The Light at the end of the tunnel.

for the first time in a year – A School Bus

When I was out walking this afternoon, for the first time in a year, I saw a school bus. Another sign of “light at the end of the tunnel.” Light at the end of the tunnel is usually at the train.

crocus, crocuses, croci this time with the phone.

Busy today. But, I don’t believe I actually did anything. Does happy hour count for “doing something”? I used my debit card at the grocery today. It had been so long, that I forgot the pin. Good thing I got that one cleared up before my trip. For a little trip, this one is taking a lot of thinking. It’s been way over a year. Because going to and from Hawai’i did count as a trip. That is going to winter quarters.

Mālama Pono

An ordinary day.

Simple Blessings – Crocus

Just a normal day. Sunny but cold. 

Did a little work, a little visiting,  an exercise class, went for a walk and took some pictures of the local crocus. Crocus? Croci? 

And, that is about it. Nothing accomplished. But, I don’t think I destroyed anything either. That’s about all I can expect. 

The Web Design Museum  is not the WayBack Machine, but it does bring back memories of the good old days. Like 1995 when Amazon sold deadtree books and nothing else. Amazon – 1995

March 1, 2021

Orchids and I are happy to see the sun arrive at 5PM.

Well, about March 1, 2020 we lost a year. And 500,000 Americans. It’s time to reboot. 

Project for March is to walk 100 miles. And sleep better. I think walking 100 miles will be easier than sleeping better.  This is sleeping better without any alcohol, drugs or herbs.  Just tired. Get in bed. Close eyes. Wake up 7 hours later. Yeah, right. That’s so not going to happen. 

I was chatting with our dietitian while waiting for my umbrella drink this evening. I asked her if eating salmon at least 5 times a week for the last year was going to kill me. She said no. Then I wondered why was she in line at the saloon. Well, she was fetching a double shot of vodka for one of the residents on our nursing or assisted living floors. That made me really happy. When I end up there – someone will bring me booze. 

Today is the first day that we were allowed  “Off campus, essential non-medical visits (e.g. grocery, veterinarian, pharmacy, DMV, etc.)” Which I define as anything I want to do. Apparently our garage was emptied out by 10AM. I know I went to Trader Joe’s and I didn’t really need anything. I just wanted to go. Go anywhere. Besides. I have to walk at least 3 miles a day to have a chance at hitting 100 miles. And TJ’s is a 2 mile round trip.

Charleston on tap for March.

looking for the light

Took some pictures last night of the “snow moon”. Don’t think that I’ll be seeing it tonight. Too rainy and cloudy. This photo is through the glass with Shamu the Phone. Hence the double moon. The one up top is handheld 600mm stuck out the window.

Took the plunge this morning. Booked a flight to Charleston, South Carolina, and 11 nights in a hotel. The hotel looks across a park at the dock area – but I am pretty sure that a big old tree will be blocking my view of the water. But that’s OK. It is in the middle of lots of places to walk to. Lots of restaurants touting takeout in the area. And, a fine grocery store is ½ mile away. The hotel delivers breakfast every morning to the room. NOW. As long as the wifi is good, I am good. Leaving early morning March 11. Should be back at The Asylum midafternoon March 22.

What am I going to do? Well, just exactly what I do here. Walk, zoom yoga, zoom with my friends, eat, nap, read, work. Just walking to different places, eating different food, napping on a different bed. Same friends, same zoom, and same work.


Grateful for a better night’s sleep last night which made for a much better today. Gotta work on my sleeping.

Mālama Pono 

Just tired.

Tired today. For no real reason. Didn’t sleep too great last night. But, that’s not unusual for an old woman.  Once again I fear that I am starting to slow down.  One of my equally old yoga friends still walks 100 miles a month. I barely make 50 miles a month these days.  I will try to sleep more (easier said than done) and walk more. 

Well, enough about my journey into the final frontier.  

I discovered that there is one non-stop flight to Charleston, SC every day from my airport. Savannah was looking a little crowded in mid-March. Savannah is a serious drinking town and there is St Paddie’s Day.  Charleston is a bit soberer, also larger, so more last-minute lodging options. Lodging-wise all I really need is a walkable location and good wifi. Because I will still need to work on Tuesday and Friday.  Sunside and warm would be great.  And, yummy takeout food. Thinking about a week to 10 days. Then 5 days of quarantine when I get back to The Asylum. I guess that will be an OK trade.  Or just ignore the quarantine. Let them kick me out. In theory, if I rent a car and drive myself to Charleston, that’s a scary idea, and if I don’t eat in any restaurants, which I don’t intend to do. Well, then there is no quarantine. (Or I could go by train CAR or take the “AUTO train” to Florida)

Halfway through that big old Robert Heinlein tome, Time Enough for Love. The proofreading on the Kindle version is pretty egregious, even by my standards. But, I have gotten into it and am enjoying it. Now that Covid is getting behind us, I hope, my next big old-time re-read is going to be The Stand by Steven King.  

Back before Kindles, when Carlton and I traveled we both had to agree to all the books we took, and sometimes we would actually cut them in half so one of us could be starting on a book that the other was finishing. This sort of diminished the book’s “trade” value. Back in the day when scuffing around the world, you would always trade books any time you crossed paths with another English speaker. 

Mālama Pono

Friday. 2 more days in jail.

looking for the light – but not finding it.

Don’t think The Asylum “Gratitude Jar” is working.

But, at this instant we have much to be grateful for. On March 1st – we can leave The Asylum. And go places. Except to  gyms and restaurants. Like real human people. There is a 5 day punitive quarantine if we travel by anything other than a “car”. But, it doesn’t say “your” car. So, Uber and the car service are back on the table. I might even take a train “car”. A case of “Don’t ask for clarification, just do it.”

This rule did amuse me. Residents must wear a surgical or N95 mask during medical or dental appointment. 

Let the escape planning begin in earnest.



looking for the light

This morning at exactly 0700 hours I turned into a raving Druid. The sun returned. It made it around the east wing of the building and once again came in my window. The Old Bat Cave has been sun deprived for months.

Not as toasty warm as yesterday. But still good enough for a 2.5 mile walk. Also did my barre class today. That’s enough exercise for this old woman. Did a couple of hours work. Mostly getting ready for work tomorrow and some reporting that happens at the end of March.


Grateful that we will be getting out of jail next week. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Mālama Pono

Crocuses and 63°

looking for the light

Crocuses and 63° – but is it still March 361, 2020 in The Asylum. Rumor has it that new “freedoms” will be forthcoming on Monday.

Today: I made a couple of reports for work. Cleaned out my fridge. Took a nice long walk. Thought about travels. Sort of waiting to see what the Asylum travel rules are going to be. But, I really don’t care. I am at the WTF point.

This is not the time for great adventures. I am thinking of small trips. Glacier National Park, Savannah GA, Bermuda, HR Bar Ranch in Wyoming, essentially, places that are easy to get to. And which can be sort of spur of the moment. Which sort of leaves Wyoming and Glacier NP off the table. They need to be reserved soon. Easy places. Bermuda isn’t easy at this instant. They require a pre trip covid test, then one every 4 days for 2 weeks and one to get back into the US. Bermuda isn’t working right now. Travel is a privilege. Not a right. Thinking about the next trip is almost as good as taking it.


Grateful for 63° And sun.

Reading an old Robert Heinlein book. Well, of course a Robert Heinlein book would be old wouldn’t it? Time Enough For Love. Not sure it aged  well. But, he does have US civilization falling apart early in the 21st century. 

A new book that I rather enjoyed was Burn-In: A Novel of the Real Robotic Revolution by Singer and Cole. It is a DC/Northern VA based near future techno-thriller. Sort of slow paced. But, I am slow paced too. And the damn robot says “OK” after it follows a command. Just like Alexa does when you ask her to turn on the lights. 

March 360, 2020

looking for the light

OK, this is a step in the right direction. Our little snow plow was driving around looking for something to plow and finding nothing. Let spring begin.

Busy day for me today. That is always a good thing. Work. Yoga. Barre Class. Walk. Now I am ready to read and Zoom with the Asylum Sisters.


Grateful for the return of the sun today.

Think I have settled on a first little Covid-era trip. Savannah, Georgia. There are nonstop flights from my airport at civilized times. There are ample rooms available in quirky little hotels. It is a walkable little city. With places to eat out doors. Gardens, shops, and graveyards to visit. And, it is warmer than Northern VA. The only problem is we get locked up in our cages for 14 days if we go away overnight. Well, they will have to catch me first. Blast off will be sooner not later.

Mālama Pono

Winter hangs on.

looking for the light

Winter hangs on. Me not so much. Losing my grip.

Accomplished nothing today.

The USPS did accomplish something. They delivered the tax paper work to the CPA.

Oh and I prepared a very fine lunch. Found some pumpkin ravioli in the freezer. I boiled them and then sautéed onion, garlic, spinach and bacon in olive oil. Added the ravioli. And Parmesan cheese. Great lunch.


Grateful that the boss just called and needs something ASAP. Something to do!
And, while I was off doing for the boss, a friend just came back from knee replacement surgery this morning. Knee replacements are now done on an outpatient basis.

Mālama Pono

Total do nothing day

Old Filmtime photo – fall 1986 – Forteresse de Louisbourg. Cape Breton

I didn’t take a picture of anything today. Well, the days are getting longer, I might still take a picture. But I doubt it very seriously. 

My pod had our weekly visit this morning. That was the high light of the day. I took a nap in my comfy chair. I took a nap in the bed. I looked out the window but couldn’t force myself out in the cold. 

But, I did do something. I use my computer in “the office” and in “the library”. The office being my desk area. The library being my comfy chair and the adjacent book shelf. I sent Forbin flying when I was exiting “the library” after putting the computer on the book shelf. 

Well, if I really had an office and a library – I don’t think that I would run a computer power cable between the two room. No, I would buy another power block and just plug in in each room. Well, I don’t even need to buy another power block. I can power Forbin from the external monitor. So, I moved the power block to the other side of my room to the “libary” and now, I can just plug into power on either side of my one real room. Extra benefit – no tasteful white Apple cables snaking across the floor. And, that was the only thing I accomplished today. No, I forgot, I put new batteries in my mouse. So, I did two things.


Grateful for a nice leisurely do nothing day. And, that things seem to be creeping ever so slowly back to “normal”. Never mind that “normal” is just a setting on the washer.

Trying to learn to use Safari as my browser of choice. Chrome is my go to browser. But, it is a resource hog. I have tried this before an lapsed back into my old ways.

Mālama Pono

That’s a start.

looking for the light

That’s a start. Sun outside my window today. “They” say that more winter shit will happen on Monday. And, it really wasn’t warm enough for me outside. BUT, a friend took me on a car ride. I was like a dog. Happy to be in a car with heated seats and a sunroof. It’s time for us old people to get out of jail.

I got my tax paperwork off to the CPA. I just crammed them into a couple of flat rate envelopes and trusted the papers to the US Postal Service. I almost lapsed into terminal old woman mode and scanned everything  “just in case”. I resisted. 

As I get older I need to be careful. But not compulsively cautious.  You know the behavior: Money in wallet. Rubber band around wallet. Wallet in zipper pocket in purse. Purse snapped shut.  Purse worn crossbody. Recheck. 

Also, the USB power cable arrived early from Apple.  So, things are happy again with Forbin, the computer. I will try to not get tangled up in it again. 

Also signed up for another session of zoom yoga. And took a nap. 


Happy to have enjoyed an almost “normal” day.

Mālama Pono