Still going batty

Messing around with bats.

Thinking that the foil one might be the best one. I still want to try some more papers. Then I might want to try another bat. Or work on the dollar bill version.  

Work again today. And tomorrow. And Friday. This is starting to be a lot like work!

wetsuit 1 peg 0

Wiggled into the trusty old wetsuit last night, after a lavish dinner. (Soup, goat cheese omelet, broccoli,  apple pie, ice cream, red wine, coffee). I looked like an anaconda that had just swallowed a small water buffalo. It was not pretty.

Maybe it is time to spring for a size larger wetsuit. I could just have Amazon send one to me in Kona. 

Outside of my hospital this morning

I spied a little flock of lime scooters outside of my hospital this morning. These are Lime scooters and they are more or less identical to the Bird scooter that I took for a test run a couple of weeks ago. I am pretty sure that I have zero business riding one around. Not sure how many people should actually ride a scooter to the hospital. Wonder if one would come  as far as The Asylum. I might have to drop it before crossing over the Arlington County line. BUT WAIT. I am too F-ing old to go riding around on an electric scooter!!!

Howz about Canada legalizing pot? Oh Canada!  Wonder when I’ll be able to order some throwback alice b toklas brownies from Amazon? No smoking of anything allowed in the Asylum. 

Did nothing – except try on my wetsuit – about getting ready to go to Kona. 

Work, Yoga, Nap, Origami, Dinner, Bath, Bed

Little Brown Bat – wet fold

Last night’s wet fold bat worked out great. This afternoon – I turned origami paper into recycling. But, I think I have a handle on this little model. 

I almost ordered some black paper – but – then I realized that two weeks from early tomorrow morning – the old bat flies off to Kona. And, I have done zero towards getting ready to go. But, I have been doing this for 20 years. I could be ready to go in 60 minutes if it came down to that. It might not be pretty. But, I’d be on that plane. Living in The Asylum makes it easy.

Anyhow, I didn’t order the paper because – it might not arrive in a timely manner. This year’s bats will not be black. Next year maybe.

As for Kona, I do have a “2 Kona 2 do list”. Also a Kona packing list. I could just go there with the clothes on my back, my credit cards, my prescriptions, and my cell phone and everything would be fine. Think minimalist this year, old girl. Think minimalist. 

And, Kailua-Kona is back to being Kailua-Coma.

Well, only two things left on today’s agenda. Bath and then off to bed. Going into work tomorrow. 

Rain, Monday and Origami

Waiting for the 25B 0715 today

Chilly rainy start to the day. Summer is truly over. We went from late summer to early winter. Completely missed autumn. 

I am sure I have something that I need to be doing – so – I decided to learn a new origami model. A bat. 

dollar bat – total bust. scrap paper bat – has potential.

The dollar bat attempt will end up at Starbucks tomorrow morning. Bat #1 is OK considering the crappiness of paper and my total lack of origami talents. After dinner, I made a wet fold bat #2. Don’t know how it will turn out after it dries. 

Time to step away from current events and get back to origami. 

Paul Allen died this afternoon. He was a neighbor in Hawai’i. Had 5+ sweet acres of land across the street from my hotel. He always provided fireworks for our little village on New Year’s Eve and frequently classed up the waterfront with one of his yachts. 

The Octopus. 400 feet. Thanksgiving 2012

RIP Mr. Allen. 


How many watch chains did the man need – when he was in college?

Ok Carlton, what were you doing in college that required any watch chains much less 4 watch chains? Your college experience was waaaaay different than mine. I didn’t have any watch chains. Chuckles didn’t have any watch chains. I didn’t know anyone who had any watch chains. Or greeky watch fobs for that matter.

Which begs the “death cleaning” question: What to do with these things. I know that none of them are “real gold”. Carlton scarfed up all of our “real gold” and had it melted down into our wedding rings. 

Option 1: Put them in the trash
Option 2: There is no Option 2

For now –

They make a funky necklace – but I don’t wear necklaces.

I don’t have to do anything with them – I can just hang them in my closet and let my lawyer put them in the trash after I am dead.

Hanging in the closet

And that was about it for today for The Asylum. Chilly. Damp. Gray. Time for Kona!

Best part of the day is yet to come: This is the last day for Crab Cakes this season. So, planning on crab cakes for dinner.

Where the hawk was.

Out my window – looking east.

Lounging in my chair, a wonderful red-tail hawk soars by. I struggle out of my chair,  grab my camera and capture a picture of “where the hawk was”. 

On the 16a bus.

This woman had been to Trader Joe’s and was taking a fine orchid plant home with her. On the bus.  She rather reminds me of this old verse:

If of thy mortal goods thou art bereft,
And from thy slender store, two loaves alone to thee are left,
Sell one, and with the dole
Buy hyacinths to feed thy soul.
Mosleh Eddin Saadi—Gulistan. (Garden of Roses.)

I am not saying that this lady is bereft of funds. But it takes a certain courage of the soul to take orchids home on the bus on a chilly windy fall day. 

I was on the bus because I went to vote. Not any real reason to vote. I am pretty sure that my votes for Tim Kane and Don Byer were not needed. At least I sure hope they are not needed. But, we have to vote. Even when “it doesn’t matter”.  Rather like taking orchids home via public transit. 

Garden Box. Getting ready for a long winter nap.
Ironman Day in Kona

This is about 100 yards from the finish line. 


The Holy Family – If God were a penguin. And who’s to say She isn’t.

This penguin thing is a decoration in one of the public areas here at The Asylum. And management wonders what they will have to do to make this place more appealing to prospective residents. Residents of the younger variety. 

Fall blew in the at about 2AM this morning.  The air is crispy cool. The sky is all blue and everything is sparkly green. But the leaves should color up real fast now.

Looking north back towards my old neighborhood after dinner this evening.

Let the record show: I had a very unpleasant week stockmarketwise.  But, everything else is pretty fine personally. Politically – well – politically things continue to get worse. 

It’s Aloha Thursday…

But by grace. At my bus stop.

Rushed as fast as an old woman can rush from the hospital to the “best” bus stop this afternoon. Trying to get home before the next deluge. When I got to my stop it was inhabited by a homeless man. From all appearances, he hasn’t been homeless long. I hope he can save himself. Goodness knows it is hard to live on the street around here. 

Today’s Halloween offering.

Also on my way to the bus stop, this ever so tacky but oddly appealing blowup spider. 

We have had several cases of Darwinism in action here in this part of the world over the last couple of days.

In DC some guy took his motorized wheelchair up a Metro escalator. It didn’t end well.  

And here in Virginia a medieval reenactor impaled himself with his own lance. That didn’t end well either. 

Best thing that happened today: Excellent service from my hospital radiology department. At 2 PM I showed up for a sonogram of my lumpy thyroid to be followed by a mammogram.  By 3:45 I was all finished and racing out to catch the 4:10 bus home. At 4:40 I walked into my apartment to find an email from my doctor saying that the results of both procedures were good. Now how about that for great service. (Not to mention, good results.)

3 weeks from today – HALLOWEEN!

Is it Halloween Yet? Party Time at The Asylum. The clock says 1300hrs.

Today, I studied IRS 990’s from “my” potential charities. And, I took some pictures at a party for the Senior Olympics participants. 

Starting to look like Ironman.

Three weeks from right now – my plane should be coming in for a landing in Kona. And all these people will be gone. It will be, as a friend says, it will be Kailua-Coma, not Kailua-Kona. At this instant, it is looking a lot like Ironman. 

I think the Underpants Run is tomorrow. Maybe someone will flash by the webcam. Underpants Run would have to be the Depends Crawl here at The Asylum.

Jumping Spider

And this is the best thing that happened today. A fuzzy picture of a jumping spider. I have never come upon one of these critters when I had a camera. Jumping spiders are not “dangerous” – but they are great to photograph. And, yes – they jump. But, they don’t make webs. I will go looking for this guy again with better gear.


What do you know – another day – GONE.

Time to start getting into Halloween. Found in The Asylum

Couldn’t sleep last night. Started thinking about this year’s charitable contributions. Some of the possibilities…

  1. Daughters of Hawai’i – Honoring Carlton. Don’t ask.
  2. The Asylum Foundation – enlightened self-interest.
  3. SOME – Really well run homeless outreach program in DC. A longtime favorite of mine.
  4. Culpepper Gardens. – Affordable senior housing in Arlington. Kind of a gratitude thing for me. 
  5. Arlington Free Clinic –  Because medical care is for everyone. Not just the elderly, well insured or wealthy.
  6. Arlington Food Assistance Center – another well run long-term favorite of mine.
  7. SideBySide – a recent entry to my list. This is a small LGBTQ+ support group for young people in the Richmond area. 
  8. The Sierra Club – Of course.
  9. Texas Civil Rights Project. A new one for consideration this year.  
  10. Food Pantry at St George’s.  This is a very modest food pantry operation. We lived across the street from them for 5 years and they would always give Carlton coffee and a cookie when he stopped in to visit. So, I was always sure the pay them well for his coffee and cookies. 
  11. One that I always liked a lot but am dropping this year because their “expenses” seem to be getting too high is the Women’s Bean Project. I hope I  can see fit to support them again next year. 

I am trying to be a good steward of the Bethany-Combs Lagniappe Fund. It isn’t easy. 

Carlton’s College trinkets. 

What on earth do I do with this stuff?  How many watch chains did a college boy need in the 1950s? Don’t think any are real gold. Pretty sure he had all of our gold junk checked and melted down into our wedding rings. 

Best thing today – nice late summer (never mind that it is the 2nd week of October) dinner on the patio with my friends. Turkey burger and sweet potato fries.

Where is the time going?

Getting ready for Iron Man

Checking out exciting downtown Kailua-Kona. Iron Man competition is this Saturday. It turns our sleepy little village crazy. 

Today was work and yoga. Not too bad. Also visit the vampires for a bloodletting. On Thursday I get the mammogram – my last one ever – after this year the girls get a pass. And a sonogram on my cranky thyroid. They nicely scheduled them back to back.  Enough already with health business. Nobody gets out of here alive. Especially out of The Asylum alive. 

Best news today: Johns Hopkins University Names Medical Building After Henrietta Lacks


Some stuff got done today…

Weedlot – last shot
Weedlot – last shots

So what did I accomplish today?

  1. Got up. Drink the pre-made coffee.
  2. Went for a walk.
  3. Resigned from the weedlot work detail. For me, it wasn’t fun. It was work. Not fun. Not satisfying. There is a reason that I always hired my yard work done. 
  4. Had breakfast.
  5. Went for another walk.
  6. Worked on my annual donations.
  7. Did proforma run at 2018 taxes.
  8. Put peanut butter on a roll and called it lunch.
  9. Read for a while.
  10. Go hunting butterflies.
  11. Napped
  12. Having a glass of wine. And here we are…with 4.75 miles on the fitbit.
Monarch Butterfly
carpenter bee

I keep hoping to capture a good compound bee eye. Don’t think I can do it anymore handheld. 

Note to Carlton: It is not pretty in America politically these days. “I am now quite certain, that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but by blood.”  Again – Damn it. You would be more interested in the dynamics than I am.

A total waste.

this rock accomplished more than I did today.

No, not the newly minted Supreme Court inJustice, but my day. Totally wasted.

What did I accomplish? Let me count the ways:

  1. Drank the coffee that made itself
  2. Took shower and washed my hair
  3. Butt dialed a friend in Hawai’i – it was 2AM or some such time in Kona
  4. Ate breakfast
  5. Read dead-tree newspapers and took same to the trash room
  6. Put peanut butter on a roll and called that lunch
  7. Read a book
  8. Took a nap
  9. Strolled over to the shopping center to pick up BP meds
  10. Only 1.5 miles on the Fitbit and it is almost dinner time.

Oh about that rock. The hospital chaplains cleaned out their office and put a box of rocks in the trash. Being a long time urban recycler – I decided that the biggest rock could sit on my window ledge. It is about the size of a big mango. 

I have considered the possibility that the rock belonged to a Wiccan, and maybe it has “powers”.  According to the internet – so you know it must be true: Clear quartz is known as the master healer. It amplifies the energy, thoughts, and vibrations of other crystals. It’s used for connecting you with your higher self, intuition, and spirit guides. It doesn’t seem to be working. Unless my spirit guide is a slug.