Women’s March 2018

It was a normal bright sunny day – but sometimes B/W puts the focus on what matters. 

The marchers were very polite – always making space for cars that wanted to turn. And, most of the cars gave a honk of support. We gotta keep this spirit going.

Had a very lazy day today. A little photography, a little laundry, a little napping. 

I have been playing around with updating the blog sans Forbin. But, the biggest problem might be the lack of wifi or cell for at least ½ of the trip. But, hey, that is good too. A forced digital detox. 

Testing 2

Testing blog update from old iPad. Photo taken with shamu but cropped with Snapseed on iPad and exported.


Testing updating the website from Shamu the phone. Photo taken with Shamu.

729 days…

Lavender and yellow tangs – today’s swim

729 days until January 20, 2020. 

There in Hawai’i we are still hyperventilating over the 38 minutes last Saturday morning when we thought we were going to become crispy critters. It sort of shows that we really can not count on government at any level anymore. Don’t know what happens next. We get the government we deserve. Not the one we need. So, lets get our sorry asses to the polls. No excuses. If you don’t like the candidates – run for office. 

Lovely little eel from yesterday’s swim.

I even found a little movie. 

Chilly in the ocean today…

From the bay this afternoon.

I was chilly even with the wetsuit on. I saw a fine eel – but no pictures. 

The regulars – orange stipe surgeon fish policing the bottom. They look chilly to me!

Today I sent my irreplaceable lauhala papale, (Straw hat to you mainlanders) And my new lauhala honu (Straw turtle) back to The Asylum today. The papale is too important to risk on the Aussie adventure – I am having my dorky hat sent to me here in Kona.  Funny, the two hats could pass each other in some airport or the other.

While at the UPS Store – I printed out all of my tickets and reservations for the trip. 69 pages. I wish I didn’t have to print it all out. But, sometimes a piece of paper just works better than an image on a cell phone. Not sure how good cell/internet will be. Not to mention keeping things charged up. So. good. old school paper.

Speaking of old school. About teens and Tide Pods. WTF? In my day we did sensible things. Like drag racing on public roads. Oh and what about playing car “chicken”? And, we fervently  hoped that Coke (the beverage) was an effective spermicide.

Plan B for me and Forbin

The needle fish were great today.

Actually, the needle fish look lots better in person. 

Plan B for Me. Except for health insurance – which I didn’t have for 25 years – and car insurance – which I still have – never mind that I don’t have a car. I don’t actually believe in insurance. As in: I am betting I am going to die and the insurer is betting that I am going to live. And, I am hoping that the insurance company wins.

Into my cheery irresponsible world comes reality. I know a woman who was medivaced from Alaska to Maryland a couple of years ago. She was with her husband and he was able to organize and pay for the evacuation. They were on a cruise.

And, a friend is currently in the ICU here on Big Island. She was on holiday in South East Asia. I don’t know what happened, by 5 days into the trip she was back here in the ICU.  She might have gotten herself back on a regular flight. I don’t know. She was solo-tripping.

So, my Plan B is a membership in Global Rescue. It doesn’t pay for lost luggage, missed flights, medical expenses. All they to is get you back home. These guys will go get you off of a mountain or out of a jungle. If you have a satellite phone. I felt deprived. I didn’t have anything to put is the Satellite Phone box. 

I was planning on leaving Forbin the Computer here in Kona. Then I wondered. What if I get shipped back to the Asylum. What would happen to my computer. As if that would really matter. But, hey, indulge me. 

Thought about shipping Forbin home before I leave for Australia. I don’t feel 100% comfortable shipping my computer. But, here is Forbin’s Plan B. I leave it here. Along with my address and $100. Then if I don’t show up to collect the computer – a friend can take it to UPS and they will pack it up and send it back to the Asylum. 

Now, isn’t that mature? And, I still might take Forbin with me. But, I am trying to make this a seriously downsized trip. (Take money, memories and photos. Not stuff.)

Hate it when this happens…

Hate it when my ship comes in and I am at the (old) airport.

Went to the Old Airport for sunrise and a little walk. Then Billy and I went to breakfast. After that, I finished up my walking and started organizing the paperwork for my trip. Plan on stashing all the documents in Dropbox. But, I will need hard copies as well. So, I am knitting all the docs into a PDF. And, I’ll print it out. 

We may have a fashion emergency. Got this email today about one of my trip venues: “…and perhaps something a little more special for dinner. For ladies, relaxed evening wear…” Well, my idea of evening wear (relaxed or not)  is my nightie. 

Fishing from the Drinking Pier this afternoon.

Still much handwringing and general grief out here about the Nuclear Oops. I feel sorry for the guy who accidentally sent the message. Even after being asked “Do you really want to send this message.” The guy apparently realized what had happened 3 minutes later when he got the message on his cellphone. First, what was going on during those 3 minutes. Second, is there one among us who hasn’t clicked “yes” – when asked “Do You Really Want To Delete This?” And as soon as the click is recorded  “FUCK”…  

Lazy. Again.

Canoe Practice Today.

Sort of a lazy day for me. It was 4PM and I was short on my miles, hadn’t done yoga or been for a swim. I sent myself out to finish up my walking. 

Last night, the power went out here in Kailua-Kona. I slapped on my headlamp and the only inconvenience was I couldn’t make a cup of tea. But, it has been a hard few days for the hotel front desk. We had the nuclear attack thing in Saturday, and the hotel hot water went out, the hotel’s fire alarm system went off and last night – no power.  And no cable for 3 days. The nuclear attack and power failure were not the hotel’s fault. But, still the guests all end up at the desk. 

Time for a shower and some dinner. And some serious resting.

Oh one last thing – there is this strange old website – by old I mean it was around in the last century and hasn’t been changed. 

Conelrad – remember that?

All Set.

The map is big. Click on it if you are really interested.

Just finished getting all the major parts and pieces of the trip figured out.

There is only one back-track. From Sydney to Adelaide to catch the train to Darwin. Darwin, Where I almost got stuck. Who know that you couldn’t just get a hop a  flight Darwin to Cairns. I get into Darwin at 5:30 in the evening and will be leaving at 11:30 the next morning. The next available flight was 2 days later. There are two round trips. Perth to Geraldton and Cairns to Lizard Island. Think I did pretty good.

Little treats to me: rooms with harbor views in Darwin and Cairns. And, I am keeping my hotel in Brisbane an extra day. My plane leaves at 10:30PM. And, even paying extra for late checkout leaves me on the street at 2PM. An extra day – keeps me cool and off the streets for very little extra $$$. 

Major treat: 3 nights on Lizard Island. Hey, The Asylum has a “Scholarship” fund for folks who out live their money. I do not come from a long lived family – so, I think they will be safe! 

A very tranquil day here in the 808…

The ever popular yellowtang.

I’ll not even complain about the ocean being murky this afternoon. I did get one OK fishy foto. And, I caught a surge coming back in – almost body surfed back to the beach. 

Today, I decided to not go to Hobart to see their funky museum. I am not really that huge a fan of art museums. Even when one of the premier exhibits is a mechanical pooping machine. Decided that I really like trains and I’ll spend the museum time and money on the train. The whole point of this trip was to ride the train across Australia. Now I am going from bottom to top as well as west to east.

plug converters arrived – this trip is coming together.

I still have 7 days left to “spend” in Australia. 


Going for a little swim.

This was a totally bad way to start my Sunday. In all my years working with the military… “This is no drill” the scariest of all words. And if anyone who lives in Hawai’i and got this cell phone alert says that they were not terrified for an instant … well, they are lying.

Apparently this message not only came over the cell phones, It also came over the TVs and radios. 40 minutes later messages were sent out saying OOPS. I live less than a block from a very reliable warning siren. And since it didn’t go off – within two minutes I figured that it was a mistake. 

But as Carlton would say: It was a “Check up from the neck up” for me. What if it were real? I am all good. Nothing needs to be done. I would have gone and sat on the end of the pier and waited.

I am not a surviver. And, if anyone thinks they are a surviver type – well, read the saddest book on the planet. The Road by  Cormac McCarthy. After the first  page you know it is going to end badly. Note to Barb: He wrote this just after he returned to El Paso. 

Did my walking, swimming and yoga. 

Surf Dog
Still Alive! All Good.

Aloha Friday…

Lots of boats – from my lanai.

Yesterday was busy. Today not busy. 

Three weeks from now I will be on my way to Australia. I keep reminding myself that I am no longer young and that I must schedule downtime into my travel schedule. Especially when the weather is hot. I have positioned myself in Sydney near the ferry terminal and a major transfer point for the local trains. So, I can easily get to lots of places. Or just go for a boat ride. And, it will be easy to get to the airport or any other way out town. 

Sometimes I just think I want to give into this getting old shit. Just tuck into the  Asylum. Buy a really finest kind walker. Stock the closet with elastic waist clothes. Eat and drink anything I want. Retire the Fitbit. And, just wait. 

No. I am not about to go quietly into the good night. Time to do some yoga. Then dinner.