Let the rains begin…

weedlot week 12
weedlot week 12
garden box week 12

Well, week 11 in garden/weed land was hot and dry. Week 12 is supposed to be rainy and maybe cool. Good thing: I’ll not have to water. Bad thing: weeds will be loving it.

Went to a funeral. A second funeral for the same person. It was raining when we came out of church. In Hawai’i that would be considered a blessing. Not sure anyone felt particularly blessed in Virginia. 

Yesterday, I started on my photographs from 1992.

Judge Roy Bean – Langtry Texas. 1992

No photographs have actually made it to the trash yet. Photographs cannot be recycled. But, they are being collected in a box. If I completely wimp out the box can go down to my storage unit. I really think that I’ll be able to toss them in the dumpster. But, I only want to make one trip to the dumpster. 

And that is about it from the old bat on this rainy afternoon.

Playing with the 60mm macro lens today

Gingerbread – my pet giraffe.
Swamp Milkweed Leaf Beetle
Little Red Ant

Today when I went out to look for bugs, I found some. The swamp milkweed beetle was a new one for me. 

Today I attended to my hopefully last “widow work” task. I removed Carlton’s name from my checking account. My lawyer told me to keep his name on the account for a year – just in case he got a check – I figure that it has been long enough. 

Funny thing was when I finished talking to customer service at the bank – the agent said: “And, thank you for being a customer for 59 years”… OK, that is a long time. 

July 20, 1969, at 20:17 UTC the Eagle landed on the Moon. Six hours later – Neil Armstrong stepped on the lunar surface.  

And now, 49 years later,  the president of my country is a fucking game show host. And, nobody seems to care. Oh, we complain and post stuff online. Heck, we might even vote come Nov 6th. Or not. 

It is time to pick a mountain to die on. Easier for me to do than for a younger person. I will be giving up less time if I die on that damn mountain. But you dear children will pay the price for inaction far longer than I will. 

I guess you could say the I am pissed. Gives new meaning to “Better dead than red”. To quote an old right-wing slogan from the 1960s.

It’s Aloha Thursday, no work ’til Monday

Good Morning in the Old Bat Cave. Shamu 2 – from the bed

At about 0545, opened my eyes – and what a lovely sunrise. This is why I don’t close the blinds.

I have been meaning to do some bug photography – so – this afternoon I put the right lens on the right camera and stuck the combo on the monopod and went out on a bug hunt.

Only one bee wandered in front of my lens this afternoon.
the marvelous muncher – caught again

But, the damn bunny was hopping all over the place. 

On my way back inside – I checked out the salad bar.

Failed to mention yesterday’s fine asylum meals. Breakfast: quesadillas. Dinner: soft-shell crabs. No wonder my weight has reached critical levels.  But, on to more important things. There is free wine tonight and the special pizza is “crab”. Not too sure about that one. 

ca 1993

Gaspé Peninsula
The World’s Largest Lobster -Shediac, New Brunswick

Today, I started to get dispose of some of *my* photographs. The photos that I have from 1993. And I started with the color prints. Most of them are in 3 ring binders.

I quick and dirty photographed all of them. I didn’t post-process them or anything. Well – did crop out the background. 

And, I will dispose of most of the originals.  I am not Ansel Adams. No one will want them when I am dead. I am not even sure I want them when I am alive. 

For me this is huge – I have done 2 huge downsizings in the last 15 years and *my* photographs were always untouchable. But, now, they are being “stuff”. And “stuff” can be de-acquisitioned. 

And, I think it is time for a new USGS header photo – from sunrise yesterday. Fissure 8.

zombie time…

getting it done

Almost ready to ditch Carlton’s photos.  In Carlton’s collection, I found these two zombie photos. I was totally faking being a serious lady person. I am not sure about Carlton.

peg – 1981

I still wear the earrings I have on in the picture. And, I wish I had the suit. I loved that suit. I was 37.

carlton – 1971

I wish I still had that man. I loved that man. Carlton was 36.

Political commentary w/o comment.

No progress…

Decided that the iPad Pro does a better job. – 2000 Mr. C is with his friend  Audrey.

I played around with the plastic box as copy stand today. It picks up reflections, So, I will have to do some work on that. And, I tried my old iPad Mini and my iPad Pro. The iPad Pro seems to consistently choose ISO 64 whereas Shamu2 chooses ISO 160-200.  So, the iPad Pro shots pick up less noise. 

Many of Carlton’s photos when directly to the to be pitched pile. If I didn’t know the people in the photo, or, if I didn’t remember them fondly – they don’t even get scanned. 

But then – there was this chick.


I think this is a woman that Carlton used to see when he went  to Florida without me. She used to call from time to time and she seemed harmless. After seeing this picture – maybe I shouldn’t have been so amenable. 

It was that kind of a day. The US will survive or it will not. Getting down to pick the hill you are willing to die on time…

OK – I can do this. Maybe


The marvelous muncher – caught in the act.

Went out to do a little work on my weeds this morning and look who I found. 

weedlot week 11
weedlot week 11

Late last week “they” got the irrigation system working. So, at least I don’t have to water this anymore.

garden box week 11

It gets 4 gallons of water every day. I haven’t any idea if that is the correct amount. But, everything seems to be doing OK.

OK – I can do this. Maybe – the photographs and negatives.

Starting with color print negatives and a book for Carlton’s photo.

This should be an easy place to start.  Well, the easiest place to start.

But wait – there is more.

I made a copy stand for Shamu 2 using my trusty pocket knife. 

Not post processed – just cropped – On the back, it says Moore House Skagway AK 2001.

So, maybe I can get this done. 

Of course, I will had added to my digital collection – but it will be easier to pitch my files I think.

I have spent an entire life collecting stuff. It is now time to let go. Past time.

Happy Bastille Day – or

tiny bugs, smaller flowers

Happy Bastille Day – or – when will we storm the White House? Seems to me the Brits welcomed Orange Lord in fine style.

tiny leaf

The Queen Anne’s Lace with bugs and leaves was today’s photo subject. 

Note to young people: Yes, you can tell that you are getting old. Things that were once easy now take real effort. The decline in physical ability is perceptible. What is more disturbing is the mental decline. I know that I am not as sharp as I was. I used to be able to mentally leap from A to D. Now I have to very carefully go from A to B to C only to arrive at D and wonder what was I thinking about. 

This is not to say that life isn’t sweet. But so much has been lost. So much more will be lost. AND, this is really scary.  People my age are running the country. (Into the ground, I might add). 

Happy Bastille Day – or – let us eat cake and drink wine. 

Friday 13


The only thing I did today was laundry and try to make MailChimp Little Old Lady Proof. I feel sure that I can teach 1 or 2 little old ladies how to operate MailChimp. I am not at all sure that I can teach the other 103 LOL’s how to find the mailings in their respective Spam or Promotions folders.

And that is it for Friday 13. I have no more functioning brain cells.

And, the hardest will be …

On the 25B

And, the hardest will be the photographs. As I embark on this “Swedish Death Cleaning” project, I know the hardest thing will be the photographs. Funny thing is everyone wants my money, but no one wants my negatives from 1985. 

It is bee photography time again!

So, what do I do this afternoon but go out and take more pictures.  

But wait, I think this bee will look better in black and white.

Actually, this bee isn’t very good. But, hopefully, I’ll get other chances this summer.

And, you can not make this shit up:

Approved by Donald Trump Asbestos sold by Russian company.

Not much at all happening here in the Old Bat Cave

The absolutely only thing that happened around here today is that this shelving unit vanished whilst I was off at breakfast. 

  1. I downsized when we moved out of the house into the apartment.
  2. I decluttered when we changed apartments.
  3. I seriously downsized when I moved to The Asylum.
  4. I am now in “death cleaning” mode. Swedish death cleaning to be exact. Swedish death cleaning is old people’s version of Marie Kando. 

No more keeping stuff around for “just in case”.  “Just in case” at my age is sort of like “saving for a rainy day” or even worse “for a special occasion”.  Every day on the green side of the grass IS a special occasion. 

All things considered…

Katherine River – Northern Territory, Australia

Last February, I went for a little boat trip down the Katherine River in far northern Australia. I was disappointed because no saltwater crocs were sighted. 

This sign is as close as we came to a crocodile.

Fortunately, I obeyed the sign. Today, the internet exploded with news of a monster croc – as big as a car – as heavy as a grand piano – able to leap tall buildings…

Photo credit – Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife

Read about it in The Katherine Times.

I loved Australia. Every thing about it. 

Most of you know that I hate committees and associated meetings. Today this shows up in my email

Please add this to the agenda of the Grounds Committee under Grounds Report by Grounds Supervisor for discussion:

*Knoll Garden Irrigation System and how it works.

*Watering using a hose in the Knoll Garden (pros and cons)

And you actually expect me to spend a precious hour out of my limited remaining stores to listen to “Watering using a hose…”?