An unproductive week comes to an end.

It’s not nice to come to visit Mom in the old folks’ home with a FUNERAL placard in your car window!

I didn’t get anything done last. Well, beyond the normal activities necessary to sustain life. But, I just enjoyed a nice big fat peach for an afternoon snack. So, I guess it isn’t all bad. There were no nice big fat peaches last summer. So, I should stop bitching.

Someone is enjoying our food.

The crows really enjoy coming to lunch on our patio. 


Spent some time tweaking my garden boxes. One needs a complete do-over and the other two need some serious refreshing this fall and next spring. 

fun with food

Off to the farmers market this morning. Tomatoes, peaches, cantaloupe, and some cheese.  

Not the sharpest tack in the box

Hazy July Morning.

Not the sharpest tack in the box this evening. We had a “last” zoom wine tasting this afternoon. I was able to walk away and have a nice dinner with friends, but I sure don’t want to make any decisions. Or operate any “heavy” machinery.

The guy who does these wine tastings. He does them as a part of his job. He puts down his share of wine. I am just wondering: If Chef Brian wrecks his car on his way home from the office after a wine-zoom, is it covered by Worker’s Comp? 

Just realized that next week is the end of July. When you are old, sometimes the days creep by. But the months and years whiz past. 

Total Failure

Sitka National Historical Park. GoPro

The GoPro continues to deliver interesting shots. This is pretty great considering that it is about the size of a ping-pong ball and wasn’t built for still shots in the first place.

Today I was a total failure as an angel of death. I was going to help a friend through the process of having her oldest cat euthanized today. And get her other cat to and from the vet for routine cat-type maintenance. The day started in a car with two annoyed cats and two old women and ended up 10 hours later in a car with two pissed of beyond all recognition cats, two old women, and a dress in dire need of washing.  No cats were put down today. It was NOT a good day to die, I guess. The cat who was scheduled for deletion got 4 days of IV hydration in lieu of a shot of phenobarbitol. 


Grateful to have the time to spend with a friend. With her cats. On a hard day for all 3 of them.

Airtravel, Alaska Style

Skagway Airport. Every airport in Alaska has at least one stuffed bear. I believe it is a legal requirement.

Worked on culling, sorting, cataloging my trip photos. Today, I mostly worked on June 20, 2021. I went from Skagway to Juneau to Sitka. 

Skagway Airport. Does your airport have blooming tomato plants in the lobby?

Skagway has gotten really serious about growing veggies. But, no time to look at tomatoes. Time to get out to the plane. No TSA. No baggage handlers. They do have a pilot. He said he had 2,000 hours of flying time. Not too reassuring.

The Skagway to Juneau plane.
This is your captain speaking. “We are all in this together. There are life vests in your seat back and a fire extinguisher next to the door.”
GoPro view of the plane’s interior
The Davidson Glacier.
A pressurized plane this time. It looks fancier. But it is still a very little plane.

Switched planes in Juneau to something pressurized. Basically the same message from the pilot. 

Juneau and Mendenhall glacier

We arrive safely in Sitka. With our backpacks. Which the pilots loaded on and off the planes. 

Sign in Sitka Airport

Apparently, my “airline” makes more money flying dead fish around than it makes flying live passengers.  It also has large freezers at the airports it services and they rent freezer space for outrageous amounts to sport fishermen who want to fly the most expensive fish on the planet back to the lower 48.  

BTW: This little junket costs $338. I could round trip it from here to LA for $197. But, it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.

Sort of a downer day at The Asylum. One of our longtime residents who was very involved in all manner of important activities at the Asylum is dying. As is a dear cat-friend of mine. Neither of these was unexpected. But, it is still a reminder that “Nobody is promised tomorrow”. Not even if you are a cat. 

OK. New Improved Food.

“New Improved” Food for the inmates.  

Returning to the building this afternoon I found food outside. The dietitian was photographing it. So, what could I do but stick my camera in? I didn’t get any samples. 

That was pretty much the highlight of my day. That and surviving 2 exercise classes. 

Sun coming up at 3:20AM  in Skagway. Out of my window. Through the screen. I don’t recall ever seeing the sun come up in Skagway. Not even when we were there all summer. 

Here it is Monday. Again.

Ah, the joys of old age. Thought I was capturing a bee, but it was actually a housefly. Whatever happens is what I planned,

Been thinking about being old way too much today. Just because I am old doesn’t mean I have to be old. Right?

Nothing noteworthy done today. But, I didn’t kill anybody. That’s something. 

Lower Dewey Lake – pixel. 2xl

This is one of my favorite “landscapey” pictures from my trip to Alaska. I am trying to have them all neatly culled and cataloged by the end of the month. Or maybe I just like it because I liked that day so very much.

Okay, I am not a “landscape photographer”

just out of the camera – That doesn’t look like what I saw.
mess with a little.
mess with a lot. That’s better but not OK.
PhotoShopped to death.
When all else fails, try black and white.
I like this one better. I just couldn’t get the cool tree to look right. 

That’s why I am not a landscape photographer.  

Had a great cheap Chinese dinner last night. I wildly overtipped the waitress, so if she is on duty, we will be welcomed back. Never mind that we are fussy little old ladies.  Most people deserve to be “overtipped”. 

The train to Vermont starts rolling again tomorrow. Maybe there is a trip to Vermont on tap? Bermuda and Hawai’i are still off the table.

Off to see the lotus blossoms.

Lotus – Green Springs Garden.

Went on a very short excursion early this morning to see the lotus blossoms at nearby Green Springs Garden. For the occasion, I fired up my Olympus Pen-F.  No phone photos today.

The Lotus and The Selfie.
A wider shot for scale. GoPro.

These are huge plants. They bloom for a couple of weeks every July.

The Lotus and The Dragon.
The Lotus and The Dragon. #2

A little post-processing fun here. After shooting the lotus, we went off to the farm market. Where I got a bunch of tomatoes. And a fine shot of some mushrooms.

Finally, some darkly rich mushrooms from the Falls Church Farm Market.

I spent what was left of the day eating tomatoes and resting. Don’t know what I was resting from. The weight of 77 years I guess. Going out for Chinese tonight. A day without Asylum food will be a very good day indeed.

It’s Friday!

Hot hazy midsummer morning.

No mistaking. It is summer. That really doesn’t bother me when I am here at the Asylum. It is supposed to be hot.

Sent the University of Vermont a bunch of money for the grand’s first semester of college. Makes me feel like a grownup. Finally doing something to help with the survival of the species. I certainly didn’t leave any humans to replace me when I am gone. (Remember: If you want grandkids all you have to do is marry a grandfather.)

Dyea Dave’s Nash Metropolitan July 17, 2000.

And 21 years later.


Dyea Dave recently died.  The building looks a little worse for wear. June 16, 2021.

I am not at all sure that the building hasn’t been moved. Buildings get moved around Skagway all the time. 

Recycling old summer staff dormitory into “tiny houses”.

Sometimes, buildings even get cut up and moved. 

Thank you

hot zinnia on hot afternoon

Too hot for bees at 4PM today. I went out to dump 3 gallons of water on one of my garden boxes. Seriously hot.


Thank you, Messrs. Carrier and Otis. How would we survive summer without you?

Big adventure today was getting a new MacBook Air going for a friend. She is very hard on computers. “Excessive” gaming. My computer is as old as hers. And, I think all it needs is a new battery $199 to be good to go for another couple of years. And at 77 that could well be the rest of my life.

What I really want is a new phone. Waiting to see what the Pixel 6 brings. I have the Pixel 2 and it no longer gets updates of any kind. Not even security updates. That sorta sucks.


Didn’t do too good sneaking up on bees this afternoon.

It’s just a normal east coast summer. Hot. With interesting thunderstorms in the late afternoon. 

Still working on my trip photos. 

It is impossible to get rid of stuff in Skagway. This family used cast-off building materials as a decorative fence.
It wouldn’t work in this area. But, in Skagway, it was charming.

Thought I was going to be unemployed when I got back from Alaska. But, that hasn’t happened. I guess if they want my irresponsible old self I can help them out. 


Grateful. I have lived a charmed life and I know it.

It’s Random Photo Day!

Day 11 – Shooting the Shooters

It’s hot. I have been working at the computer all day.  I just pulled some random shots out of my archive.  The titles are what was there.  

BTW: I got the waffle issue ironed out. Fake Eggos will no longer be served. 

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