Fine Day

Old cars still show up at Splashers on Saturday.

Feeling like lots of pictures today. I did not take it easy today. Logged my 10,000 steps quickly and went for a nice swim. Then I rested. And, I may need to rest tomorrow too. 

I took the Pen-F out with the cheap plastic lens that I like so much. I like it on this body too.  I walked as fast as I could – but stopped to take a couple of pictures.

Honls – and me.
It’s beginning to look a little like Xmas.

OK – Back where I started now.

Kamakahonu Beach
Kamakahonu Beach

Back up to room – and suit up for a swim to cool off. 

White Mouth Moray Eel.

I didn’t have my wetsuit on, so I was able to get my fat self down to the bottom to say howdy to this little guy. 

Came back home. Made lunch. And didn’t move much for the rest of the day. 

Miss my friends at the Asylum, I miss my job, but damn I love this place. Thank you, Carlton – for making it possible for me to be extremely bi-coastal. 

Still working on being lazy…

Mystery Blue Trigger Fish – humuhumu

Highly successful lazy day. I actually watched a 2 hour lecture on YouTube. It was a lecture from a program at BH Photo in NYC.  

The ocean was pretty choppy when I went in. But, the mysterious blue trigger fish came by. I see one like this every year but haven’t a clue what it is. 

After Swim

So, that was my exciting day. No complaints.

Working hard at being lazy

Friend Billy – Mahukona

I was culling photos this afternoon and found this colorful shot. 

Today, I worked hard at not working. I am getting better at it. I didn’t come close to hitting my 10,000 steps today, but I did swim around for 40 minutes. But swimming is so much fun – outdoors in the ocean – that I don’t consider it exercise/work. 

I am trying to “declutter/downsize” my life. I downsized my stuff when I moved to the asylum. But, my digital life is seriously cluttered. Remember, I had 164 emails in my “important-action” folder. 164 things can not be important. Some of them were over 2 years old.  I just emptied the whole folder. If it was really important – I’ll get another email about it. 

  1. Everyday I have been clicking on Gmail’s handy little email “unsubscribe” thingie at least once. 
  2. Yesterday I deleted Carlton’s passwords from my password manager. 
  3. And, I continue my ongoing photo culling battle. 
  4. Had really crappy connectivity today – so, I had a lot of good offline time. 

This was a good day for yellowtangs. I “worked” hard trying to get a nice little yellowtangs movie.It is passible if you don’t go fullscreen.


Lazy Day

A totally lazy day today. I walked my 10,000 steps. When it came time for a swim, my legs said “I don’t think so – we are tired.” So, I lounged around the pool, Did a little yoga. Part of my learning to slow down. To stop Energizer Bunnying around. 

Oh and I also stopped in at the local thrift shop in search of some vintage loungewear. And why do I need vintage loungewear – the Asylum had a “Breakfast for Dinner” buffet last week – and if it is going to be a regular thing – I want to be improperly dressed. 

A word of advice: One of our local airlines went bankrupt last week. Not Chapter 11 – reorganize. But Chapter 7 – shutdown lock the doors. If you are an unfortunate soul with a ticket to ride and if you charged it with a CREDIT card all you have to do is contact your credit card company and you get your money back. But, if you charged it with a DEBIT card you have to file a claim with the bankruptcy court. So, boys and girls – always use your credit card for plane, trains and boats. 


Old Airport

Day started out at the Old Airport. It was clear. It was cool. And, you could see Maui from the walking path. I didn’t even know it was possible to see Maui from way down here. 

After a walk – Billy proposes a trip up north. I say I’ll spring for lunch. Back to hotel where I get some cash for lunch and my swim gear.

Heading north – we get more coffee and egg rolls for breakfast. Hey, they are called EGG rolls. Pig, grease, salt – what is not to love. Oh got gas too.

Stopped at the Mac Nut Works – wandered through for snacks. 

Then off to Mahukona. Neither of us had snorkeled there.

Mahukona Pier

Mahukona is an old train/ship embarkment from the sugar cane days. Now you can just jump in and …

Next Stop: Maui
White Mouth Moray Eel.

But, actually, as soon as I got underway – a nice fat eel swims by. A fine omen.

Whitespotted Surgeonfish

These white spotted surgeonfish were the most interesting fish  today. But it is always interesting  to snorkel at a new place. And the place had the additional charm of no changing facilities. The jury rigged shower was wimpy but warm. And, we could see Maui. Even the windmills.

Off to lunch at Kawaihae Harbor. Salad and kalua turkey sandwich. Good lunch. And then we wandered back south stopping to check out some galleries. I didn’t buy anything. Not even earrings. Got ice cream sandwiches and returned to exciting downtown Kailua-Kona. 

There was no preexisting plan to do this. It was just a splendid morning. Too great a day to waste indoors.  

The Long Goodbye

Not everything you see underwater is a fish.

Someone always has better gear! Even underwater. 

I realized today that this is the one year anniversary of Carlton’s final disposition. While eating lunch on my lanai, I reflected on our long goodbye.

The wheels fell off on Dec 1, 2012 when Carlton came home from a night gig and said – you know that little bump on my chest… That began 22 months of constant worry – on my part at least – until Oct 3, 2014 when he died. Then for the next 16 months or so he was at Georgetown Medical School doing his job as a cadaver. After that his ashes were a plinth for favorite pair of froufrou shoes for another 6 months and finally he flew back to Hawai’i wrapped up in my wetsuit in a flat rate shipping box to be deposited over the edge of the seawall at GPS coordinates 

19°38’21” N 155°59’40” W

I am grateful for those last awful 22 months.  He did everything he could to be sure I would be OK. And OK I am. Thank you, Carlton. a hui hou, malama pono.

But, today was not only about reflecting on Carlton. It was about the ocean and swimming. 

saddle wrasse

Got a nice picture of the saddle wrasse. They are curious little fish and are easy to photograph.

pink tailed trigger fish

Not so, the pink tail trigger fish. Their coloration is hard to photograph and they don’t stand and pose.  But, these are the best fish shots of the day.

Dinner time:  what to make?  Maybe a sandwich. Nothing wrong with a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Not up to the standards at the Asylum.  I am not at all sure that I am up to the standards at the Asylum either. And, there is always Mac and Cheese – choices. A good thing. 


A fine day in the ocean

A small day octopus

I was feeling pretty lazy this morning and was not sure that I would go out for a swim. But, following Carlton’s rule of “Shut up, suit up and show up”. Out I went.  I was barely underway when I find a little octopus. Some years, I don’t see any octopus, so this is great.

Then I find the akule school – at least part of it.

The akule school.

We are talking about a river of fish – thousands. It is like swimming around in a National Geographic iMax movie. 

My $100 camera doesn’t do it justice. (My $100 camera doesn’t do anything justice – but – I don’t do underwater photography anymore.)

Nevertheless , I keep trying to make a nice movie with my $100 camera. I put this one up because I am floating around on top enjoying the fish – when a gang of predators come buzzing by. They were just checking out today’s offerings at the fish snack bar – these akule are the wildebeest of our ocean. It is only 20 seconds max. Give it a look. 

By and by, I decided that my legs might be getting sunburned – so I head back in. Feeling a little sad that I wouldn’t be able to share today’s ocean adventure with Carlton – when what should appear but:

An finally, a tiny white mouth moray eel.

So, Carlton is still hanging out in the bay… Checking on me. 

Great day today. Now, the coqui frog has started up. So, that means it is time for me to prepare dinner.

Laundry. That is today’s big event.

Awesome Travel Socks!

Really lazy day today. The promised rain and jellyfish failed to materialize. But, it was cloudy and muggy. So, I did laundry and worked a little on tidying up my life. 

Washed the finest socks in the TSA line.


I have been assured that these bad boys go into the washer and dryer. Well, they went into the washer. But, I didn’t put them in the dryer. 

There is a story. Once upon a time long long ago… I wore polyester. 100% polyester. Everything was polyester. I was not unique.  Many unfortunates were clad from top to bottom from the skin out in polyester. 

I was traveling. I had been traveling for a long time. I found a laundromat. I took off my clothes. Put on my polyester bikini. And my raincoat. I think it might not have been 100% polyester. It was Burberry. I put every stitch of clothing that I had – except the bikini and raincoat in the washer. When the washing is done… I pop everything in the dryer – set it to LOW – and retire to a nearby saloon to await clean dry clothes.

I should have checked the dryer. It only had one temperate. And, that one temperature was not LOW. It was HOT. After 60 minutes of blazing hot – my entire wardrobe was either melted and/or shrunk to doll size. This was in some outpost of civilization in Mediterranean.  And, all I had was a bikini and a raincoat. Albeit a very fine Burberry raincoat. 

Even after 50 years, I am deeply suspicious of all clothes dryers. (And polyester)

Another shot from Friday’s outing

OOPS, I just heard thunder. Maybe it will rain. At least upslope. 

Fun Day Today…

Breakfast at The Coffee Shack

The only thing on the agenda today was laundry. Well, friend Billy calls and proposes a trip down south of breakfast and a little walk about. Laundry can wait. 

Beach Glass Hunting at Palemanō Point maybe?

Back home by noon – time for a nap. No need for lunch. Then out for a nice swim.

humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa – Picasso or Lagoon Trigger Fish

Still no good fish fotos – the Picasso trigger fish is always pretty.

Crown of Thorns Star Fish.

And, the Crown of Thorns is always ugly.

Tomorrow’s weather forecast calls for lots of rain with chance of jellyfish. Might do laundry. 


Local Lady Bug

Not all that happy with my photography since I finished The Last Great Photo Shoot. Guess I’ll just keep shooting and deleting. At least it is cheaper to be in a photo slump than it was in film time.

I didn’t do my normal careful job of getting ready to move to winter quarters this year. I was afraid to jinx the whole thing. When woman plans the goddess laughs. 

So, what did I forget to bring: any origami papers, books or tools. And my dorky hat. Not too bad. But, I have been doing this of over 20 years. I shouldn’t have to do much thinking. 

Wonder if I have lost any weight since I started feeding myself? Pretty sure I stopped the expansion. I figured that at the rate I was on I’d be tipping the scales at 200 pounds before too many years go by. 

I rather like the lady bug… And the damn coqui frogs are starting up, so, it must be dinner time. Really shouldn’t complain about the frogs. There are only a few  on the hotel grounds. It could be worse. And, they make an excellent reminder that it is time to get dinner together.


Nothing to report today. Not even any interesting photos.

I did spend some time catching up on “paper” work. And, I got rid of the 174 emails in my “important email” box. No way I could have 174 “important” emails. Some dating back to 2016. Think this is a part of my attempt to get some more white space in my life.

Had peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast, egg and cheese and avocado sandwich for lunch. I could have a chicken sandwich for dinner – but that might be excessive. Brussel sprouts, chicken, maybe some rice.

The dog really doesn’t look very happy.

Oh and I have been trying to learn to love Safari. I really like the Reader Mode feature. And, it makes it easier to squash those pesky zombie ads that follow you around. Like toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe.

Blue Tuesday…

Dogs don’t get walked in Kona – they get “swimmed”

I have known this dog since he was I puppy. His owner is at the top of the image on his paddle board. 

And what is Blue about this Tuesday – well, the Democrats did really well in the first election since the orange lord. 

Added jelly and salad dressing to my larder today. Made fine chicken and avocado stuffed pita for lunch. Undecided about dinner. Poached eggs and avocado, maybe. Everything is better with avocado.