Sunrise over the cooling tower

looking for the light

For a short while every September, the sun comes up over the cooling tower of the building across the street.  That tower drives some of my neighbors crazy. They say it obstructs the view. I prefer considering it a feature. My own personal Stone Henge, faithfully marking late September.

I avoided thinking or reading or listening or watching anything political today. Diligently worked on my video project. Considering my audience, I decided to learn about captioning.  YouTube “auto-captions” badly.


Grateful that I am not bored. I don’t think that is right. Don’t think I can be grateful for something that I am not. Grateful that I have a project to keep me busy. Very busy. That’s better.

Eastern tailed-blue  hairstreak – Cupido comyntas

Not 100% sure about this ID. It is tiny.

Mālama pono

I fear that 2020 will only get worse.

looking for the light

Playing with the sun coming in my window early this morning. It was under 50°. Way too cool for me.

I moped about Justice Ginsburg today. I fear that the horrors that I think are likely after the election no matter who wins will be even worse. And, they might not wait until after Nov 3 to start. Seriously considering immigration. It isn’t easy when you are old. Most countries don’t want old people.

I guess I should just sit in my chair and record the end of American “civilization” outside my window.  Much like Pliny the Younger recorded the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79AD.

Still working on getting my 30 minute TV show together. And, I don’t even have a TV. This will most likely be the first and last 30-minute video that I ever edit. I am wondering how long it will take the MacBook to render the final product. I have been building it in 3-6 minute chunks. Final Cut Pro is an unbelievable piece of software.


Grateful for our Dining Service. I complain mightily about the food. But, honestly, it is hard to complain about an operation that will deliver 4 ounces of rare beef filet to your door every single day at dinner time. With the addition of a little of this and that one has steak and eggs, beef and broccoli, steak salad, wildly enhanced vegetable soup, a Philly steak and cheese, the list is endless.

Mālama pono

Shana Tova!

This was from Earth Day 2019 – but it seems even more compelling during Rosh Hashanah 2020. I celebrate anyone’s holiday if it involves food.

Another busy day editing video. It is going to be amateurish. But, seems to me that you shouldn’t spend your donors’ money creating a 30 minute “thank you” video. Especially a video that almost no one is going to watch, either on in-house tv or on YouTube.  The only good thing is that most of the audience have failing eyesight and hearing,

But, as Carlton would say “If you think you are having fun, you are having fun.”


RIP RBG. Peace and comfort. Grateful to have lived in her era.

Still on a political bent. In the US, threatened cult leaders usually end badly. David Koresh and Jim Jones come to mind. The Orange Lord is a cult leader. He is under threat. You have every right to be concerned. He does have the nuclear codes.

Mālama pono


Peg – 1968 – Kunia Tunnel.
3 drunks and a cat. – early ’90s
Carlton on oil can horse – Medora ND 1997
Carlton 1994 wearing “The Jacket”.
Peg – New Zealand mid-’80s.

Hey, I am an old lady. I am entitled to a little wander back to way back when. All film time. The first one was a Polaroid. The others whatever Kodacolor print film I could afford.

Another funky sky day

looking for the light

Of course, this was post-processed but it was still a weird sky this morning.

Interesting low black cloud over DC this morning.

Then there was this strange cloud.

I failed to accomplish anything today. But, I wasn’t a total asshole bitch. So, I did good.


Grateful for 76+ mostly good years.

Note to Carlton: Ed Bearss died today. He was 97. Hope he died in good health as you managed. (Goodness, if I live to 97 I have 20 more years of this shit. Don’t think I have 20 years of slogging through left in me.)

Mālama pono

This is a job for a giraffe.

looking for the light

The East Coast sun at 7:30 AM as a result of the West Coast fires. It is sacred ash. All that remains of forests, grasslands, homes, habitats, and fellow dwellers of the planet.


Early morning walks, yoga, zoom with my friends, cooking my own dinner. Small pleasures.

I spend way too much time looking for my phone.

This is definitely a job for a giraffe.

It can only get so lost in one room. But, at least once a day, I go off on a wild search.

I used to have that problem with my wedding ring. And, I couldn’t say “Alexa, call My Ring”.

My wedding ring is either on my finger or on Gingerbread’s horn.

Then, one of my friends brought my imaginary giraffe, Gingerbread, to “life”. And, since then I have not misplaced my ring.

Yesterday, I decided that Madam Giraffe could stop holding odds and ends in the kitchen. I moved her to my work/dining table. And, if my phone isn’t in my hand or being charged – it will be in the custody of Madam Giraffe. So far so good. When the phone rang this afternoon, I knew where it was. No, trying to echolocate – now where is that sound coming from.  And Madam Giraffe still has room for the occasional pencil, paperclip, or old school note.

Mālama pono

Bleak. Covid. Destruction of America. Old Age. Bleak.

looking for the light

But, hey, the sun came up this morning. That’s positive.

And, it was a windows opened all day kind of a day. That’s positive.

And, I had better luck with Final Cut today.  That’s positive.


And, I have friends here at The Asylum. I am so grateful for each of them.

I ditched YouTube Yoga in the basement today in favor of a little bug hunting.

My what a big tongue you have!
The tongue is gone.

Zoom yoga starts up again tomorrow. I am paying for that, so I will suit up and show up. With Zoom Yoga – you even have to put clothes on your lower half.

Mālama pono

FCPX 10 – Old Woman Zip

looking for the light

While I am pulling my hair out trying to get cracking with final cut pro and video editing, my friends here at The Asylum are wrapping up their get out the vote campaign. 4,000 postcards. Ready to go in the mail stream. And that takes  $1,400 in postage. Helping the USPS.  Being crafty old people, the postcards will be dispatched over several days and at several post offices.


Grateful for nice weather, good friends, and coffee.

Mālama pono

March 196th

looking for the light

Well, I pulled the plug on Big Annie. I wonder if she died? (And my legs are looking a little lumpy aren’t they?)

Busy today learning about video editing by editing video. Aren’t I supposed to be in my comfy chair reading “cozy mysteries”?

Shooting Birds with the phone is always fun!

These are crows. But, the starlings are starting to get bunched up. A sure sign of autumn.


Grateful to be “overbusy” at this instant. Makes the days go by faster.

Pentagon 911 Lights

Last night I finally got my act together and took a picture of the Pentagon’s new 911 light show. There was a lot of haze and that made for an interesting rent in the fabric of the universe effect.  (taken with Pixel 2xl out the open window. post-processed like crazy.)


Pentagon 911 Memorial – David Charlebois First Officer AA 77.

On September 9, 2001, I watched events unfold very early in the morning via a dial-up internet connection. Carlton was playing tennis with the Park Superintendent prior to going to work.

Moving on to 2008.  The Pentagon Memorial opened on September 11, 2008. I took these pictures on October 11, 2008. An evening selected because of the full moon.

Pentagon 911 Memorial

Most of the pictures were taken in the area of David Charlebois’s bench. He was First Officer on the American Airlines plane that crashed into the Pentagon. David’s father was a friend and his mother was too frail to make a personal visit to the memorial – so I made these pictures for them. The kids were borrowed and they are sitting on David’s bench. Lives end. Life continues.

Pentagon 911 Memorial

Grateful for today.

Pentagon 911 Memorial

Mālama pono

Be alert. Keep calm. Think clearly. Act decisively.

looking for the light

Yes, this is “the light”. Waiting to get a flu shot at the grocery this morning – there was a big bin of generic disinfectant wipes in “travel size”.  I took this as a sign that I should “travel”. Travel to Hawai’i is supposed to open up October 1. By the end of October, it might be good to go.

This was another busy day – editing video. No problem doing that. It was raining most of the day anyhow.


Grateful the have checked the flu shot off my to-do list.

I have friends who are near the western fires. And, some of my friends here have family who are too close to the hot zones for comfort. I remember being in Yosemite wondering if we were going to have to flee the Hetch Hetchy Fire. Not an easy feeling.

When we were with The Park Service, they had cool little notebooks that fit nicely into the uniform breast pocket. Carlton loved those notebooks and always took a couple of extras. When he died I found a bunch in his desk. They had the “10 Standard Firefighting Orders” printed on the inside cover.

Old NPS Notepad.

The cover said that it was revised 4-67. So, we can excuse the reference to “men”. I always thought that these were pretty good rules to live by fire or no fire.  “Men” has been changed to “forces” and “boss” has been changed to “supervisor” and these are still the “10 Standard Firefighting Orders”.

Be alert. Keep calm. Think clearly. Act decisively.

Mālama pono

blast from the past

looking for the light

And what is “the light” about an elderly Sony cd burner? Well:

      1.  I needed to read a CD.
      2. Of course, my MacBook can not read CDs. It is way too cool for that.
      3.  I remembered that long ago before I moved here I had a CD burner.
      4. Did I bring it? If so why? And where is it? If I even brought it.
      5. It was in the 3rd place I looked.
      6. All of the cables were with it.
      7. I plugged it into the wall and the Mac.
      8. Pushed the button to open the door. Popped in the CD.
      9. Lights flashed. Whirly sounds happened. AND
      10. The Mac recognized the drive and cheerfully displayed contents.
      11. Thank you, Apple. It just worked. Definitely “the light”

You might notice that the CD Burner is dusty. So what? I am a bit dusty too. Or is it rusty?


Grateful for an excellent dinner. Courtesy of me, with an assist from Dining Services. Steak and eggs. With avocado and salsa.

Spent most of the day editing 27 minutes of talking-head video down to 7 minutes. It’s hard. And I want it to be professional. Nevermind that I didn’t start doing this until I was between 75 and dead. I have standards.

Mālama pono