All better today

the thunderstorm

Yesterday I was as energetic as a three-toed sloth on Xanax. And I was almost too sore to put my clothes on. But, as I planned, I am all recovered today. And, I graduated from PT.  And, my friends are having a Going Away Dinner for me tonight. (At our age, we might not make it back.) 

The Old Bat Cave is awash in packing. If I didn’t live alone, it wouldn’t be such a production. But, it is sort of “the task expands to take up all available space” or some such thing. 

        • Honolulu – 89°
        • Tokyo – 83°
        • Singapore – 91°
        • Dubai – 97°
        • London – 65°
        • Bermuda – 72°
        • Falls Church – 75°

Exactly why am I leaving spring to go to blazing hot? Oh right, I am going to a wedding. And, if not now when?

Enjoying poor health today.

The last orchid flower

This orchid plant was a welcome home gift and it was loaded with flowers. That was in early March. Now, in late May the last flower just fell off. Surely an indicator that it is time to take another trip! Wonder if I can make it bloom again. 

I have been enjoying poor health all day today. Yoga and PT and a Shingles shot all in one day just knocked me out. So, I napped. And listened to an audiobook. And napped some more. I did laundry but folding my underdrawers tired me out. So I had another nap.

I intend to be all better tomorrow. 

4 days to get it together

The best part of PT is when Chris tries to tear my legs off.

Four days to get things together for my trip. How hard can this be? In many ways, my lap around Australia was harder to get organized. It had planes, trains, buses, visits to friends, lots of moving parts. This trip just has planes. So far. I’ll complicate things in UK. But, I still have 4 weeks to get that sorted. 

I accidentally got my second shingles shot today. I dropped by the pharmacy and asked to be removed from the wait list for June and added to the wait list for July. Well, guess what? They had some unclaimed shots for May and did I want one? Well, not really. But I didn’t want shingles either. So, I gave them $171 and they gave me a shot. 

Oh, let’s ask Alexa about the weather:

      • Honolulu – 88°
      • Tokyo – 75°
      • Singapore – 88°
      • Dubai – 96°
      • London – 67°
      • Bermuda – 77°
      • Falls Church – 71°

Cat Fix!

Kelly the Cat

Needed a little cat fix, so after dinner, I went to say howdy to a friend’s cats. The cats had gotten a new toy. Sort of a rumpled-up rug. With holes in it. Now, I always thought that cats rumpled and put holes in rugs all by themselves. 

I still need a robot cat. Sony still sells Aibo the robot dog for $2,900. But no sign of an acceptable robot cat yet.

I did very little work today. Took a group picture of our “resident council”. Think high school “student council” but with old people. And, I went to yoga. That was about it. I seem to be winding down my “real life”. Getting ready for the adventure ahead.

Our women’s political activities committee seems to be suffering from crisis fatigue. We are all saddened that our granddaughters are going to have to refight the battles that their grandmothers and great-grandmothers fought and won back in the last century. The committee is just now getting fatigued. I tossed in the towel months ago.  They are better women than I.  When to going gets tough I get going (out of town).


Because duct tape fixes everything.

Because duct tape mends everything, I figured I couldn’t start off on a lap around the planet sans duct tape. Now, the millennials most likely buy cute little travel size rolls of duct tape. But, old school old women roll their own. (All you need is duct tape, which you have because it fixes anything and an old plastic card.)

Roll it as fat as you want.

I have an old room key card at the center of my duct tape. But you could hide your Amex Black card there!

ant and clover

Decided on my camera kit for the trip today – had to take it out of a test drive.

One week from tomorrow.

rose by any other name?

Little by little – things are getting checked off the trip 2do list. By this time next week, the list had damn well be done except for Empty trash, turn off lights, lock door and leave.

Did my 30minutes of DIY PT exercises. And also did a nice walk. So, I am tired tonight. But, not a problem – because dinner is just an elevator ride away. And, then I can hop into my jammies and off to bed. Well, as soon as I move the clothes editing project out of the way.

Think I’ll pester Alexa about the weather again. 

      • Honolulu – 84°
      • Tokyo – 74°
      • Singapore – 89°
      • Dubai – 101°
      • London – 63°
      • Bermuda – 73°

Looks a lot like yesterday. 

But wait – Scotland is becoming more and more interesting. I read today that McDonald’s was asked to not sell milkshakes this weekend because folks had been known to douse politicians with milkshakes. Which is better than wasting perfectly good beer and/or tomatoes on them. 


Looking good in the kitchen tonight.

Lobster bisque was on the menu tonight. No complaints. And yes, those pizza boxes. We have pizza. Eat in or take out. 

But occasionally, the kitchen has a massive fail. There is a reason for “garnish”.

This afternoon I tossed all the possible clothing choices for the trip on the bed. 

OK, time to get serious about this packing crap.

Biggest problem is the wedding on June 1 in Honolulu. I barely have anything suitable for a wedding to start with. I will cobble something together from my travel wardrobe. And, just not worry about it. 

What I should be worried about is not the wedding – but the weather.

      • Honolulu – 88°
      • Tokyo – 74°
      • Singapore – 89°
      • Dubai – 100°
      • London – 64°
      • Bermuda – 74°

I need to remember that all these places have stores. Lots of stores. Stores that sell clothes. 


More Skyline

My Old Apartment Building in Virginia Square.

One of the buildings that I can see out my window is the building I lived in before moving here. And, last evening the light was reflecting off the windows in the party room. And, it almost looks like there were people in the party room. I hope so.

Sort of had a little panic today. The enormity of taking off around planet without Carlton back here to bail my sorry ass out if something goes wrong hit. Yeah, what could possibly go wrong. Well, let me count the ways. 

    1. I could get sick or injured. Got Global Rescue for that. 
    2. Could miss a plane. Well, I can buy my way out of that problem. 
    3. Could get lost. Well, I have gotten lost before.
    4. Could have major trouble getting/changing money. That has happened before too. Plan to have some $100s stashed in the bra AKA the titty bank.
    5. Could be bored. Not likely.
    6. Could get really tired. Likely. So take a day off.
    7. Could get involved in some civil unrest/war/terrorism thing. That could happen here too. And, it wouldn’t be boring.
    8. The weather could be really shitty. Well, suck it up and carryon. 
    9. Could be attacked by ruffians. So, that could happen here too.
    10. Could be run over by a bus. So, watch when crossing the street.
    11. Could lose luggage, money, credit cards, passport, phone. Well, it wouldn’t be good. But, it would be survivable. 
    12. Could have to use a squatty potty. This could be ugly.

But, I’ll be on that plane a week from Sunday. 

Another from the skyline.

The National Cathedral

Most days The National Cathedral in northwest DC is visible on my skyline. Its kennel club name is: The Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in the City and Diocese of Washington. So, we just call it National Cathedral.  It is still undergoing repairs from the 2011 earthquake. 

Went to PT again this afternoon. I think it is doing me some good. But, it will only keep doing me good if I keep doing the exercises. Easier said than done. But, I really do want to keep my ability to walk. It’s on me.

It was warm enough for dinner on the patio tonight.  Wondering “what’s next” tonight. OH, I just saw what was next – A deer bounding around across the street. Hope the deer finds a safe way back to Four Mile Run  (about .5 mile away) where I normally see them. 

Just about the most fun you can have for $9

The Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

The Shrine is in north east DC. And, it is the tallest habitable building in DC. The Washington Monument is taller. But, it is not considered habitable. And, when the light is right – it is one of the features on my skyline.

Now, I know I said that my 7-year-old iPad Mini was good enough for my lap around Mother Earth. Well, I lied. This afternoon I checked out a new iPad Mini. Yes, what I wanted was in stock at my favorite Apple store. Yes, I had a spare data-only SIM from Project Fi. AND… for $9 (nine dollars)  Apple would courier it to me within 2 hours. Well, how cool is that? For about the price of 2 frou-frou coffees – a new iPad would be chauffeured directly to the Old Ladies Asylum. 

You all know that I did it. Of course, I did. And, in less than 2 hours – I was setting up the new Mini. 

And, crab cakes have returned to the menu at The Asylum. Life is good, if you don’t look outside my safe little (white) world.