots of fish. Lots of rocks. Lots of murkiness. And towards the end of this 90-second creation – a couple of large mullet come swimming along. They are totally harmless. Even safe to eat. (Unlike the barracuda).

If you live on an island in the middle of the ocean – Honolulu’s single-use plastics ban is a good thing.  Consider the collector or decorator urchin. Ocean littler and debris “collects” on these guys. (Some folks think that the urchins seek out the debris and call them “decorators”.) It doesn’t matter. They are very useful critters. They keep algae and seaweed under control. Collector urchins  are 24/7  algae and seaweed eating machines.

Collector Urchin.
Pair of collector urchins.

And finally this collector urchin. Decorated with a plastic spoon.

Decorator urchin with plastic spoon. This is either very funny or very sad.



Just messing around

Forty-five minutes of paper folding reduced to 20 seconds. (This one is for you Barb!)

Been revisiting my photos from my lap around Australia in February 2018.

Broken Hill, NSW

This fine example of wall art is in Broken Hill which is at the westernmost edge of New South Wales. The train stopped here for a couple of hours and I had a nice walk around the town. In fact, the town would easily warrant an overnight visit.

I found a some movies. This one was taken out of the train window. The train is just creeping slowly along. (1 minute).

And how about this yummy sky this morning?

Boat Day in Kailua-Kona


Billy telling some visitors that this isn’t a good place to paddleboard.

Billy and I were starting the day in our usual way. Watching the sun come up, when a couple of folks show up with paddleboards. It seems like a good place to paddleboard. Plenty of parking, nice sandy beach, and wicked as ass coral and sharp rocks about 2 feet from shore. Folks who really know what they are doing can surf here. But nobody paddleboards. Fortunately, they listened to Billy. Then, we went for a walk and had breakfast.

I had a good time today playing with the pictures I took in Australia a couple of years ago. Wonder if I could go back to Virginia by way of Australia?

This afternoon I went for a swim. And, I saw the biggest barracuda that I have ever seen. I am sure that it was at least 3.5 feet long. Maybe longer. I am used to seeing one-foot long barracuda. But this “Great Barracuda” lived up to its name. They really aren’t dangerous. But it did get my attention.

Another chore today. Dig out the damn white dress and be sure it is good to go. Gotta go to a funeral next week.

Good. The stupid white dress still fits. Just needs ironing.

Doesn’t that dress just look like me?

A fine chilly rainy day.

Fiery start to the day

There were about 60 seconds of sunrise this morning. Then it was cloudy, then rainy, and now it is back to cloudy.

Lovely cloudy rainy day.

And it was cool.

An altogether fine day.

Fortunately, I got my exercise in going to Walmart and Safeway during the first cloudy period. Safeway hasn’t recovered from Thanksgiving/the lettuce crisis.

Guess there is no salad in my future today.

So, instead of salad, I had papaya and cottage cheese for lunch. No hardship.

Yesterday was the last day for The Employee Gift Fund effort at The Asylum. I made five 2 minute videos to try to get out residents to give generously. They were shown on a rotating schedule on The Asylum’s digital signage screens.

We exceeded our fundraising goal. It wasn’t just my videos. But, they were my contribution – in addition to the check that I wrote.

The halls are decked with boughs of plastic

Kona Seaside Hotel.

Went out for breakfast with friends this morning as is my custom. And when I returned, fortunately well fortified with coffee, eggs, rice, and spam, it was time to decorate the tree. Up the ladder, I went. Down the ladder, I came. Down on the floor, I went. Up from the floor,  I came. Two hours later, the tree was done and so was I.

After a nap. I went for a nice little swim. The water was a little cloudy, but very calm. I saw a fish that might have seen once. But, I have never photographed. The dark phase of the Longnose Butterflyfish. If you are ever going to see one it will be off the Kona Coast.

Dark Phase and Normal Color Pattern Longnose Butterflyfish.

Today’s movie is about one minute from 45 minutes in the ocean.

Kailua-Kona, a drinking village with a fishing problem.

These folk are fishing the school that I swam through from Friday’s video. But, no one was fishing when I went swimming through.

Do Nothing Saturday.

Trust me, I measured it. 20 feet of soy sauce selections.

Just a few photos from today’s walkabout in exciting downtown Kailua-Kona. Got in 3 miles. No swimming today.

Started off the day with a trek to the grocery. It was busy even at 6:30 AM. Guess everyone who, like me, waddled away from the dinner table on Thursday swearing to never eat again, are eating again!

Bird Bomb

These are zebra doves, introduced in 1920. We have plenty of them.

Its being to look a little like Xmas.

I am becoming such a boring old person that I am really considering giving up the blog. I used to snarkily say “to take interesting pictures, do interesting stuff”.  Guess that applies to blogs too.

One thing about being old, Boring is Good. Because, when things stop being boring it usually means that the wheels have fallen off, big time.

(I have done the blog almost everyday since April 28, 2001)