Hot Summer’s Eve

Toasty. Very Toasty.

Us old people are huddled around our A/C units. Alternately chanting incantations to the HVAC Gods to keep the cool air coming and remembering way back before home air conditioning. When folk went to the movies to cool off in the summer. Thank you, Willis Carrier. (He frequently called A/C “manufactured weather”.)

The neighbor young people are out and doing things.

Kids walking across the street.
Kids in the pool across the street.

My camera is still set to take pictures of the light show that I can not see on the Washington Monument.  So I just pointed it around the ‘hood for all of today’s shots.

The National Cathedral.
The Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.


Only 35 Degrees Today.

Tomorrow’s activity.

Carlton got a new crown less than 4 months before he died. I bet that he is still pissed about that.  I am not so sure that I new crown is all that great of an investment for me either. Goodness knows that I don’t do much to take care of myself. And my relatives aren’t especially long-lived and I put a lot of hard miles on the old body. Oh well, if I live 5 more years – then the new crown will end up costing about 75 cents per day. Guess I can afford that.

Heatwave underway here in the east. That is why I have decided to think Celsius. 35° just seems cooler than 95°.

Oh, and the Washington Monument light show. I can see the west and south sides of the monument and the show is on the east side. Not fair.

Still Alive.

Sands Hotel in Singapore

I was thinking about Dubai and Singapore today. It was well over 90° when I was coming home today. It wasn’t as hot as Dubai – but definitely as hot as Singapore. There is an infinity pool on top of the Sands Hotel. Next time, I might spend the night there just so I can see it.

The food trucks were not very busy at lunch time today.
Set up my camera for the Washington Monument light show.

The trick will be staying awake until 9:30 to see it.  I’ll ask Alexa to remind me to look out the window at 9:30. 


That was world class dumb.

Beware of Birds??? Who Knows.

Traveling is an adventure. I ran into this sign in Japan. Haven’t a clue what it means. It could mean “watch out, really bad ass birds around here”. Or maybe “Go, Fighting Sea Eagles!” in support of the local baseball team. One never knows.

What was really dumb? Me, I fell on my head in yoga class today. Doing a standing forward bend and just tipped over. Smack! Right on top of my head. Also cut my hand and skinned my knee. If I were young everyone would have laughed. But, at my advanced age everyone was very concerned. Ice pack, bandaids, rides home and solicitous emails. I fear that I will have a very sort neck tomorrow.

I guess this would be a called a “sports injury” if I were younger. But, I think at my age it is just called “dumb”.

After my ride home, I just made some origami and listened to an audiobook and took it very easy.

I went to the Cup of Noodles Museum in Tokyo. 1971 – that is when Cup of Noodles as we known it was born.

Cup of Noodles Museum
From the Cup of Noodles Museum.

All generalizations are false.

London walkabout. Sotheby’s Frontside

I strolled around the upmarket part of London on fine summer’s day. I rather liked Sotheby’s front door.

In good time I went around the block and found Sotheby’s back door. Much coming and/or going of stuff.

Much more up market than any moving company I ever used!

And willing to make a political statement.

Pretty sure Sir Winston said that. And Mark Twain said “all generalizations are false”.

London is so congested that even bicycle parking spaces are at a premium.

In case you were wondering, all the bikes were serviceable looking and black.

As I rounded the corner, I discovered the “Sotheby’s Coffee Shop”.

The venue was better than the coffee.

I have my stuff on Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive. Thinking that I should be thinking about downsizing my digital stuff while I still have enough brain cells to do it. 

(Aside: Fun thing at this instant – they are playing with the light show that is going to be projected on the Washington monument. I should see if I can shoot it.)

Testing light show on washington monument. Shows up better in B/W

Shot with my very cheap long lens. Handheld. 



Train Station in Scotland. Don’t know what station because GPS recording was turned off.

A con man,  a buffoon and a bigot walk into a bar.

The bartender asks: What’ll you have, Mr. President?

I spent a lot of time today being annoyed at the not for profit that runs the place where I live and their charitable foundation.

Mostly, I was getting annoyed with the salaries of the management dudes and dudettes. You can take the old woman out of the ILWU but you can not take the ILWU out of the old woman. 

Curious Day.

Yes, it is bee and flower season again.

You would think that I had enough photographs to deal with and I wouldn’t be going out and taking more pictures. If you thought that you would be thinking about a normal person. Not me. 

Had a strange sort of a day. The morning was devoted to doing the first cut processing of the 600+ photos that I took on Thursday evening of our residents. 

The sign project

People agreed to hold up a blank piece of paper and I get to write stuff on the paper. I promised to make the signs say thank you. And they believe that I am an honorable woman. 

I am about 1/3 of the way through the first cut of this project. Maybe by this time tomorrow, I’ll be 2/3 of the way through. 

Then I had a little snack and went to the grocery store to pick up my BP drugs. Surprise. The price had changed since I last filled the script. HUGE SURPRISE, the price went down.

Then it was nap time. And later, one of my friends had a little party for her family and graciously included me. Excellent mac and cheese. Doesn’t get much better than good mac and cheese. 

Came back home, too early to get into jammies and read. So, I knocked out a few more of the 600 photos.

But, now it is after 8, so, I can hop into jammies and read for a couple of hours or as long as my eyes hold up.

Mission Difficult

Happy Hour at The Asylum

Note to self: Remember this isn’t easy.

What isn’t easy: Creating “awareness” among our community of the need to remember of staff members  via our annual “employee gift fund”. The Asylum has a vigorously enforced no tipping policy. But, we should tip the waitstaff, the bar tenders and the cleaning crew. Not to mention the front desk and the drivers. So once a year – we residents collect money to pass on to the staff. 

A couple of years ago, I did the Last Great Photo Shoot and made an environment photograph of every employee – that would be 400 of them. And produced an hour long loop of photos that ran in our lobbies 24/7. It was very well received. But, it was one of those things that are only effective one. Maybe 5 years from now it could be repeated. But not now. And not by me. 

This year I am trying to make four 2-3 minute “commercials”. But, it is still hard.   

It would be much easier if I lived somewhere where I could just tip the damn staff like a civilized person. 

But, you play the cards you are dealt.

Clean sheets at The Asylum.


Tokyo, home of the $135 bunch of grapes.

I always love going to the grocery in Japan. 

Asahi Beer Building, Tokyo. The thing next to it is supposed to be the Flaming Heart of Asahi Beer. You would be correct if you called it the Golden Turd.

Japan is a pretty serious place. But, it does have quirks. Like the Golden Turd Building. Exactly what were they thinking?

In Japan, you get jammies with your hotel room.

A nice clean and ironed nightshirt showed up in my room every day. Japan is the only county I know of that gives you jammies with your hotel room. Even in the cheap hotels you get jammies. More expensive hotels just have nicer jammies. 

I would have been happy to wear the Tokyo Station Hotel jammies as a dress. 

Busy day today. Time for nite nite.


Doing anything for the shot.

I understood this woman’s desire to get the shot.

Burj Khalifa 2,717 ft tall

She was trying to get this entire building in her shot. I did not resort to laying on the pavement. I got this one by bending over and shooting through my legs.

I loved taking pictures in Dubai.

Dubai was just the greatest place for night shots. Would I go back to Dubai? Yes, I would. Not for the days. But for the nights. 

It was a perfectly fine place for an old woman alone. And, strangely enough, the women in total niqab frequently spoke to me and even invited me to eat with them. There were lots of women out in small groups alone. They were not escorted by some male protector.  

I got lost one day (no surprise there) and ended up in the parking garage under the most expensive part of the shopping center that was next to my hotel. I wasn’t bold enough to take pictures – but they had a really nice lounge area where the chauffeurs waited while their employers shopped or just strolled around.  Not like a doctor’s waiting room. More like a 1st class lounge at an airport. Comfy chairs, big TV, wifi… and coffee.


Wouldn’t want an improper hamburger now, would I?

Just a couple of photos from London today. And I decided to leave the giraffe up top for another day or two. 

Went back to work and yoga today. Survived both. Work and dentist tomorrow.

Licensed Sex? Is that like sex with one of my husbands – when I was married to them? 
But by grace. But by grace. this one needs to be bigger. click on it.

And it rained.

Rained over 3 inches in an hour this morning.

A very impressive amount of rain fell this morning. Our building seems to have missed the absolute worst of it. And, I decided not to go to the hospital this morning. Mostly because I was lazy. Not because I was smart. 

Speaking of smart. The stupidest thing that I did or allowed to happen on the RTW adventure  was I seem to have switched GPS recording on my phone photos off on the second day of my trip. Well, I guess if that is the worst thing I did, I shouldn’t beat myself up too much. I know where I was anyhow.

From the Honolulu Aquarium. It is a small, but really nice aquarium. And, most of the critters are from local waters – so it’s like seeing old friends.

Octopus – my very favorite under water creature.

If octopus lived longer, I believe that they would be running the planet. And, they would be doing a better job of it than we humans.

Jellies provide infinite post processing fun.