Still photo with GoPro Hero 8

Yes, I lasted an entire 2 weeks without an underwater camera. But, why hold out any longer? Sprung for the newest GoPro. Why?

  1. I am on this video learning kick. And, GoPro really is a video camera.
  2. But, some of the GoPro shoot RAW still photos too. This one included. So, I figure it will be a good wide-angle still camera for travel.
  3. What’s not to love about a camera that will almost fit in an Altoids box?
  4. Years ago a played with Billy’s GoPro and I was stunned by it’s image quality vs the cheap point and shoot underwater cameras that I have always used.

So, far so good with the new toy. But I *hate* the “new improved” battery door. I can bearly get it open and then closed again. Pretty sure the designers were men with very strong hands and thumbs. They should have asked their Granny to try to get the F-ing door open.

This movie is 1080p and a little over 2 minutes long. Maybe tomorrow I will find more fish. Take a look at it. There is a big dog and the snuba guy. but not many fish. You know, I think that YouTube squashes my stuff so 720p is as good. Lots to learn.

I figured this out today. Don’t know why it took me so long. This is what I figured out. Moving to an old folks asylum – no matter how you tart it up by calling it “Senior Living”, sends a message to the world that you are old and no longer give a shit. Wait – friends at the Asylum – how many times have you heard a younger person talking about “I know this woman, she is 88 and still lives in her house and mows her lawn”.  This is considered a good thing, something to strive for,  a worthy goal. Moving to an old lady’s home doesn’t send a good message.

Road Trip!

47 seconds of moonset/sunrise goodness. Old Airport this morning. 720p because the Wifi is slow here tonight.

Billy and I went on road trip this morning. After watching the sun come up, a little walk and a nice full fat breakfast, we headed north because Billy wanted to go for a swim at Mahukona. I decided to bypass the swim. But, I was up for a truck ride.

Honokohau Harbor

First stop: Honokohau Harbor. Billy needed to check on a boat that he watches after.

Kawaihae Small Boat Harbor

Next stop:  Kawaihae Small Boat Harbor.  Because we had been riding for almost an hour and we were getting creaky.

Mahukona Harbor

The destination: Mahukona. It is a great place to swim. But, I wasn’t confident enough in my abilities. I really wish I had gone out. But, had a nice tranquil time in a cell-phone free space. I was smart enough to wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt.

Kawaihae New Small Boat Harbor AKA the Yacht Harbor

On the way home, another stop at Kawaihae.

Kawaihae Harbor – Army Landing Craft.
I insisted that Billy stop the truck so I could take this picture.

Maybe tomorrow, maybe I’ll make a little video about the roadtrip.


More Death by Video Today

This one is 45 Seconds. 1080p. Humor me. Watch it. Fullscreen. I am actually getting better at this. Not good, just less bad. What have I learned so far:

  1. Less is better. Sort of like deleting still photos. Just because you have the image/footage you don’t have to use it.
  2. And, it helps to have a little story. In my case a very little story.

Today’s mental story was “Let’s look at the boats around the pier at about 8:15 am.”

Had a fine swim today. My left arm still doesn’t work very well, but the other three limbs are taking up the slack. I just have to be very careful to not get stuck in any serious current action. And, I have to wear my fins. And my snorkel, because, I haven’t figured out how to breathe with the wimpy left arm.

More about “less is better”. Last year before I left last spring, I apparently got rid of some stuff. The only reason I can tell is my storage box wasn’t crammed shut. There was actually room in it. And, I brought lots less stuff. So, have I missed anything? Well, I maybe might have used a real camera and a telephoto lens one day when the surf was really good. Maybe. But, did I miss it? No. But, I am pretty sure that I will be missing my underwater camera soon. There is a limit to the “less is better”.

Think I deserve a Guinness and maybe a little steak. Time to take me out for dinner.

Then if I am feeling very brave I will update my version of WordPress.

Taking a break from videos today.

Wow! a whole entire wardrobe for $85. Well, add a pair of slippahs.

Truth of the matter is, a pair of board shorts and a couple of tee shirts is about all you need here in Kona.

Took some videos today. But, I am totally uninterested in them. So, no movie. Contain your disappointment.

Carlton had a great time playing soldier in college. In the real Army, not so much fun. His favorite thing about the Army was Happy Hour at the Officer’s Club. Oklahoma was the worst thing that happened to him in the Army.

Carlton, ca 1960


Are you tired of these videos? I am.

But actually this one is the best one so far. It is rendered in 720p so image quality isn’t so great in full screen. But, give it a look anyhow. It is 67 seconds, I figure that 60 seconds is about the max attention span of the average person these days.

Remember those “Alexa” earbuds I got  I2 hours before leaving for Kona?

Faux Bose Noise Cancelling earbuds.

I am liking them. Like most old ladies, my hearing isn’t that good – and even I can tell that these bad boys aren’t all the greatest at sound quality. But it is more than OK. Plus Bose active noise cancellation, and Alexa. You can also ask Siri or Google questions which is pretty inclusive of Amazon. All this at $129. Put them on your Black Friday list. But, you can not rename it “computer”.

OK Already.

Directing the homeless to free food, prayers included.

Around sunset, I went over to the pier. I planned on taking some shots and video with the goal of knitting them together into a little 30 section video.

I took some shots and was leaving the pier when I was approached by a meek young woman who said that she was doing a mission as was grilling burgers at “the, well uh, that church over there”. Obviously not from around here. Mokuaikaua Church. Dates from 1820.

So, to this dear young missionary person, I looked like a homeless person. Homeless folk do hang out on the pier. But still…

I don’t think I look that bad.

I look a little rumpled and about 5 pounds overweight, but homeless? For the record, I had shoes on.

GRATEFUL that I just look like someone who needs a free dinner. Still self-supporting through my own contributions.


One week done.

monkey pod tree

Made it up the hill to WalMart and Safeway today. I am now fully “settled in”. I can make peanut butter, cheese, “fried” egg, chicken sandwiches. With mustard, avocado, or banana added. The kitchen is stocked. Those sandwiches work for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner.

Mostly I read and floated around in the ocean. Didn’t try to go anywhere, Just floated.

Note to self: You are too old to just power and caffeine through fatigue. If I am tired, I have to rest. I used to be able to just drink lots of coffee and I  was good to go. No matter what. Well, nowadays I get tired. And, I don’t sleep very well. So, after a while, I get tired. Really tired. When that happens, I have to stop. I have to take a personal day and just chill. Getting old sucks.

Day 6

Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau

Cloudy today. Billy had a small errand at Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau so we had a little road trip.

And that was about it for my day.

Not so sure about my electronic roommate, Alexa aka Computer. “Computer, what is the ocean temperature?” Well, do I get the ocean temp? Nope. I get a lecture about how the ocean is really hot near the equator and really cold near the poles.

So, I say “OK, Google, what is the ocean temperature?” Well, do I get the ocean temp? Nope. I get a history lesson: Based on our historical data over a period of ten years, the warmest sea on this day in Kailua Kona was recorded in 2018…

For the record the reported temperature 81° But our water temp is usually about 5 degrees cooler in near shore.

Day 5

First, and maybe only, octopus photo for this winter.

Hot today. 87°.  Not complaining.

Swimming: 20+ minutes. Made it to the 4th swim buoy. My left arm hasn’t gotten any better. My other 3 limbs are learning to take up the slack.

Looks like the same video, but I did some things to it. Check it out.

Today, I played with various ways to display my videos. For sure, just handing the job over to WordPress and my server isn’t the answer. Vimeo would be an elegant solution, but I think it would cost $7 a month to get all the goodness.

Which leaves YouTube.

With video, I have to learn how to shoot video, how to edit video, and how to present video.

Spent time talking to a couple of Canadians. They think that Trump will never leave office. Nevermind if he loses in 2020. They said that we are welcome to move north. And, with climate change, it might not be so bad. Also, they said that they were increasingly concerned about traveling in the US. (They are OK with coming to Hawai’i, because it really is different here.)



Day 4

First Turtle Sighting

After getting the blog going again, I went for another experimental swim today. It still isn’t pretty. But I remembered Bethany Hamilton, a pro surfer from Kauai, had her left arm bitten off by a shark. She returned to the pro tour. And, right here there is a one-legged guy who unstraps his “old 3rd best” prosthetic leg, puts a fin on his remaining leg and gets himself in the ocean. Then he snorkels off. So, I refuse to let this arthritic shoulder keep me out of the ocean.  Today, I made it to the second swim buoy – twice.

Today’s video. My server

Video on Vimeo

Video on YouTube

So, Vimeo and YouTube provide a better user experience. Not loving the adverts at the end. But, that is the price of free.

I seem to have discovered a minor workaround for follow ons with YouTube. Not sure if it is a longterm solution. Google seems to be moving the bar weekly. As does WordPress.

But, do I really need a “long term” anything these days?