Solitary #2 Hour 6 of 120.

looking for the light

Yep, back in solitary. Until 11 AM Saturday.  But, I did it once, so I can do it again. I hope.

I walked home from the dentist today. It wasn’t as hot as the last time I went to the dentist and the walk was GREAT. Just like normal Before Covid time. A good chunk of the walk was a gentle downhill wander alongside a friendly stream or “run” as they are called in this part of the country. Even young boys playing in the water. I wanted to join them.

I did not come directly home from the dentist. I stopped off at a GROCERY STORE. Everything seemed pretty normal. I bought a cauliflower, some fresh pasta, bacon, a little good bread, and a pint of blueberries. That was about all that I could carry. I didn’t actually have to have any of that stuff. I just liked feeling “normal”. (Well, maybe I had to have bacon.)

You get 5 days in solitary for going to the dentist. And 5 days for going to the grocery. Also 5 days for sneaking off to visit the grandkids. Or getting a haircut. But, the sentences are served concurrently – so – you should get your money’s worth.


Very grateful that my dentist could see me this morning and that he was able to patch it up “good enough” for now, so I don’t have to go back again soon.

Tomorrow’s adventure – try to get setup so I can do a little remote job or two for my former office. They have gotten along great without me for 8+ months. But, I need something to do. And they are throwing me a lifeline.

Mālama pono

Lockdown in name only – day 104 of xxx.

looking for the light

The day started off fine for the new normal. I discovered a baby bunny. I hope that it gets real smart real fast. Or it will not make it to big bunny. But it was too cute.

Went for a nice walk. Watered my garden boxes. visited outside a bit. Came back inside. Had an apple. Decided to Water Pic apple fragments out of my teeth – when what would show up getting ready to run down the drain –

life and coronavirus #192

What should show up but a gold fragment from one of my teeth. Damn. Crap. Shit. This entails at least one trip to the dentist. Most likely two. At the cost of 5 days in Solitary. Each time.

I am really tired of this. It is really hard to see that it is actually worth trying to stay alive by doing nothing. Going nowhere. For what. Another birthday? BFD. The only thing that is keeping me between the navigational beacons is: I don’t want to make anyone else sick.


Grateful for beer delivery from New District Brewing Co

So, today has been a downer. Hoping for a better tomorrow. For now, think I’ll hit the shower and have one of those fine new brews.

Mālama pono

Lockdown in name only – day 103 of xxx.

looking for the light

Not exactly a diet dessert – but most excellent.  (raspberry sherbet, chocolate brownie, black coffee).

I just ordered a delivery of beer from my local craft brewery. Now, I will have to stay awake and dressed until it arrives. Not exactly the best ever diet move. But, if I am going to spend calories on beer I might as well have a fine beer and help some small business try to survive.

I have been thinking more and more along those lines of late. For a couple of months it didn’t seem “right” to get stuff delivered when in truth I have everything that I need to sustain life provided by The Asylum and delivered directly to my door. So, why would I “bother” someone by having delivery. Well, I am actually providing income to the delivery person. As well as trying to help keep a small business in business. Plus, in this case – I get good beer.

Because I still see no end in sight. This is a  “the light at the end of the tunnel is a train” scenario. But, I am trying to adapt. It isn’t easy.

July 17, 2019 – waiting for the lunch rush in Ballston.

That was one year ago BC – Before Covid.

life and coronavirus #191

Today – food trucks waiting for better days – a couple of blocks from The Asylum.


Grateful for books that can take me away from all of this if I just let them.

I was reminded today that one of my bachelor floormates is supposed to get married next month. Last I heard, he and his lady had not decided which retirement home to live in his or hers.

Mālama pono

Lockdown in name only – day 102 of xxx.

looking for the light

Any day with a dragonfly is a good day. And today has been another almost normal day. I guess the “new” normal. After over 100 days of this shit, it should be getting to normal.

I didn’t sleep well last night and then instead of a nap, I took a hot walk in the park this afternoon. So, I am looking for early to bed.

life and coronavirus #190

One of those things that made urban life so good was food trucks. I understand that some have made the change to a new service model. But many are mothballed. Waiting for a future that may not come. Or a past that will not return. There is a lesson here. For me.


Grateful that raspberry sherbet, a brownie, and a nice cup of coffee are waiting for me to take off to bed.

Mālama pono

Lockdown in name only – day 101 of xxx.

looking for the light

The flower arrangers’ fridge was stuffed early this morning. They make arrangements on Friday morning. That is one way to know that it is Friday. New flowers in the public spaces.

life and coronavirus #189

Even the scooters are social distancing. I think these are a little far from the mothership. Maybe they are hoping to be rescued before their beacons run down.

Big event today was: an ice cream delivery from Toby’s.  Since I was suddenly taken fat over the last 100 days, I exercised extreme moderation and got raspberry sherbet. Only half as caloric as ice cream and in the summer, just as good.

Kicking the walking back into what passes for high gear at my age again after 5 days of forced rest.


Grateful for every single delivery person on the planet.

Gray hairstreak

Went out butterfly hunting this afternoon. And, captured this gray hairstreak, one of my favorite small butterflies.

Mālama pono

Lockdown in name only – day 100 of xxx.

looking for the light

Crappy picture. The phone really didn’t hack this one. But… I love the image. So, I am going to use it.

life and coronavirus #187

Day 100 in lockdown. No end in sight. “Busy” day. Had an outdoor meeting with my Asylum Sisters this morning. We are all fine. And that is great.  With social distancing – even the 18mm lens doesn’t get everyone

life and coronavirus #188

And, I got my picture at 4PM this afternoon. The goddess was on my team. A cloud came over and not too many people showed up. So, I did not have to use my 18mm lens.

And after that busy day. It was time to hit the bar.  Tom Collins, a blast from the past, was today’s special. Note to reader: If you ever consider an old folks home for yourself or your mother – I recommend one owned by the Episcopalians. They run a good saloon. That’s important.


Grateful for a day that seemed almost normal.

Mālama pono


Lockdown in name only – day 99 of xx.

looking for the light

My first trip outside of my room was to go out and scout up a location for a photoshoot at 4PM tomorrow afternoon.  An unknown number of elderly women with various mobility issues.  And, it is summertime in the DC area. And, there are masks and social distancing. Even outdoor when you are elderly. I hate shooting people with my wide-angle lens. But, I might have to.  Gotta hope that very few old women show up!

Promptly at 11AM, I opened my door. And Surprise! Three of my friends were standing outside the door. It was just like getting out of prison! Well, I have never been in prison. Or even jail. YET. There is still time.


Grateful to be able to step outside of my room. Even outside of my building. Fresh air without sticking my head out the window.

OK, time for proud GrandMother pictures.

Sam wearing hau leaf haku. Honolulu Zoo Photo.
Sam’s Bongo also wearing hau haku. Stripes are very slimming big guy. Honolulu Zoo photo.

Hau trees are monster hibiscus trees and are frequently home to ants and other such critters. Not sure about putting them on ones head.

Got a note from the younger grand today. She is 17 and noted that “time sure flies”. Oh, baby girl. Just wait until you are 77.

Mālama pono

Solitary Hour 102 of 120.

looking for the light

Keeping to my one-hour schedule was hard today. I don’t seem to be very focused, centered, motivated, etc. But, today is the last full day.

I wish I could say that 5 days of home alone had given me great new insights. It didn’t. But I am getting more and more accepting that this shit is going to be going on for a long long time for us old folks who live in various congregate living situations.

I was reading Carlton’s little book this morning – and on July 6, 2010, he noted that granddaughter Sam and I went to Japan. I didn’t think that was worthy of a note in his book. But, I guess to him he did seem like a fearful undertaking. Heading ½ way around the world to a country that I had never visited, with a 17 year old kid, with only a backpack… I am sure that was way outside of his comfort zone.  It was a great trip.  We are both better women for it.

Let us just say that according to my phone – I am living a loser life!

life and coronavirus #186

And the truly pathetic thing is: Google is correct. There was only highlight in June 2020. And it was the visit to Green Spring Gardens.


I am really grateful to have rediscovered cooking. When this is over, I am sure that I will go back to eating Asylum food, because eating with friends is very important to me. But, for now. I am content to prepare my own meals. With an assist from Whole Foods deliver.

Mālama pono

Solitary Hour 78 of 120.

looking for the light

Problem with the fireworks is that a lot of them reminded me of Corona Virus!

So, let us look at airplanes. All manner of planes flew over my window. Haven’t seen so many different planes since they opened the Air Force Memorial back in 2006.  Well, maybe the 70th anniversary of VE Day back in 2015. There were lots of planes there. But old ones.

B-52 Stratofortress.

Speaking of old planes. This bad boy is old enough to move into The Asylum.


Not sure what this one was. Big ass plane. So it must be a B-1B.

Okay, I know it is noisy.

I know it is noisy, 600mm from my window. The little guys were flying pretty low.

And finally, Holy Batman.

Stealth Bomber

About being in Solitary. I only have 43 hours left. So, I think I am going to make it. With a little help from my friends that is. We Zoom every evening before we have our dinners.


Grateful for yoga. I haven’t gotten any much cardio. But more than enough strength and flexibility for an old woman.

And to recap the last 24 hours:

Mālama pono 

Solitary Hour 54 of 120.

looking for the light

Guess What? I can get my head out of the window. That means I can jump if necessary.

Second full day in solitary. The food service folk forgot about me. But, that is OK. They found me this afternoon and were surprised that I noticed that they hadn’t come around – but I didn’t miss them. I had oatmeal for breakfast, chicken and rice for lunch and ham and eggs are scheduled for dinner. I can still cook.

The last picture of Carlton and Peg together. July 4, 2014. An accidental selfie.

I was playing with a new camera and Carlton was polishing his old sword. And,  I accidentally fired the remote shutter. Note to self: Should I polish the sword? If so, with what?

I got some good shots that year.

July 4, 2014. North Nelson St

As you can see I had another action-packed day.


Grateful for windows that open. Even if it is hotter than Hades outside.

I might put one of my cameras on the tripod and make a video of the fireworks. Or I might do what I did last year and close the blinds. Thing is The Orange Lord will not know that I am not watching. So, maybe I’ll let myself watch.

Mālama pono

Solitary Hour 29 of 120.

looking for the light

The only thing I could find outside my window was a turkey vulture. And it was too far away for a 300mm lens.

Seems like it is really hot out there. Guess that is why there are no people.

So, I have completed one day of my sentence. I am glad that I am not locked in with Carlton for 5 days. I am fairly sure that he would exit via the window. Or just say fuck-it, they can not do this to me. And, he would go about his normal life. More likely he wouldn’t have told anyone that he went to the dentist.

So what have I been doing? Very little. Trust me. But, I am keeping a spreadsheet of my non-activity. My fitness tracker thinks that I have died.

Somewhere along the line today, I did get my fridge cleaned out and my food storage cupboard inventoried and tidied up. That is one of the advantages of a tiny kitchen. It can only get so cluttered.


Grateful that you really don’t have to dress when you are in quarantine. And don’t need a mask.

Mālama pono

Solitary Hour 6 of 120.

looking for the light

Lamas from my window. Last Friday, our keepers decided that the inmates would be amused by dunking the employees. I think the dunkees were more amused than the residents. All I know about the lamas is that the young people who bring us our meals were interested. Since this is the holiday weekend, they are also having a Johnny Cash impersonator. But, I couldn’t see him. I do hear applause from time to time.

life and coronavirus #185

When I got back to the Asylum from the dentist one of the older ladies was having what passes for a birthday during COVID. She couldn’t go out and her friends/relatives couldn’t come in. That sucks. especially when you are over 90. But, nobody is promised tomorrow.

Unexpected surprise. The friend that was driving me to the dentist this morning begged an indulgence from The Executive Director. Since it was supposed to be hot – he allowed her to bring me home too. So, that was great. Now, I just hope that we both stay COVID free for the next 14 days.


Grateful for Friends.

So far, Solitary is like a normal day for me. I usually exercise, attend to stuff outside of the apartment, etc in the morning and usually hang out in the Old Bat Cave in the afternoon. Sometimes I take another little walk after dinner. Tomorrow is when the adventure really starts.

Mālama pono