This time the ambulance seems to have kept going…

house finch, female and male

Or maybe it is lost. In which case, it will be back. One day last week 5 ambulances came – and one was a one way trip. That, I guess is one of the downsides of living in an old folks home. Or maybe it isn’t. Maybe we are just being reminded that “nobody is promised tomorrow”. And, to start every day with “It’s a good day to die” not as a battle cry, but as an affirmation of  life well lived with no regrets and nothing undone. 

Spent most of the day puttering around with my staff photography project. I make a little sample YouTube video for my clients. Hopefully, I can see it on the screen they intend to use the photo on – so I’ll know how forgiving the display is. I also need to remember that the vision of the audience isn’t for tack sharp anymore either. 

After all the people photography angst – I went out a shot some birds and bees. 

This pollen goes right to my thighs!

ps – the iPad made it to Laurel MD – so I guess I’ll be seeing it tomorrow.

Nice summer day.

bee and wild bergamot

My bergamot plant is in full bloom and it is doing its job attracting bees. However, I don’t think it is a good fit for the garden box. My plant to too leggy. Maybe, if I give it another chance next year, I’ll cut it back and try to make it shorter and bushier. It is a member of the mint family, so it might work. 

Main event today was taking a few test pictures of the staff – I have this project to take pictures of the staff to help with a fund raiser. I like taking pictures of bees. I don’t like taking pictures of people. But, nobody said I have to like it to do it. 

The iPad is still in Louisville. Maybe it is going to the track. But, another accessory arrived today. A Google SIM card. The iPad has a built in SIM card that works on many carriers. But not Google service. But, it has a slot for a traditional SIM card. I am not sure that I will use Google service. I use Tmobile on my current iPad. If I am using a lot of data – TMobile is cheaper.  But, if I use WiFi most of the time my Google service is cheaper. This is another first class “problem”. 

Yes, boys and girls. You can get your cell phone service Google. Problem is: it only works on 5 cell phones. You never heard of any of them and only two are currently available. And, it’s not like Google takes their cell phone business very seriously. But, it’s kinda geeky. So, I like it. (The Google data-only SIM works in almost anything. Some folks have hacked the data SIM into working in other phones. But, it doesn’t seem to be worth the trouble to me)

RIP Fred

The homeless guy known as “Fred” 2015
Fred 2012
Street Fair – Fred 2010

For as long as I have been going to Kona, I have “known” Fred. Today, I found out that he recently died. He seemed ageless. Go Fund Me will provide a nice send off for the gentleman. A hui hou … 

While I was looking for pictures of Fred – I found some old film-time favorites of mine. All from the last century.

Carlton on oil can horse – Medora ND 1997
Carlton behaving badly.
old school selfie – the cable release is in my hand

And the iPad has made it to Louisville KY. By way of Anchorage, Alaska.  


About this eclipse thing…

On the 52 Bus.

I have been riding the 51/52 bus with this guy for years. After Carlton died, he asked what happened to Carlton. And when I moved and stopped riding those buses regularly, he asked after my health. He is the cook at a small residential hospice. 

My well organized travel companion selected Cookeville Tennessee as our viewing station. Not a bad choice, for east of the Mississippi. 

Being a confirmed city woman – I was a little concerned when I looked at today’s Cookeville newspaper and found this as the lead story:

A total eclipse is on my bucket list. Next one comes to the US in 7 years. I’d best not wait. My travelling companion saw one earlier in the century from a cruise ship. She has the tee shirt.

First Day – Summer 2017

Magnolia – by Shamu the Phone

I must say – Shamu does a mighty fine job as a camera. 

Spent a little time this afternoon helping a friend with her Windows 10 HP computer. I know nothing about Windows 10. But, the problems were solved. The good old – let’s turn everything off and back on again did the trick. This friend would really be happier with an Olivetti typewriter, a bunch of onion skin and carbon, plus a coop of pigeons for delivery. But, I taught her how to change the yellow cartridge in her printer a couple of months ago and when the blue one ran out – she was able to replace it herself. 

On the technology front – the iPad has made it to Incheon, Korea. 

On the political front – the good guys don’t seem to have found the range yet. We should have knocked off one of the recent congressional races. 

The Old Bat @ Work

My view of the office

I focus on pretty basic things here at the office. Coffee, oranges, my pink mouse, and gummy bears.

The bigger picture – we really need a bigger monitor!

If you ever order a thing plus an accessory for the thing from Apple – the accessory will always arrive days before the thing. And, the accessory is always useless without the thing. It just lays on your table and snickers because the thing is still in China. Chengdu China to be exact. Which is where my iPad is. The fancy iPad “pencil” in on my table. Still in its box.

In bestest Apple fashion…

Yesterday, I decided to leap waaaay outside of my comfort zone and take a road trip with a friend. (An old woman friend!). And, if we happen to see the eclipse – that will be a bonus. If we return to the Asylum still friends – the trip will have be a roaring success. Blast off late August.

Wow, lots of changes in the last 3 years.

Sunrise – today. About the best of the day. Weatherwise at least.

Today, I will just refer everyone to my post of June 19, 2014.  

Glad that I have those 3 years behind me. No, I am not too young to be here. The Asylum is really Carlton’s lasting gift to me. 

That is my view – well – through the 300mm lens. The construction crane is temporary and I really don’t think the building will obstruct my view.  I hope. Nobody is promised tomorrow. And, no view lasts forever.

So, what are friends for?

and, I was on the 41 bus today why?

Last night a dinner at friend noted that perhaps Carlton was still tugging on my purse strings from the other side. 

She was right. So, this morning I checked online and found that “my” Apple store had the iPad I wanted. Hop on the bus. Wait in queue to get my shiny new toy. And, discover that they are out of iPad I wanted. So, I slink out. Dejectedly. But, not before I check online and indeed they are now out of my iPad. 

Not going to spend serious bucks on my second choice of iPad. Back on the 41 bus. Back home. Order the thing. And a pen. And a really sleek leather sleeve. And, I got it engraved. “Nobody is Promised Tomorrow” – just like the iPad Mini which I got in late 2013. I think it was a retail theraphy purchase when Carlton was having course of radiation. 

The new iPad Pro 10.5 is larger and heavier and hopefully, it was be easier on my aging eyes. Scheduled to arrive June 28. I ordered a Data Only SIM card from Google today as well.  Tricked out like a Space Gray Vegas Showgirl. 

If you forget that you are living in a old folks asylum – they spring black jello on you.


More Colors than Ports…WTF

I think that this is technically a weed. But, I think of it as a flower.

I don’t pay as much attention to the latest and greatest happenings in the technology world as I used to. Remember the good old days when – no matter what – the computer you wanted always cost $4,000?

But, my much loved “late 2012” MacBook Air is getting pretty old in computer years. And, Apple seems to be abandoning the formerly oh-so-cool MacBook Air offering. Time to look at what “mid 2017” has to offer MacBook-wise. 

I am sure that everyone else was aghast last fall to discover that the MacBook comes in 4 colors, but only has two ports if you count the headphone jack as a port. 

Four Colors
headphone jack
usb-c jack of everything else including power.

I feel like a luddite. I still have sd-cards, and backup drives, and a scanner, not to mention a usb printer and the occasional usb memory stick. And, I haven’t used it since I moved to the Asylum – but – I am not sure I am ready to ditch it just yet – a DVD burner. 

I don’t think there is a MacBook in my future. I may pick up a used “late 2015” MacBook Pro. It still sports a nice collection of ports. The new MacBook Pros have several USB-C ports. 

I was a very early adopter of the laptop form factor. I don’t see myself tied to an iMac. 

The first laptop I remember for sure owning was the Toshiba 3100e Gas Plasma Display laptop. I think I had something before the 3100e – but the 3100e was a seriously cool machine back in the day – that being 1987 or so. 

I didn’t buy a new iPad … full stop … yet

the 25b at 0630 today

Today, after work, I walked the the 2.5 miles from the hospital to the Apple Store. Where I inspected the new iPad Pros. The one I like, all tricked out like a Vegas showgirl, would cost a tad over 1K. I retreated to the nearest Starbucks for a mandatory time out. The screen is to die for. The animations are buttery smooth. Then I remembered. Snail  Internet! Wouldn’t I be better off if I just got my own FIOS or cable internet? And keep the vintage iPad Mini. 

free wifi isn’t even worth what it costs!

So, I returned home, sans shiny new toy. But, tomorrow is another day for toy shopping.
I can not complain. This is a first class problem. Grateful to have such problems.


Fun with post processing

Just an ordinary day. But, everyday should be special. I should have learned that from Mr C – he squeezed every last ounce of joy out of every one of his last days. Those were our “enjoy every sandwich days” with nod  to Warren Zevon.

A tale from last night’s dinner. 

One of my Asylum Sisters told us about her scolding. Seems this friend was having lunch alone and enjoying the  company of her Kindle. She was accosted by a resident who wanted her to know that it is illegal to have a cell phone in the restaurant.  The resident was just giving my friend a “warning”.  Then she rolled off to continue making the dining hall safe from Kindles! 

Gotta love it here.


The Wild Carrot

Daucus Carota

The wild carrot plant in blooming.  And this plant is especially fun because it produces lots of umbels with a single red flower in the center.

Daucus Carota

I think the little red thing is an actual flower – but it might be a leaf or some other plant part.  

More about this fine weed as the season progresses. 

Today we had a little “food fair” at the asylum to encourage “healthy eating”. I actually helped. I was a booth bunny – pushing salmon ceviche. There was a red wine station, a dark chocolate station, a blueberry station, also a kale smoothie booth and a beet and cauliflower station.  Oh and a egg and avocado sandwich station. All things considered, my booth wasn’t as popular as the wine and chocolate stations but it did a good business.

But. Note to staff:

napkins covering red spots on the carpet – large red spots

Red wine, beets, blueberries don’t work too well as old folk finger foods. Unless you have maroon carpets.