Nope, not spring yet. Not even close.

Last night – the Worm Moon tried to make an appearance.

And, this afternoon when I was coming home from the dentist in a rainstorm, I discovered why it is called the Worm Moon. Our sidewalk was covered with little earthworms. It was slick with worms. It was also cold and wet. Not spring. 

Hey, way back in 2009, I was culling and cataloging photos. (culling and cataloging will follow me to the grave.) I was processing 2006 – and found this little collection – still intact and viewable. 

Best of 2006 


Dropped $600 at the dentist today. Add that to the Shingles shot bill from Tuesday, I have spent almost $800 trying to keep the old body going for a little longer. Best be careful not to step off the curb in front of a bus!

Had wonderful grilled sea bass for dinner this evening. And I got a take-out order of “donut bread pudding”. Will divide that up for several little treats.

And, tomorrow the Old Bat Cave is on the Asylum’s annual Spring Apartment Tour for folks on the waiting list. Some people have been on the waiting list for years. This is to encourage them to “love” what is or might be available rather than wait for the “perfect” apartment which might not ever show up. So, I had best get cracking and spiff up the OBC.

Technically, it is Spring. But actually, not yet.

Cat at Greenbanks in Bermuda.

Going back to this little cottage at the end of my around the world tour. This cat was a very diligent mouser. I should be grateful for that. 

I have been thinking about cats today. A couple of summers ago, I did “The Last Great Photo Shoot” where I endeavored to do an environmental photograph of each employee. This year I am thinking more along the line of 30-second commercials or movie trailers to try to remind our residents how many wonderful things our staff does for us all year long – so they should write a generous check to our employee gift fund. There is a rigid no tipping policy here. But, we residents try to reward the staff with a length of service based Xmas Bonus. 

Which brings up cats. I only know one person who flat out hates cats. I know 5 or 6 people in the building who have cats. The dementia unit has a couple of robot cats. Most people like cats. So, cats might be the “theme” that ties this campaign together. 

Who knew I could start a career in advertising when I am somewhere between 75 and death?

My shingles shot hasn’t come up with any side effects, yet. But, I took things very easy today. Did lots of napping. And reading. 

Time to start rounding up some lodgings for my RTW trip. Blast off is about 9 weeks away.

Also, I must pack very very light. I am too old to schlep much stuff. I had too much stuff on my return from Kona this time. Mostly I had more electronics and camera stuff than I could comfortably tote. 


No sign of spring today.

One of our staff – dressed up on St Paddy’s Day to amuse the old folk.

Just plain tired this evening. I can hear my bed calling already. But, I did get shingles vaccine #1 of 2 this morning. Tomorrow, I intend to work this vaccine for all it is worth. Plan on enjoying poor health tomorrow!

Oh, and it cost me $171. Note to taxpayers: I am trying to save you money by not getting shingles and not racking up Medicare charges. (And, I really don’t want to get shingles.)

I looked back five years on the blog. On this very day, I was trying to get a very sick Carlton back to Virginia from Hawai’i and I seem to have done the blog post from the Portland Airport.  Things were really grim for me during that period. They were not so hot for Mr. C either.  

So, I looked back another five years to 2009. According to the blog, we had just returned from Hawai’i and my much hated HP laptop had melted. But, life was good. Carlton and I were young and healthy and I had just gotten Medicare, so for the first time in 25 years – I had health insurance.


Damn, I am old. Who knew that I’d make it this far?

Gee, I wonder, does the blog go back to March 19, 2004? Yes, it does. The post has some missing images.. But, the bulk is OK. I am annoyed at my “long distance carrier, ATT”. That was when long distance was still a big deal.

Keep a journal. Or a blog. It helps keep things in perspective. It is never too late to start.

Spring Quest #4

Spring was indoors today. At the Office.

When I headed out to the hospital this morning snow/rain was predicted. It didn’t happen, but it wasn’t a nice day to hang outdoors either.  

Didn’t score any signs of spring today – but – I think I got a shingles vaccine lined up for me tomorrow. This is really pretty silly – young parents are refusing to get their kids vaccinated against nasty childhood diseases. But, the grandparents of those kids are calling all over the place trying to get a shingles vaccine. And, you get shingles only if you had chickenpox as a kid. It has been reported that this shingles vaccine may cause a really sore arm. But, shingles is worse than a sore arm. 

And such is the exciting life of this Old Bat. 


Spring Quest #3

Spring – right outside my door.

Another sunny and chilly spring day. No complaints. Nothing much going on. A little breakfast, do some origami, brunch with friends, a little walk, take a few pictures with the new lens, and here it is time to eat again. Soup or salad I am guessing.  Then I’ll read a while and the day will come to a gentle close. 

spring – seriously post-processed.


Spring Quest 2

Another pink tree

It was much cooler than yesterday – but still pretty fine. I got my taxes off to “the tax guy”. Went for a walk looking for spring. Worked on some little projects. And found a skirt at the thrift shop that well covers my knees and has some pockets. Now, I am feeling dressed OK for Dubai. 

And another lovely sunrise.

Well, the second cup of coffee is done and it is approaching 9:30. Time for the Old Bat to hit the bunk. 

Spring Quest.

Gotta to do better than this!

It was warm today and I was out and about – so – it was a good day to seek out SPRING.  The first thing I found was left over Xmas decorations.

A very early cherry tree.

Don’t know why this tree is out so early. But, thank you cherry tree. 

A field of crocus.

And this field of crocus – right behind our local residential hospice operation. I hope that they took any of the patients that were in any shape to go out out to see the little park this afternoon. 

I went off to the hospital today. Mainly to see Carlton’s dermatologist. I needed to come in for a “birthday suit” inspection – in honor of my birthday. My epidermis was declared as barnacle encrusted as an old tug boat – but fine. Which works for me. 

It was a lovely warm day and I just wandered around enjoying SPRING. 


Busy (for an old woman) Day.

Way too much glass and reflections going on – but what’s not to love about a dominatrix lingerie shop over looking a church.

Really got cracking on the taxes today. And then mid-afternoon I went off to hear a discussion about a “smart home” product for the Asylum. Something doesn’t seem quite right about it to me. It seems to be trying to be all things to all people. Well, you can use your tablet, or your phone, or maybe your computer and for some things you can use Alexa or your TV or LED lobby displays or even a remote control clicker kind of a thing.  And, it is supposed to interface with all manner of devices. Like a garmin fitness tracker. Or a BP machine. And, it will store your family photos. Somewhere. In “the” cloud? On your tablet? At some server farm in South Carolina? Too many moving parts. Do one thing and do it well. But, management will do what management does and life will continue here at the Asylum.

So, more New Orleans pictures. If not feel free to say bye bye right here. 

People, out looking for fun.
More people looking for fun.
People with big ass beverages looking for beads. And fun.

After dinner I went to listen to an angry woman discuss her book on the 1998 embassy bombing in Kenya. She had been the Ambassador to Kenya when the bombing occurred. You all know that I am basically an intellectual slut. But, I try to take advantage of speakers programs here at the Asylum. Well, every now and then. But, I have never taken advantage of Bingo or group sing alongs. 

Now, I have to clean up my apartment for the cleaning lady tomorrow. And tomorrow, I will try to finish up my taxes for the tax guy. 

I am still here.

This thing has been showing up way too often

I am still here – when you considered that this thing has been showing up a couple of times a day recently, I guess still being here is a good thing. So many of the residents are in hospital right now that we should be getting a group discount!

All Hail, Conraua goliath

This happy green frog should have been at Mardi gras. 

Sorry about another trip pix – but there was way more interesting than here.

I wondered why the dog just stayed in the little cart – then I figured out that the dog wasn’t stupid so why run when you can ride. 

And uneventful day. Hey, that is OK. I did some origami. Nothing fancy. I discovered that some lovely paper that I had been saving for something special is really crappy folding paper. With origami paper, as with people, looks are not everything.

Also, tidied up the Old Bat Cave. It was a bit “lived in” looking. And, I continue to spread tax stuff all over. Maybe I will get it ready to go tomorrow. Or not. 

Well, it is about time.

Channel Island Fox. Santa Barbara Zoo
koala bear – Santa Barbara Zoo

Well, it is about time to get back to “real life”. But, not without a little shot of cuteness from the Santa Barbara Zoo. 

Been to yoga class two days in a row. And, right now, I am feeling pretty creaky. No amount of doing yoga on my own replaces a class with a “Yoga Dominatrix”. I hurt all over more than anyplace else.

Tomorrow, I must seriously attack the taxes. And, make a nice origami for a friend’s birthday. I got some new origami paper for my own birthday. 

Ambulance just pulled up in out front. That is the second one I have seen today. One of the “side effects” of living in The Asylum. 

It may be time to get back to real life, but, I think I’ll just make a nice cup of tea and hop in bed to read. 

Zulu Parade – The End or Not

All of the floats were hauled by tractors. The Krewe of Zulu Parade

Tractors seemed to be what made all the floats move. And, in the parades that I saw, there were a couple of unattached trackers in the parade. At the ready, one guesses, to spring into action if needed.

About 1/3 of the floats were dedicated to some Zulu Krewe character or the other. The Mayor, The Governor, Mr Big Shot, The Witch Doctor etc. The rest of the floats honored a pantheon of cartoon/movie characters from the last 50 years.

The Oscar. The Krewe of Zulu Parade
Bugs Bunny. The Krewe of Zulu Parade
Some caped crusader or the other. The Krewe of Zulu Parade
Wonder Woman looks pretty creepy. The Krewe of Zulu Parade
But, Batman’s not too shabby. The Krewe of Zulu Parade
An oldie but goodie – Fred Flintstone. The Krewe of Zulu Parade
Yoda – The Krewe of Zulu Parade
Snow White is about too weird for words. The Krewe of Zulu Parade

All of the Zulu floats are the same size – huge. Bigger than a double-decker city bus. 

Today, I spread my tax stuff all over the Old Bat Cave. And, I went to yoga. Getting back to “normal”. 

Krewe of Zulu Parade – continued

The Mayor of Zulu. The Krewe of Zulu Parade

The Zulu Parade continues. Marching bands. Mostly from high schools, but the LSU marching band was in this parade as was the USMC band from  Camp Lejeune.

USMC Band. They seemed to be having as good a time as it is possible for Marines to have.

But mostly it was floats.

Hey Mister, Throw me a coconut. The Krewe of Zulu Parade
This guy painted his face “outside the lines”. The Krewe of Zulu Parade
The Govenor of Zulu’s Float. The Krewe of Zulu Parade
The 2019 Govenor of Zulu. The Krewe of Zulu Parade

The Govenor’s float stoped right in front of me for about 5 minutes. And, for the Krewe it was time to mess with the crowd.

The Tease. Maybe he’ll throw this $100 bill. The Krewe of Zulu Parade
Just kidding, back in the wallet it goes. The Krewe of Zulu Parade
Maybe, a nice gold coconut? The Krewe of Zulu Parade

Pretty sure there will be more from the parade tomorrow. Because there ain’t nothing that much fun going on around here. 

I did make it outside today. But, I didn’t feel mentally with it enough to do much of anything. So, the taxes remain untouched.