Today it is pool envy

The pool across the street.

It is the first day of summer and I have outdoor pool envy. And, Carlton and I really liked summer. So, this hasn’t been my very finest day. 

Carlton would say “Make a Gratitude List” and I would say “I am not in AA and I don’t have to be grateful.” Then he would say “You are sleeping indoors and you have food to eat, how bad can it be?” He was a hard act. 

I wonder what Carlton’s little book as to say about May 29? Nothing. But, on May 28 in 1972 he was apparently arrested in San Francisco. That was before my time. 

I know me well enough to know that by tomorrow or the day after, I’ll be back to my normal cynical self. 

MAYBE, maybe I need a vacation? To some place with outdoor pools or an ocean.


Whatever happens is what I planned school of photography

OK, so I can not get that $51,000 jacket that Melania has. But, for $52,000 I can get a convertible Land Rover. Sort of boggles the mind doesn’t it? 

Range Rover Evoque Convertible

I may have mentioned that one of the residents of The Asylum reviews cars. Every ten days or so, he gets a couple of new cars to review. And, he parks them outside the building. Today when I wandered by he had this convertible Range Rover in one of his spots. It is sort of cute in a triceratops kinda way. 52K.

This generally chilly and damp day gave me ample opportunity to finish up the task of makes some cards for a friend and polishing up my hand out for work. I tried to remember Sir Robert Watson-Watt’s advice to his team when they were developing anti-aircraft radar during WWII. As I recall, it went something like … give them your 3rd best solution… the 2nd best will not come in time … and the best never arrives.


Gibson Resonator @ Falls Church Market

Went to the Falls Church Market this morning. That was fun. I got flowers, bread, a tomato and a crab cake. Crab cake and tomato are on tap for lunch tomorrow.

What followed was not fun. I worked on a hand out that I brought home from the office for a couple of hours. I had been saving it as I went along. Or rather I thought I was saving it. Goodness know what MS Word was doing with the file. It sure wasn’t saving it. Fortunately I realized that it hadn’t been saving the file before I closed the program. Then I spent the next hour and many FUCK-YOU-Bill-Gates before I figured out the I could open a new document and copy the finished hand out into the new document and save it. Sigh. 

But, on to something important. Melania’s $51,000 jacket. To die for. 

You can click on this one to see it bigger. You really should. 

It seems to be sold out. I would love to be outraged. But, I just want one. Slightly darker. Like this one.

Also sold out. 

Finally – Friday!

Aloha Friday Sunrise

Slept until the sun came in my window this morning. Which meant I slept through my “alarm pot” – the coffee pot. It comes on at 0530 and the happy gurgles it makes usually wakes me. The sun coming in is the backup system. 

On the 25b

The bus people seemed to be in need of a long week end too.

Got computer projects lined up for the weekend. Need to make up and order note cards for a friend. Need to spruce up a handout about TB testing for work. I can knock off both of those jobs in 1/2 a day if I just do it and remember that perfection is the enemy of progress. 

One of my dinner companions was extolling the virtue of The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu. She said that some of us grumpy old people needed to read it. Fearing that I am one of those people – as soon as I returned to the Old Bat Cave, I checked my Kindle and found that I had that very book on board.  It was on sale early last month and I picked it up then. 

Note to self: Having a book and reading a book are not the same. 

Is it the weekend yet?

11th floor cicada.

Went out looking for a hapless bug to photograph this afternoon. No luck, until I returned to my apartment and found this fine fellow right outside my window. 

Remember back in the day when you didn’t want to ever have your picture on a post office wall?(In my case, it was a possibility – I worked for a guy who ended up on the USPS wall. Tom Billman – read all about him.

the death notice board in the mail room.

Well, when you live in The Asylum, you don’t want to end up on the wall in our mail room. It means that you have filed your celestial change of address form. 

Now why am I so looking forward to the weekend? Who knows, I have had a perfectly fine day off. On account of the rain. 

One of those lazy days.

The 52 Bus

Today was a lazy out of the loop sort of a day for me. 

At work, I put some words into sentences. And put some sentences into paragraphs. On Friday, maybe I’ll figure out how to put the paragraphs into a handout about TB testing results. I have already called out wet tomorrow. Even if it doesn’t rain.

Sort of feeling my age today. Or maybe I am as old as I feel today. 


The 41 Bus.

After yoga, I was really tired so – I walked a couple of miles and caught the 41 bus. They were “flat” miles. My plan had been to walk home – but 3.2 miles just seemed like too much. Especially the hilly parts. Of course, I could have Ubered. But, years of living with Mr C  keeps my wallet pretty much closed. And, I had to get my steps in to counteract the cupcakes with salted caramel frosting  in our office fridge. (And, BREAD PUDDING – which is on the Asylum menu tomorrow.)

RIP – Roger Moore. All us ladies have a favorite 007. Mine is Sean Connery.

But, Roger Moore wasn’t too shabby. 

I messed with one of the pictures that I took at the Art Show on Sunday.


Ben Wilmot – the artist – suggested the title. If I can get it printed properly – I just might enter it in the next Resident Art show.



A little hoverfly

I hate to steal someone’s photo. But, some things I just have to keep here in my electronic memory… 

Credit Saudi Press Agency

What the hell is going on here?  The internet had many amusing theories. But, the best one was the apparently legit Tweet from “The Church of Satan” which went on the record with: “For clarification, this is not a Satanic ritual.

May you live in interesting times. 

I missed several “interesting”  events this afternoon here at the Asylum.  First, I missed the “Zumba Gold” class. Advertised as a fun fitness class that would leave me feeling empowered and strong. I decided to eat lunch instead.

Next, I missed a lecture. “Cheryl Mirabella is a Professional Health and Wellness Coach and Counselor who will teach an informative lecture on finding and keeping a joy filled life.” I think she graduated from college in 2004. I decided to take a nap rather than have kid tell me how to “be happy”.

No, I am not a crabby old woman today – I am just not drinking the Kool Aid. However, I am going to have dinner in a couple of minutes with some of my friends. Which provides more joy than any lecture.

Another photo shoot…

Resident Art Show

A friend asked me to take pictures of the residents who entered artwork in our resident art show. Took 276 pictures and I sent 16 to the “client”. Several people at the event asked me if I was having fun. Well, frankly no. Taking pictures of people is a lot of work.  But, once again – it was good to have something to do that had well defined start, middle and end – unlike many things that I do. 

The Amaryllis and me.

As for me, those pesky old Jack Rabbits that live in my boots are acting up again.  I feel like a need an ocean voyage around the world! Now that would be an undertaking, wouldn’t it? And, I really don’t mean it. Heck, I could just lock myself into The Asylum for 6 months and pretend that I was on a cruise. No pesky seasickness problems. 

This recent attack of Jack Rabbits started yesterday morning when I was looking for a bottle of monoi oil – see wikipedia – I was “sure” I had a couple of spares somewhere. But, if I didn’t, I would just have to go to Tahiti and get some more. Nevermind that I wouldn’t be able to get the bottles through TSA in my carryon. Oh, and that I could order some from Amazon. Going to Tahiti for conditioner is like going to Paris for underwear.

Speaking of underwear – I have a t-shirt from Frederick’s of  Hollywood. My friends here want to know if I get catalogs from Frederick’s and if so, could I leave them in the public area and see what happens. For the records, I don’t get Frederick’s of Hollywood – but from time to time I do get Agent Provocateur which is way sexier than old Fred ever was. 

My best Agent Provocateur story. I was traveling – those Jack Rabbits – sans Carlton years ago. I bought a pair of Agent Provocateur panties. Wore them around for a day or two and then mailed them to Carlton inside an Agent Provocateur catalog. Actually, Hanes cotton in a ziplock bag would have had the same impact. But the story wouldn’t be as good.  Oh – right – the link. Here it is. 






Went to the Falls Church Market this morning. Going to the Market isn’t such a big deal these days – since I no longer cook. But, I still eat.

So, comestibles were obtained.

I can never pass up good bread, cheese, and chocolate milk. Flowers are nice too. 

Laundry was done. The computer was backed up. Accounts were audited. Normal weekend stuff. 

Then a little after four PM – BOOM! Our building transformer blows. Fortunately, the bar opens at 4 PM. So, there was booze. By and by the power comes back on… But, this Old Bat decided to dine in solitary splendor in the Old Bat Cave and the bread and cheese, with more than a little beer made for one fine dinner.

Dinner – or as it would be called – a small plate. I had two plates.


It’s Aloha Friday. No work ’til Monday.

A cicada helped me wait for the shuttle. Shamu the Phone.

And, to finish off Friday – Happy Hour and 

Fish Tacos

My Mexican mother-in-law would have been appalled by salmon tacos. But, I was pretty damn happy with them. 

I am watching in horror as The Orange Lord heads overseas. To deliver a talk about Islam. Among other things. What could possibly go RIGHT with him giving a “talk about Islam” in Saudi Arabia.  Right before Ramadan no less. The man isn’t even qualified to give a speech about Christianity.  Kyrie, Eleison. 



My bee in flight skills are rusty.

Need to work on my flying bee photography! Not only will my skills improve as we move deeper into summer, but the bees get slower. 

Guess I’d count this as a good day on the political front – made it through the dinner hour without Shamu the Phone going crazy notifying me of this or that new horror emanating from 6 miles east of here. 

There have been no new reports of strange men in our bathrooms at 0230 hours.  Much to the dismay of some of the residents. Management seems to have admitted that it is unacceptable to have men (or women)  come into our apartments in the middle of the night without our knowledge. 

After work,  I watched some of my friends try to teach other residents how to use an online  dinning room reservation system. It should be interesting. Imagine your great grandmother who has a walker, hearing aids, glasses and Depends using her computer/tablet/phone to make dinner reservations. Yeah, right.